“I’m Not Rich, But I’ve Had a Rich Life”

This is what my feature writing lecturer Marie said to me on the first day of my Magazine Journalism course at Harlow College. She’d worked on some of the biggest magazines and newspapers in England and from that day for the next 19 weeks of the course she became my idol.

This sentence often comes to mind when I’m wondering why I’ve got no money and my friends are buying houses and driving flash cars. Journalism is a tough industry. I did alright in the magazine world though. I fulfilled my school yearbook ambition of working for heat magazine and even worked on the launch of the X Factor magazine at one point, but I just found it all pretty boring. Celebs are fun to read about for five minutes in the Metro every morning, but working with their tawdry stories all day long got kind of dull.

I wanted to be the one partying the night away and travelling the world, not writing about the people who did.

So I left a well-paid job at Good Food magazine – yes, I was doing a stint where I basically got paid to eat food all day – to work on a travel website.

The Coloseum in Rome

And then I found my niche in life. I’m working with some great people and I get to read and write about travel all day, the second best thing I could be doing with my time. The first being actually doing it of course. When I’m not writing for HostelBookers I’m working on this blog – which I genuinely love doing. I never knew I was such a techie geek who actually enjoys every part of writing a travel blog. I like the travel events, writing whatever I feel like, taking photos, resizing photos, designing, and best of all travelling with a more analytical eye: “hmmm how am I going to describe this place on my blog?”

Which brings me on to my point: I’m not rich, but in my 27 years I’ve had a rich life, so far. I only need to look at my travel bragging page and all my photos to count my wealth, so Marie was right after all.

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  1. by Angela on November 26, 2012  8:15 pm Reply

    Completely agree with what you say, "I never knew I was such a techie geek." I spend almost as much time formatting as I do in writing! It's good fun, hey.

    • by Vicky on January 12, 2013  7:06 pm Reply

      Yeah, I love it. I lose hours learning about super techie things – time flies when you're having fun :)

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