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8 Must-See Festivals in Dubai to Attend This Year

Ever wondered what festivals in Dubai are like? Here are the best Dubai festivals for you to time your trip by…

There isn’t a bad time to visit the most famous city of the UAE, Dubai. This once upon a time gulf port is now the epitome of ultramodern architecture and development. Tourists that sport this city are in for a thrilling and stunning ride.

Over the years, the city of Dubai has hosted thousands of travellers – amazing them with the culture, tradition, and not to mention the Burj Khalifa. Funding for air travel in Dubai has also seen good changes in recent years. The Emirates Booking On Cleartrip with its attractive prices and offers can make your journey worthwhile.

 Listed below are 8 festivals that should not be missed if you are travelling to Dubai this year. 

8 Must-See Festivals in Dubai

All the best Dubai festivals to plan your trip by.

1. Light Festival

Dubai, the City of Gold, will be shimmering in lights to celebrate this festival. Get ready to get bedazzled in mid-March when the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall will be gleaming in lights with orchestrated shows and music to welcome the guests. This is the most awaited Dubai event of the year – enjoy the fireworks paired with the water amusements and more.

2. Festival of Taste

This is a magnificent one-week event that promises to unite all the gastronomes out there to the culinary excellence presented by world-class chefs. This Dubai food festival has multiple events where scrumptious food will be served. Prepare your palate for the absolute treat of different cuisines under one roof.

3. Dubai National Day

Dubai National Day is the most prominent and eventful day in the UAE. This day is remembered throughout the country as the birth of the consolidated United Arab Emirates. All monuments and landmarks are decorated with lights featuring fireworks and merriment that cannot be missed.

4. Dubai International Film Festival

The DIFF is hosted once in two years to promote Arab Cinema and take it to the international level. Outstanding films not only from the Arab nations, but also from Asia, Africa, and the Western dominion, are all celebrated to be enjoyed by audiences and critics.

5. Dubai International Jazz Festival

This live music festival first started in 2008 and now attracts many musicians who take great joy in entertaining the millions of fans who show up for the event. The Dubai Jazz Festival is well worth your time – many talented and famous musicians and singers show up for this festival to perform, and to light the Dubai skies with unmatchable fun and amusement.

6. Dubai Desert Classic

The Dubai sports calendar for 2023 is lit up by this highly-anticipated golfing event. The Dubai Desert Classic is the European Tour Golf tournament, played on the grounds of the UAE in Majlis and the Dubai Golf Club – with millions of dollars as prize money. The golfing facilities themselves are built with state of the art amenities – a treat for both the spectators, and passing tourists.

7. Shopping festival

Hop onto this year-end mega festival of shopping, fun, and merriment that carries into the following year too. You can pick up many branded products of electronics, perfumes, gold jewellery, and much more. These products are all duty-free in almost 60,000 shopping outlets that celebrate this festival by availing to nearly 50- 60% off offers like never before.

8. Global Village Festival

Meet the world in this classic Dubai festival of amusement, multinational cuisine, and loads of fun your family can never miss. International stalls of food and products are featured from east Asian countries like Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan. This is a great festival in Dubai for families.

Festivals in Dubai

There’s no doubt that Dubai is the epitome of entertainment and fun, but if you time your trip with one of these fab Dubai festivals you’ll feel it even more. So, what are you waiting for? Book a cleartrip ticket to Dubai and have the best time with your family, at a festival!