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Staying at the Timothy Beach Resort in St Kitts

I arrived at Timothy Beach Resort a little tipsy from our previous ‘meeting’. Rum is served in St Kitts, like us Brits have tea. And I for one see that as one of the many positives about the island.

Review Timothy Beach Resort

After checking in with the friendly staff at the front desk I was taken to my room, well, more like apartment, complete with a view overlooking the beach and huge driveway.

I went in, quickly checked out the huge lounge, diner and kitchen, then made my way to my room to get rid of my heavy bags. They kind of exploded as I put them down…

Timothy Beach Resort St Kitts

That bed. It was too inviting. I had time for a quick lie down, which accidentally turned into a snooze thanks to the comfort levels and woke with a start, desperately reaching for my phone to check the time to make sure I wasn’t late for our meal. Mad sleeping skills, just in time.

Apartment tour

Inside my family-size apartment I had a double bedroom – huge – and a kitchen, lounge and dining area too. This would be perfect for any families looking to save some money by eating at home, as it came with a fridge, a cooker and all the utensils you could ever need. Thanks to the fact we ate out every breakfast, lunch and dinner I only ever actually used the kitchen to keep my water cold, and to cut a mango I was given.

I can vouch for both the knife and the fridge working just as they should though.

Exploring Timothy Beach Resort

There was a bathroom, of course, and plenty of space to move about. I had sun lounges, patio chairs and an outside table, which later on in the week took full advantage of the environment to work. Not a bad office view hey?

Food – yum!

Timothy Beach Resort

You could eat in your apartment, or you could try out the Timothy Beach Resort on site restaurant, like I did. I really enjoyed the breakfasts here. Look at them! There was an option of three, and thanks to my four days I managed to try all of them. The other one was just eggs and toast – yum.

Timothy Beach Resort Breakfast

Every breakfast we were menaced by this bird, who was super friendly. Some would say over friendly. We got some cool selfies before shooing him away and he seemed happy to just keep an eye on things.

Reviewing the Timothy Beach Resort

One night we had the West Indian BBQ at the resort, with some of the guys playing the steel drums in the background so we really got those Caribbean vibes, mon.

The bar was open all day and you could buy beers to take down to the beach to enjoy.

Location – on Timothy Beach!

Fun on Timothy Beach Resort

Nothing is very far away from anywhere in St Kitts, I mean, the island is only 18 miles long and 5 miles across. The location of Timothy Beach Resort is perfect for getting around though.

Timothy Beach Resort St Kitts

Most of the houses look out on to the banks of the hills the other side, for miles with no obstructions. Stay at the resort and you’ll only ever be a maximum five minutes’ walk away from the beach, Timothy Beach. Most apartments are just a minute or two away. Here you can relax in the sun loungers listening to the waves coming in.

Review Timothy Beach Resort

The water is welcomingly refreshing. Perfect to cool off after a long day sightseeing and exploring everything St Kitts has to offer.

Timothy Beach Resort ReviewFacilities – pool!

There’s also a pool at Timothy Beach Resort, located just above the restaurant. I’m more of a beach kind of girl, than pool, so didn’t actually even go in it, but the other girls in my group loved it.

Timothy Beach Resort is right next to The Dock Bar. We went one night to use the drink-on-arrival voucher you’ll get with your room.

If you’re into dancing and the rum, you’ll love it here. It’s the place to be on the island on a Tuesday. Go along and meet some of the locals!

Timothy Beach Resort Review

Just up the beach from Timothy Beach Resort you’ll find a strip of around five bars. We ate at Boozie’s Beach Bar and had an epic fish dinner, with an even more epic iced daiquiri. It was yum. Unfortunately we were there a little out of season and so didn’t get to see the bars in full swing, but you can…

Exploring Timothy Beach Resort

Timothy Beach Resort is a great find in St Kitts. Stay here on a flight and hotel deal and you sould end up staying for a lot less than you think. I really enjoyed staying here – the easy access to the beach was the definite selling point for me, as well as all the space in the apartments.

How to get there

British Airways have twice-weekly flights on Saturday and Wednesday from London, Gatwick. You should also keep an eye out for package deals from British Airways and Timothy Beach Resort, you can save even more money.

– I went to Timothy Beach Resort in April 2016 as a guest of St Kitts Tourism. I stayed for four nights and all thoughts and views above are my own. I’m a St Kitts ambassador for the 2016 season, go me.

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