When I first started travel blogging I’d do anything to travel more. I was earning £19k a year, living in London and going out every weekend. I didn’t have the money to spend on all the trips I wanted to go on, and I needed new material to write about.

Winning travel competitions

I decided to start entering travel competitions. Part of my job at the travel company I worked at was coming up with ideas for comps and making them stand out so people wanted to enter them.

This meant that researching what other travel companies were doing was all in a day’s work, as well as their method of entry. Every week I spent more time than I probably should of some time attempting to win the travel competitions I found. Well, seeing as I was already on the page I might as well. 

And then I started winning stuff.

G Adventures trip from Zanzibar to Nairobi

Travel competitions

It was some sort of anniversary for the Queen at the time, back in 2012, so the travel company G Adventures asked their Facebook audience to dress up as a King or Queen, send in a pic, and the winner would win the trip.

I dressed up as Martin Luther King, in a suit and ‘tasche, and only went on to win the blummin thing. Shame I can’t find the photo now, probably for the best.

I can vividly remember running on the treadmill at the gym at Swiss Cottage, thinking about how much I wanted the G Adventures trip. I remember saying to myself that if I won, I was really going to make a go of this travel blogging malarkey. And I did. So here I am, four years later and loving the travel blogger life.

And that trip was awesome.

Pin me for laterhow to win travel competition

Winning travel competitions

That trip was the first of a glorious winning streak for me. Over the next two years I went on to win:

– Trip for two to Sharm el Sheikh

– Two flights to Amsterdam

– Trip for two to Cuba

– £300 to spend on a trip to Rhodes

– A GoPro HERO4

Competitions on my blog

How to Win Travel Competitions

I make it a point to show off competitions on my blog. Why? Because it’s where I began. There’s no way I would’ve been able to afford those holidays.

If I hadn’t have entered that first competition to win the trip from Zanzibar to Nairobi, I wouldn’t have had the confidence in myself that I’d done something cool. Something cool enough to write about and to kick start the blog into action.

How to win travel competitions

The more obscure the entry method to the travel competition, the more chance you have to win. If you need to make a video, a poem or send some sort of photo to enter the competition then less people will be bothered to enter, and the more reason for you to do so.

– Trip for two to Sharm el Sheikh – my business card was pulled out the jar at a blogger meet up.

– Two flights to Amsterdam – I entered by Retweeting on Twitter.

– Trip for two to Cuba – I just signed up to a newsletter with my email address, not my vickyflipfloptravels.com one, my personal one (just in case you wondered). 

– £300 to spend on a trip to Rhodes – another email sign up. 

– A GoPro HERO4 – this was actually a second prize, I had to say why I’d be a good person to win a trip to Papua New Guinea. 

You should always enter the travel competitions you see, you never know what might happen. I know for a fact and from experience that many of the ones put on by travel companies have a lot less entries than you might think. You do have a chance.

This one time, I told Kara from heelsinmybackpack.com about all the travel competitions I enter, and that she should too, and a few weeks later she went on to win a trip to Bali for two.


Few tricks to make sure you win

VickyFlipFlop Story

1. Do you know about Tweetdeck? Well basically it’s a tool that makes Twitter easier to use and follow, and you can set up feeds to follow certain hashtags. At one time I had it set up to follow hashtags like #competition and #win. That way I was seeing every competition that came through.

You can also just log on to Twitter and do this too.

If you go and follow me on Twitter now @VickyFlipFlop, you can see loads of competitions I’ve just entered using this method.

2. Keep your online eyes peeled for competitions that don’t see to be very well advertised. One of the best ways of doing this is following your favourite companies on Facebook.

3. Look at the ending date, if it’s in anything more than a month the competition you’re looking at is probably a scam to just collect email addresses with no intention of ever having any winners.

4. Is it relatively difficult to enter? Then do it now. The more barriers to entry there are, the less entrants there’ll be, and the more chance you have.

5. Does the competition owner do competitions all the time? If so then it’s less likely you’ll win. You’ll have seen magazines that do competitions every week, and will have a few hundred or thousand comp queens who enter every time. That’s not the kind of competition you’re looking for.

For example, I’d rather enter this competition with Rickshaw Travel,
rather than this one with escapism Magazine.

Do I feel lucky?

Winning travel competitions

Kinda, but it’s not just luck. You got be in it, to win it.

Check out Taylor Hearts Travel’s weekly competition round up to win a trip (hopefully). I’m pretty sure that’s where I found the Cuba competition!

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