8 Best Flag Poles for Festivals to Be Seen in a Crowd

Here are the best flag poles for festivals to make your mark on that festival landscape. If you want to be a shining beacon, the one that makes sure your friends don’t get lost in the crowd – you know what you need to do…

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Are you looking to be heard, seen, and remembered at the next big festival? Or even… just to find your friends among the crowd at Glasto?

Taking a flag and flagpole to a festival is a great chance to spread joy and love or simply write a witty slogan, favourite football team, or your group’s names. If you want to just have a flag flying to help you identify your tent in amongst the busy campsite, you might want to opt for a standing flagpole, and learn how to get your flagpole installation right so that it won’t budge. However, for many people, part of the fun of taking a flag to a festival is carrying it around with them at all times and flying it in the crowd. 

If you want this option, then you need portable, handheld, telescopic flag poles for festivals. These handy contraptions make it easy to carry your flag around the festival. You can order festival flag poles for about £10 on Amazon – which is good news, because if your festival of choice ends up being a gloriously muddy affair, there might not be chance to use it again.

What is a festival flagpole?

A festival flagpole is a ‘telescopic flagpole’ that collapses in on itself. The telescopic design makes these poles easy to store and transport from place to place as they fold into a compact size. You can easily transport them by simply unfolding them and then locking them with a pin lock mechanism or carabiner clip.

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There are universal designs to fit several flag sizes, shapes, and weights. All the telescopic flagpoles for festivals listed below come with a pair of bungees, lanyards, or clips, so you can hang your flags just about anywhere on the pole. The most popular flag pole for festivals ranges from 2 metres, with a height of about 10 metres when fully extended, but collapses down to as little as 41cm. 

Festival flags

Festival flags are the counterculture opposite of war flags. These portable poles allow you to express yourself and spread joy with your favourite flags and banners. These flags are great for music festivals, sporting events, parades, fairs, and other outdoor events.

Many different types of flags are available with these poles, including flags representing countries worldwide, religious symbols, and more! You can also find unique designs like the ‘Rainbow Feather Flag‘ or custom-made designs for your event.

The Best Flag Poles for Festivals in 2023

Here are the best deals on high-quality telescopic flag poles for festivals.

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1. ANLEY Telescopic Handheld Flagpoles

Want a simple flagpole to fly your flag for the next Glastonbury Festival?

These ANLEY Telescopic Handheld Flagpoles fit the bill.

[amazon box=”‎B075M95Z54″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

This pointer extends to 2m and can lift your flag head and shoulders above everyone else’s flag holders. The telescopic element is smooth, gives you a great extension, and it was easy to attach the flag. It also allows some movement when windy and can withstand some strong winds. The only thing that would have made this better was if a flag came with it. But at this price point, no complaints!

2. Spirit of Air High-Performance Windsock Pole

If you want top-of-the-line festival flag poles, look no further than the original — Spirit of Air. It comes in a thicker solid tip section in a portable package: the Spirit of Air 10m High-Performance Pole.

[amazon box=”‎B00BQX240Y” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

It includes a 10-meter windsock pole, a larger tip eyelet and a thicker solid tip section. This design is simple and smooth to use, mainly because the friction fit of the tubes, when extended, is firm.

3. Spirit Air High-Performance Telescopic Flag Pole 

The 2013 Spirit of Air Telescopic Flag pole has earned my approval as the best all-Flag pole to display your windsock, flag or spinner once again.

[amazon box=”‎B00BQWZA0Q” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

These 7-metre windsock poles can make your festival flag look more attractive, bring more attention, and protect it from getting twisted around the pole or warping along with the wind.


4. Rmeet Telescopic Festival Flag Pole

This Telescopic Flag Pole pack is an attractive package. The package includes two (3.93 feet) pole sections, ten pieces of flagpole clip hooks, and an ergonomic foam grip.

[amazon box=”‎B081Z4VMZY” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

These clips conveniently clip your clothesline, sock, key chain, connecting buckle, etc. So, it’s perfect for any tour, outdoor activity or of course, festival.

