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– Want to know if I have an article on destination X?

All the places I’ve written about or have published guest contributions on are listed on my destinations page. Please have a look there if you’re wondering whether I’ve written about a place.

– Want to know which companies I book my travels with?

On my Resources page, you can find a list of my favourite travel companies.

– Want to know what travel gear I use?

I’ve listed my favourite travel items on this page. You can also shop a lot of them directly from my own Amazon store.

– Want to know what kind of tools I use for blogging? 

Check out my essential kit list for travel bloggers here.

– Want to work with me?

If you want to promote your brand on, definitely check out my Work With Me page.

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What to do in Siargao

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It’s much better to ask a question in a blog comment. If you have a question that relates to one of my blog posts, consider asking your question in the comments section on that specific blog post. I check and reply to my blog post comments more often and this helps other travellers with the same question!

Plus other readers can join in with the discussion if they’d like to.

Travel itineraries. While I’m happy to give you guys some recommendations and advice on travel routes, I’m not able to create full travel itineraries free of charge. If you would like a detailed travel itinerary, I’d be more than happy to create one to your specs for a fixed fee, so please do feel free to inquire about this.

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