16 Best Gifts for an Outdoorsy Girlfriend

It’s not easy to find that perfect present for your partner – but I’ve narrowed down a list of the best gifts for an outdoorsy girlfriend, if you’re with someone who just loves being out in the open air.

beaches in the outer hebrides

For those who feel most alive with the wind in their hair, sun on their skin, and dirt beneath their feet, the great outdoors isn’t just a place, but a passion. And if your girlfriend is one of those who just can’t stay indoors, buying gifts like fluffy slippers, chocolates and home decor gifts just won’t cut it.

When it comes to choosing a gift, it’s best to choose something that echos her love for the great outdoors. My list of great gift ideas for an outdoorsy girlfriend includes everything from clothing to books, accessories, footwear, garden decor and more. They’re also suitable for a range of budgets too, which is useful if you’re searching for cheap gifts for girls that love the outdoors.

Top gift ideas for girlfriends that love the outdoors

Whether she’s a hiker, camper, kayaker, or simply someone who loves to lounge in the warmth of a campfire, these gift ideas for outdoorsy girlfriends are designed to enhance and elevate her outdoor experiences.

1. Thermal oversized hoodie

Camping may be fun for getting out in nature, seeing wonderful sights, climbing mountains, waking up to the sound of a babbling brook, however we all know that at night, when that temperature drops, it can get freezing cold!

Thermal hoodies makes great gift ideas for an outdoorsy girlfriend

No longer do you or your girlfriend have to worry about that with this oversized, hooded, lined hoodie! Get all cozy and banish the cold in this thermal all encompassing hoodie. Essentially it’s one big hug! Not only can you use it when camping but it still makes a great winter warmer in those rainy evenings at home. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

2. Day Owl Backpack

These backpacks from Day Owl would make for a great gift for the outdoorsy girlfriend in your life. They’re made from sustainable materials with minimal, yet functional design. With 21 litres of space, and 12″ x 5″ x 17″ at your disposal, they’ll be able to fit everything they need for the day in there. Perfect!

  • Padded laptop sleeve.
  • Comes in 9 colours.
  • Ethically produced.
  • Forever warranty.
  • Insulated bottle pocket.
  • Customise with a patch, a pouch, a tote or a crossbody.

3. Portable electric hand warmer

They say cold hands means a warm heart but why not have both be warm?!

Loving the outdoors doesn’t need to be painful on those hands anymore. I’m sure we’ve all been there when our fingers have gone red, numb or you can’t even bend them because it’s so cold!

hand warmers as gift ideas for outdoorsy girlfriends

Well there’s no need to worry about that anymore when you can buy a wonderful new rechargeable hand warmer!

This hand warmer from Lifesystems is lightweight and small therefore it’s very easy for her to pack and carry with her. Its genius USB charging style means that it can also act as a power bank – something everybody without easy access to a charging point would appreciate! We’ve all experienced our phone battery die on a night out but having a battery run out whilst in the wilderness is a whole other story! So keep the nature loving hands warm with this.

4. Sojourn 30L Osprey backpack

This 30L backpack is perfect for weekend trips. Whether she’s hiking locally, or travelling on a plane for a city break, this bag is a great size. Thanks to Osprey’s exclusive bag technology, it’s also as useful as possible.

The 30L version of the Sojourn backpack is a popular choice for those looking for a medium-sized pack that can handle a wide range of activities. With padded shoulder straps tucked away in the back, and a large main compartment it’s great for your weekend essential items. There’ s also zippered pockets, and mesh pockets for water bottles or quick-access items.

The durability and versatility of Osprey has made it my favourite backpacking brand since I started backpacking!

5. Some cool trainers

Picking up a pair of trainers as a gift for an outdoorsy girlfriend is a solid move. Why? Well, they’re like the Swiss Army knife of footwear. They’re comfy for a jog, perfect for a casual hangout, and can even rock a trendy look.

Plus, some funky women’s trainers shows you’ve got her back – thinking about her comfort and style. Want to make it extra cool? Find a pair in her favourite colours or a design that screams her name. It’s a gift that’s as practical as it is thoughtful. I’d love a pair!

6. Leaf design memory book

Journeying through valleys, forests, hills, lakes and national parks is bound to create some brilliant memories. Let her remember her trips in tangible detail with this beautiful green leaf designed scrapbook from Zeeyouan.

Leaf design memory book - gifts for an outdoorsy girlfriend

It’s like a canvas for happy memories, where it can be used like a journal to write down thoughts and reflections or a scrapbook with photos and souvenirs. You can even go a step further and fill one out to show off your time together – if you’ve managed to store enough keepsakes though!

7. Beanie hat with LED light

Safety and comfort combine in this excellently designed beanie hat with LED front facing light. Whether it be jogging at night, walking the dog in the early hours, hiking at dusk or cycling through the woods, this hat is for the outdoorsy girlfriend that will keep her warm, safe and illuminated.

Beanie with a LED light is a gift for girlfriend's that love the outdoors

There are loads to choose from, but some come across like they’re meant for work. This one from Undercover is a bit more stylish and less ‘worky’. It’s battery-powered, so you can always have a spare with you to avoid being caught out somewhere dark with no light.

Choosing a beanie hat as one of your gift ideas for an outdoorsy girlfriend allows her to do all her favourite things no matter what time of day or season (where winter is dark waaay too early in the UK).

8. Vegetable, herb or mushroom garden kits

Not every outdoorsy girlfriend wants to be mountaineering every weekend but that doesn’t mean that she can’t still be outdoors whilst home. Vegetable growing kits are a perfect gift for the green-fingered, especially in this spirited times of eco-friendly living, organic foods and self-sustaining lifestyles.

gardening or vegetable kits make for great gifts for people who love outdoors

There are tons to choose from too, with some of my favourites on Etsy. Lots have everything you need, including growing pots, peat discs, seeds and markers. Veg such as carrots, tomatoes, sprouts, courgettes and chard are usually in individual seed packets so she can choose what to grow and where. Alternatively, you could also opt for a herb garden kit or mushroom growing kit.

9. Thick thermal socks

Now, hear me out! I know people may think socks are a traditionally boring gift but I’m sure your outdoorsy girlfriend would love these as a gift when she is out and about trekking through the cold and the rain.

socks are a typical gift for an outdoorsy person

We’ve all been there, toes-curled, numb with an unfavourable temperature drop and it hinders our fun and love for the outdoors; so prevent all that with pairs of funky thermal feet hugging, toe warming socks. Get some that are thick enough to keep her feet warm but also still get on her walking boots or wellies and come in a variety of colourful patterns to add some much needed brightness to those winter days.

10. Gardening gift sets

If you’ve already got the vegetable growing kit or know that your girlfriend loves gardening then this gardening set is one of the perfect gifts for an outdoorsy girlfriend! Included in the set are patterned gardening fork, gardening trowel, funky gardening gloves, an aromatherapy scented candle and two shower steamers all supplied in a beautiful box and finished with a bow.

Gardening kit for an outdoorsy girlfirend

She can be outdoorsy from the comfort of her own back garden with all these tools to help her create her own little outdoor oasis to relax, enjoy and get lost in. After all that hard work in the garden the scented candle and 2 showers steamers/bath bombs will help her unwind too.

11. A cosy scarf to wrap up in

What could be better than a chunky, fashionable, warming, luxurious scarf as a perfect gift for your outdoorsy girlfriend? