I spent six days on Gili T, or Gili Trawangan to give it its full name. The beautiful paradise island attracts party people, scuba dubas and snorkel lovers as that’s pretty much all there is to do there. I like to think that despite my injury, I made a good effort at doing all the cool things to do on Gili T and would like to share my new found knowledge with all my beautiful readers.

Gili T is pretty cheap, but the trouble for me was that it was so cheap I consumed more, totally cancelling out the cheapness. Standard behaviour. I spent around £200 for the week, accommodation, beer money, food and all. Here’s how…

1. Stay at La Boheme for a cool hostel and to meet people.

Cool Things to do in Gili T

2. Don’t stress about finding the best price for scuba diving.

There’s a cap of $35 for everyone. Just chat to people and go with one you like.

3. Take a day trip to Gili Meno or Gili Air, or both.

Exploring Gili Meno

4. Do yoga at the Yoga Palace.

You get a discount if you stay at La Boheme as it’s just opposite.

5. The snorkelling trip that’s advertised everywhere on the island is actually pretty shit as you don’t see much and you’re packed onto a boat. I’d still recommend it though as it’s cool to get out on the water and dive in from the sides.

Cool things to do on Gili T

6. Watch out for steps.

Don’t stub your toe worse than you’ve ever stubbed it before at Sama Sama Reggae Bar, like I did. Meant I couldn’t do anything but drink and eat for the week. Terrible.

7. Don’t pay to get on the daily boat party, find the right people at night by this bar and you can get a band to get in free.

Where to find the boat party in gili T

8. Eat huge burgers at La Petit Grill.

Or the falafel, or the veggie curry, or the Nasi Goreng, it’s all good. They also have happy hour between 6 and 8 and you can get cheapo beers and cocktails with tapas.

9. Hang out at the treehouse at Kuta Bar.

Cool things to do on Gili T

10. Watch the nightly turtle show at the Lombok Grill.

I didn’t actually get to do this but apparently the turtles all come up as the sun sets and you can see them from the restaurant.

11. Rent a cycle and explore the island. The ones that charge 30k probably don’t have brakes so you might be better off paying 50k. I randomly saw this reggae band having a photoshoot.

Explore the island

12. Chill out in the day at The Surf Bar.

They were playing Tracy Chapman when I went. Loved it.

13. Go there at sunset too. We played Frisbee as the sun went down and they pumped out some minimal techno tunes. In those minutes life was brilliant, even more so than usual.

Cool things to do on Gili T

14. Find the nightly party.

There are loads of clubs but every night there will be one particular one that holds the party. It will be crazy.

15. Eat as many desserts as possible at the night market. Us three girls agreed the donuts were some of the best we’d ever tasted.

Gili T things to do

16. And get some fresh fish or meat.

You can pick what you want and then it’s all cooked to order.

17. Chill out at the nightly cinema at Villa Ombak. Free popcorn!

Villa Ombak open air cinema

18. Drink from a coconut from the stall at the top of the island.

Not only will you really feel like you’re on a desert island, it’s also good for you.

19. Spend all your spare money on jewellery, or bikinis, or I heart GT tshirts you’ll never wear again. There are actually some really nice shops.

Things to do on Gili T

20. Just relax. There’s virtually no crime on Gili T and if anything goes wrong the facts are brought to the village head who decides the punishment.

Check out this tourist mug who was forced to do the Walk of Shame on Gili T after robbing another tourist last week.

21. Sit on the beach bean bags lining the beach and read a book – no need to even buy a drink at most places, unless you feel too guilty.

Cool things to do on Gili T

22. Eat at Kaya Café. I had a delicious halloumi and quinoa salad with a smoothie.

Perfect for lessening the guilt of all the huge Bintangs I was drinking.

23. Watch the sun set at Exile Bar. I had fish fingers here too and they were huge and delicious.

Cool things to do on Gili T

I had a brilliant week on Gili T and was sad to leave but excited to get away from all the delicious temptations the island offers. If you’re ever in Indonesia I’d definitely recommend adding it to your list of things to see and do.

Has this made you want to go to the Gilis?

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