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6 Best Last-Minute Gifts for Your Partner

First thing’s first: no judging.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced that terrible feeling when you realise that you’ve forgotten a special occasion: the birthday, the anniversary, the Valentine’s Day treat. It happens to the best of us, and at least, if you’re reading this, you’ve remembered just in time.

– Post in collaboration with Tinggly

If you need a last-minute gift idea for your partner, don’t panic. That’s the worst thing you can do, because you’ll end up buying something over-priced or unwanted, or both. I’ve teamed up with experience gift provider Tinggly to curate an indispensable list of quick, and awesome ideas to get you off the hook.

So relax, read on, you’ve got this.

1. Tinggly gift voucher

Gift voucher Tingly

You can’t go wrong with a Tinggly experience gift voucher. Literally hundreds of bucket-list experiences to choose from, all over the world. It’s perfect for travellers, or just a weekend when there’s nothing to do. And so easy to use: a few clicks and a stylish gift box is winging its way to your partner, or you can email the voucher (with a personalised note of course) if you’re really short on time.

Half the fun with Tinggly is deciding what to do: a romantic hotel stay? A soothing spa day? An exciting skydive? Or something you can share as a couple? And the other half, it’s the memories you get afterwards.

2. Podcast subscription

Man listening to a podcast

What are the two things that everyone has? A) a smartphone and B) interests!

A podcast subscription puts the two together brilliantly and will provide your partner with literally hours of entertainment. All you need to know is what their interests are: music, film, travel, comedy, gardening?

There are thousands of great podcasts out there now that can be subscribed to with a few clicks of a button, and it makes for a really thoughtful gift idea.

3. Coffee machine

Coffee maker for sale

Everyone loves a coffee, right? They’re so expensive in coffee shops though. It’s much more cost effective to buy a machine and make your own at home. The cost outlay may be more initially, but it definitely adds up to a better deal. 

There are plenty of options for coffee machines under £100. Your partner will love you for it!

4. Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to get a dog. Adopting animals is about helping wildlife, and who doesn’t like wildlife, seriously?

For just a small monthly or yearly cost you can make a big contribution to caring for animals in need, in your partner’s name. If they love elephants, or dolphins, or just cute baby goats, then trust me, there is an animal out there in need.

Your partner gets that warm feeling of knowing there’s an animal out there doing better because of them. You get a card once in a while from the animal itself, letting you know how it’s doing. And no mess on the carpet to worry about.

5. Plants 

Christmas presents

Since the dawn of time, a bunch of flowers has been the go-to last-minute gift solution for those with short on imagination. This is how gardening was invented: neanderthals didn’t want to run the risk of meeting a mammoth while out gathering wildflowers because they’d been forgetful.

So, I’m definitely not suggesting you buy flowers for your partner because it’s obvious you forgot.

Instead, go for a plant. These require a little more thought than just grabbing the nearest bunch of flowers, and not only do they look great around the home, but they can live for years. Buy a nice pot too, and you’re on to a winner.

6. Romantic dinner

romantic dinner

An old classic, true, but unlike flowers, this is one that never fails.

It takes a matter of minutes to book a table at your partner’s favourite restaurant, or the new place in town that everyone’s talking about. Can’t get a reservation? Then it’s time to get to work.

A 3-course meal, with wine, candles and a heartfelt card is something that anyone can achieve, even if you’re not even sure where the kitchen is. If you lack the skills to prepare a gourmet meal at short notice, then keep it nice and simple.

Easy romantic meals can involve just a few ingredients to each course, nothing too challenging, and give yourself enough time to take it slowly. If you mess it up, so be it. Buy more wine.

What’s important is you made an effort.

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Sourabh Acharya

Tuesday 22nd of September 2020

Wow! That is something that I can really relate to. I had so much trouble finding something for my wife! Well, thanks a lot!


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Oh great news – hope you found something suitable. And I hope it goes down well!