5. AKORD 2m Extendable Steel Handheld Telescopic Flag Pole

The AKORD Pole is the favourite pole for waving a big flag above fellow festivalgoers’ heads and ranks well overall in my all-festival poles lineup.

[amazon box=”‎B01LLA5JPS” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

The AKORD flag pole’s bio-based foam, TWO metal rings, and pull ring on the top combine to create a favourite blend of edge grip while conveniently adjusting your flag’s height and tying up banners… And from a price-point perspective, you can’t beat the AKORD Telescopic Flag Pole. This is one of the best flag pole for festivals.

6. Brookite 6 M Telescopic Festival Flag pole

The Brookite Telescopic Flag Pole is comfortable, compact, and ergonomic. They excel in almost every application, flag pole or standard ground stake for home, camping and festival.

[amazon box=”‎B01LLA5JPS” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

It’s simple yet, sturdy in high winds and the length adjustment mechanism is solid and reliable. If I had to pick one flag pole for the all-festival, this Brookite would be the choice.

7. Huiguli 3pcs Telescopic Handheld Flagpoles

With respectable scores across the board, the Huiguli 3pcs Telescopic Handheld Flagpoles earn recognition for their ergonomic foam handle and excellent value. The Huiguli Flagpoles are one of the smaller options in my lineup – making it lightweight and easy to fit in your festival backpack.

[amazon box=”‎‎B09MZ1Q297″ template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

One of the best things about this flagpole for festivals is that it’s long enough that you don’t need to hold your arm up for people to see the flag. It also has the massive bonus of being very comfortable colourful in red, green and blue.

8. Unomor 4pcs Telescopic Handheld Flagpoles

The Unomor 4pcs Telescopic Flagpoles are foldable seven-segment poles with some adjusted flexibly for a price that can’t be beaten. In the past, festivalgoers paid a premium if they wanted compact, versatile usages flag poles – now, these modern Unomor flagpoles are totally affordable.

[amazon box=”B0BF4BMWGL” template=”horizontal” description_items=1]

The non-slip matte handles are comfortable, the retractable teacher pointer won’t shrink, and they can be used for a long time.

How do you attach a flag to a festival flag pole?

You can use a lanyard and clips if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution. But not all flags have this feature. Most flagpoles come with bungee loops – elasticised bands that can be attached to eyelets on your banner and then wrapped around the pole several times. 

Another option is to use grommets on both sides of the pole where it meets at its topmost point (where you would put your rope through). Put small metal hooks through these grommets and attach them over each other like a ladder until they reach all the way down to where you want them. 

To secure your banner, slide the sleeve over the top and attach it to one side of the bungee. Then thread the bungee through both sleeves on the other side of your banner and pull tight. If you have multiple flags, you can use a single pole with multiple sleeves or separate flagpoles for each.

Can you attach a festival flag pole to my tent?

You can tie a flagpole to your tent, but it’s not recommended as a long-term solution. The lack of weight-bearing capacity for the pole may cause it to break or even fall on someone. 

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The best way is to use a pole holder from Amazon. It’s basically like a jacket hanger for your flagpole and will keep it secure and level.

You can use a strong string or rope if you don’t have a pole holder. Tie the string or rope around the tip of your pole, then loop it over one side of the tent and back through the other side again. Pull tight until the flag is taut, then tie off on that side of the tent, so it doesn’t slip down when you let go.

Can I attach a festival flag pole to my camper van?


And a fun, creative and bold way is with a metal flagpole’ drive-on wheel stand ‘. Simply roll your campervan on the stand and have an instant flag mount at the campsite. The Spirit of Air Vehicle Wheel Mount is the most unique flagpole holder I’ve seen and is undoubtedly eye-catching.

The Best Flag Poles for Festivals in 2023

The key takeaway regarding flag poles for festivals is that there’s a lot of variety on offer. You can buy a 6m Brookite for £31+ or a tiny handheld ANLEY telescopic pole for under a tenner. The boring answer is that the best festival flag pole for you will depend on your unique situation and needs!

Hope this article has helped you to choose between all the great flag poles for festivals out there. Make sure you check out my other festival advice here!

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