How to Choose the Right Luggage for Your Holiday

I’m a total pro at packing, sailing through airports and feel agile with my luggage now. That post where I was asking you guys for help with my excessive packing in Budapest seems like a long time ago now.

I’ve got this whole luggage thing down. Depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going I use a mixture of the luggage below. Keep reading because at the end you could win one of the bags from my latest addition to the luggage collection – the Numinous Pack.

 – Some of these cases have been given to me on a complimentary basis,
but I wouldn’t recommend or use them if I didn’t like them. 

Best luggage choices for travelTed Baker Suitcase

I love this suitcase. It’s perfect for a weekend trip or my 24 hour adventure with Monica. I also saw Zoella with one if that means anything to you.

I love the way you can put things in both sides equally and it keeps them separated. The birdy design inside makes it as pretty in as out. The easy mobility of the four wheels is really useful and means you can move it about with more of a glide than a pull. It’s ultra lightweight and has a TSA combination lock for safety.

Ted Baker suitcaseThink I just need more weekend trips to use it on.

  • Best for: weekends, friend’s houses, posing
  • Vital statistics: Hard, H69.5 X W46 X D27.5cm
  • Price: Was £200 from House of Fraser, but currently out of stock.
  • Here’s this year’s design from Ted Baker for £245.


Which luggage to use when

As much as I love my backpack, and it’s done me well, it’s been a glorious six weeks without it since I came back from India.I’ve always overloaded this one but when it’s not it’s been a perfectly comfortable bag that I still like the look and functionality of.

I’ll definitely keep this one for another few years but if I were ever to buy another one I’d get one of those with a zip round, known as a ‘travel pack so I could place it on the floor to rifle through it, rather than have to pull everything out.

  • Best for: extended backpacking trips
  • Vital statistics: 55l + 10
  • Price: I can’t remember mine, but this one I’d recommend is £79.

Black Antler Juno suitcase

I’ve had this case a while now but it’s never seemed quite as much of a dream as when I started using it after travelling with my backpack for those few months in Asia and Central America.

It’s the perfect size to make sure you don’t take too much, yet you have enough. It carries around 15-17kg, depending on how dodgy the scales are at the airport. It’s also got the four-wheel functionality I was talking about with the Ted Baker one, so it’s easy to race around airports when you need to rush for your flight. This black Antler Juno has been my luggage of choice for the last few trips I’ve been on, including Russia, Israel and TBEX in Spain.

  • Best for: one week / two week trips
  • Vital statistics: Hard, H55 x W34 x D22 cm
  • Price: £95

Maxwell Scott handbag

St Petersburg arcade games

Best luggage for travellingWhat you need to be properly organised is a bag like this one. Gone are my big high street shop jobbies where I lose everything within a few seconds of putting them in. There’ve been too many ‘oh my god I’ve lost my phone… Oh here it is’ for my likings. Too many heart racing moments where I try to find my purse and definitely too much crap accumulated. This Maxwell Scott satchel is perfect for being able to see everything in my bag at a glance. It’s also got a special zip pocket for my trinity of importance – phone, purse, passport.

I’ve used it every day since I got it about two weeks ago. Above is me shooting electronic birds at the St Petersburg Museum of Soviet Union Arcade Games.

  • Best for: all day, every day wear
  • Vital statistics: W26 x H21 x D12 cm
  • Price: £227

Trusty bumbag

Bumbag in Israel

Things I bought in AsiaI picked this bumbag up in one of those super cool hipster stores in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo changed my life. Leather look, two sections, a super safe connector strap and black and silver it goes with everything and is the epitome of discreet when it comes to hiding it from potential baddies.

Obviously I’m not just into the aesthetics though – I’m not that kind of girl. What makes this stand out from your average handbag is the ease of use. I keep it simple; only my earphones, iPhone, purse and passport are allowed in there, which means I have easy and direct access whenever I need. Usually when I’m in the airport. When I was leaving Russia I had to get my passport out four times!

Once upon a time in LBB (Life Before Bumbag) I would arrive at my new accommodation and be all in a fluster trying to find my purse among all my worldly possessions. Back in LBB I would use my phone for directions, put it back in my handbag, get distracted by something shiny and then forget what I was doing and have to go foraging for the phone again. When I think of my life LBB I recall finding my earphones have wrapped an intricate web around everything else in my bag, no pen or scattered earring left untouched.

Now I can whip out the essentials quicker than a Wild West cowboy at a showdown. Try it!

  • Best for: keeping the absolute essentials separate when you need easy access, and transitting
  • Vital statistics: just a little one
  • Price: Can’t remember, but cheap. There are loads of Amazon Fanny Packs for you!

Read more: All My Shopping from Asia

Numinous Pack

Best luggage for travel This bag is brilliant. It’s the latest addition to my collection and is perfect for keeping all my electricals and essentials safe. So many pockets. I love my laptop I’m not ashamed to admit I like to talk to it and treat it like a child so to know that it has its own padded pocket to slip into makes me happy. There are also all kinds of locks and pockets on the 25l Numinous pack that will help to keep stuff secure, and its anti theft technology is anti slash and anti puncture.

My ridiculous amount of travel blogger electricals feel safe in here, whether it’s snuggly on my back or tied to some immovable apparatus in my accommodation.

  • Best for: keeping your electricals and essentials safe and organised in transit, public places and hostels.
  • Vital statistics: 25l
  • Price: £79.99

Are you a master packer? Any tips?

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  1. by Rachel on June 9, 2015  10:57 am Reply

    Great post!
    I have a 38 L osprey wheeled pack and I absolutely love it, I practically live out of it. It has off-road wheels! I've down sized and I'd never go back to a big pack again. I also have a 40L backpack for any adventures not suitable for wheels.
    I love the secure lash on that last bag, what a useful trick, so simple!

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