It changed slightly from the original plan – as all the best plans do – but this ended up as the final itinerary of our big four-month trip around Europe and how we got there. I shopped around and all our transport choices were for the cheapest option, no matter how long it took.

Here goes…

London [plane] Barcelona [bus] Valencia [bus] Madrid [bus] Camp [bus] Cadiz [bus] Seville [bus] Tarifa [ferry] Tangier [bus] San Sebastian [bus] Biarritz [bus] Perpignan [bus] Marseilles [bus] Montpellier [bus] Nice [bus] Cannes [bus] Monte Carlo [train] Genoa [train] Rome [train] Florence [train] Pisa [train] Brindisi [train] Venice [ferry] Zadar [train] Belgrade [bus] Budapest [train] Vienna [train] Prague [train] Tabor [car] Bechyne [train] Krakow [bus] Auschwitz [plane] London

A Rainy Day at the Eiffel Tower
Exploring the Prater Amusement Park in Vienna