6 Great Restaurants in Halkidiki (Best Places to Eat in Chalkidiki)

I recently visited Halkidiki courtesy of the tourist board and Jet2, this meant I got to try some of the certified best restaurants Halkidiki has to offer. I’ve included a few most talked about Halkidiki restaurants I didn’t get time to try at the end, too.

Restaurants in Halkidiki

One of the best parts of my trip, was checking out the best restaurants in Halkidiki for us tourists to try. Greek cuisine is a particular favourite of mine – how do they make those salads so good? Weirdly I didn’t have any gyros on this trip, and sadly no shrimp saganaki either – but, it did give me the opportunity to try some other foods instead.

Make sure you add these to your where to eat in Halkidiki list to get the best taste of the peninsulas.

Best Restaurants in Halkidiki

Wondering where to eat in Halkidiki? Here are the best places to try.

1. Ergon Beach House Restaurant, Nikiti

I already knew Ergon Beach House Restaurant was going to be good – having been to the big Ergon Restaurant and Deli near Thessaloniki Airport when I visited last year. That food had been SO good – so I had high expectations for this new restaurant, recently added to the Nikiti restaurant scene.

Halkidiki restaurants

We arrived just in time for sunset, so spent the first 15 minutes just watching the orangey hues from the beach and pottering around, before finding our table.

As we were in a group, it was easier to order a few bits and share. We had the Greek Peinirli, some salads, and a meat platter to share too. If you like pizza, you should definitely add ‘eating a Peinirli’ to your Greece bucket list.

I don’t want to be all Brit Abroad – but the chips here were incredible too.

But the dessert. OMG. I mean, I wasn’t going to have it, but good lord, it was SPECIAL. I could not say no, or leave it alone. Layers of pastry with lemony cream – unbelievably delicious.

I’m told that the cocktails are special here but we stuck with the wine.

It was so good, we didn’t leave till after 11.

One of the best things about Ergon Beach House Restaurant was the variety of things to do there. We obviously ate at the restaurant, but there was also a food truck doing pizzas if you’d rather, there were sun loungers and deck chairs to relax on, a DJ, and a Silent Cinema (showing Aladdin when we were there).

You could also stay over here – something I’m definitely interested in for the future!

2. Akroyiali Seaside Taverna, Olympiada

At Akroyiali Seaside Taverna in Olympiada Village in Halkidiki you get to enjoy your lunch pretty much on the beach. I actually had a little lie down between courses on the sun loungers about three steps away from the table – dreamy.

This family run restaurant makes its own wine (🙌) and has been going since 1924. They use ‘Grandma’s Recipes’ along with modern creative touches to create some of the best food in Halkidiki. It was definitely my favourite meal of my Halkidiki trip.

The manager Dimitris was lovely, the minimal aesthetic was perfect for by the beach, and the views were just gorgeous.

I’d strongly recommend lunch at Akroyiali restaurant in Olympiada Village on your Halkidiki trip. It’s just a few minutes drive from Aristotle’s Birthplace too.

3. Mare Nostra, Pefkohori Village

Mare Nostra is one of the one of the famous beach bars in Kassandra. Just turning that corner from the car park and seeing the chairs, hammocks and sun loungers set out was pretty special. Mare Nostra is exactly the kinda place I want to be when I’m on holiday!

Unfortunately the weren’t doing the restaurant menu, which was sad seeing as I had my eye on the ceviche. Instead, being our first day in Greece, I ordered the Greek yogurt for lunch, with a Chandon Garden Spritz on the side. I’d never actually heard of that drink, but hjave just found it on Waitrose.com – it was lovely and refreshing, I’m going to invest.

My whole lunch was an excellent choice, if I do say so myself. The yogurt came with cocoa tahini, homemade almond muesli and chocolate, banana, strawberry and goji berry.

We had some time to just sit and relax after – I swam in the sea and dried off on the lounger, with another Chandon Garden Spritz. A blummin lovely afternoon!

Eating is definitely one of the best things to do in Halkidiki!

4. Mihaloudis Tavern, Kalyves Village

If you want a taster of an authentic old school Greek Tavern for your dinner, then Mihaloudis Tavern in Kalyves Village is a great shout. Visit and you can choose between the meat and fish feasts, while looking out to sea.

You’ll even get a few authentic Greek cats milling about to add to the effect. The portions here are huge – you have been warned!

5. Barcarolla, Old Nikiti

I didn’t actually eat here but it looked wonderful. A real local’s place in the heart of Old Nikiti. I reckon it’d be all lovely and romantic to eat here by candlelight after looking round the village.

Just checking out the menu, and it looks like they do a great breakfast too. And those cocktails, could be worth a trip back for!

The restaurant is built into the natural hills of the village, which just makes it all the more magical. Go see!

6. Platanorema Farm

We went for dinner to Platanorema Farm, and were treated to a wander around to meet the animals first. The Platanorema Farm is a popular place to visit for locals kids as they have a playground, a high ropes course, and other kids activities too.

When we visited, a litter of piglets had been born the week before – they were very cute. We also saw rabbits, peacocks, a little horse, and plenty of dogs too.

Unfortunately we were all stuffed from lunch at Akroyiali, which we’d devoured three hours before so I don’t think we got the full effect of yumminess from the spectacular looking dishes here. But the pork and plum was particularly special. Lots of tasty salads, as you’d expect from a farm, and some meaty treats too.

The departure gift of the homemade cranberry drink was a great chaser.

Best restaurants in Halkidiki

Hope that helps you decide on a few spots to focus your dinner time efforts!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Which one would you choose?

I was in Greece courtesy of Jet2 Holidays. All thoughts and feelings my own. I was not paid for this advertorial.

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