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6 Tips for Your First Beach Trip Abroad

There’s nothing more thrilling than an exciting and happening trip, well, other than a prodigious ‘beach’ trip, right? A trip like this contains fun, gorgeous sceneries, stylish OOTDs, and literally everything you ask from a confounding cruise. 

But if this is your first beach trip ever, it is only innate that it may be a little hectic for you to efficiently be prepared for the trip. No worries, if this is the case, we got your back! A back trip can have many surprises, good and bad, both. So consider every aspect of packing, research, and planning, especially if it is an international trip. To ease your torment, here are 6 things you should know before going on your first beach trip abroad. 

1. Learn the rules 

Yes, yes, no one wants to follow the rules, especially on a vacation, but sometimes they are necessary to have the best time of your life. Every beach has some or the other rules, and they differ from one another, from different localities to states, to countries. You need to be well-read and acquainted with all laws and regulations that are functioning on that very beach. This could help you save yourself from any future hindrance in your possible fun trip. 

Not only read the rules but be sure to meet them as well. Do not ignore basic precautionary directions just because it does not seem valid to you. 

2. Having proper body/skin care is essential 

One of the most important things you should be well groomed with is your skin and body care essentialities, before going on a beach trip. Go visit your dermatologist and get qualified to have a ‘Beach-ready’ body (abs are secondary, son!). Keep all the necessary products that you will require and even all those commodities that you might need in an emergency. 

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen! It seems dozy to even mention the importance of having enough sunscreen on a trip to the beach. No one gets Mamma Mia ready without sunscreen, everyone knows that.  You should also keep moistures, tones, hydrating oil, etc. You just have to be mindful of your skin and what it drastically needs. 

3. Expect some unexpected 

Oh definitely! It is not only confined to a beach trip, fellas. There will always be something unexpected that you should definitely be prepared to encounter. Be it a small ticket issue to a major weather issue. 

To be best formulated, make sure to have traveler renters insurance. It really is the best way to be mentally eased and enjoy the vacation without worrying about your pieces of stuff getting lost or stolen or damaged.

Get really good travel insurance to cover you in case anything goes wrong. HeyMondo offer 24/7 worldwide assistance with travel cancellation and interruption cover. They also have tailor made policies and cover medical expenses up to $10 million. Click here and you’ll get 5% off your travel insurance with too. Check out their App for more details. 

4. Wear the right clothes

Well, as much as fashion and sass are crucial, it comes secondary. Your priority should be to pack light clothes that are comfortable for you throughout the day. Pack at least 2 swimsuits and a bunch of extra clothes. 

In short, pack light and pack right for the beach!

5. It’s not all ‘fun’

Even though it might sound like the most feasible fun trip, that’s not always the case. A beach outing could be uncomfortable, tiring, and exhausting, especially if this is your first time and you are not well tamed from being in the sun for so long. You’ll find many people at the beach and that could be a struggle of its own. There will be kids, creeps, and some annoying couples just trying to make you suffer. 

If you are a woman traveler, it may be a little more stressful for you (be it any sort of trip to any location). You should get in contact with other fellow female travelers, listen to travel podcasts by women, and know their stories and how to have the best time with the right precautions. 

The sun could be your best friend, but at the same time, it could just make you despise it. You could get tanned, or you could get wildly skin burnt. All those gorgeous and sterling sunset scenes in the movies may not be realistically implied no matter how sound it seems. 

6. Be prepared for insect bites  

Oh! Something no one really takes about is the fearful insects residing in the depths of the sands, waiting for your arrival. There will be mosquitoes to every sort of flying bug, you must be aware of. Dealing with beach bugs is very important. 

To avoid being raptured by them on the best trip of your life, make sure you bring insect repellents. If you do get bit by some bugs, do not scratch or touch the infected area. Try to contact the caretaker on the beach or the life guide. If it becomes excessive and painful, seek medical help. With that in mind, you can also prepare a first-aid box to maximize your receptivity. 

First beach trip abroad

There you go! Here are 6 basic pointers one should keep in your mind before planning a trip to the beach! Just some precautions are more than enough to make your trip without the slightest guilt.  You may not have the proper Baywatch experience, but with awesome people, you will have the best of it all!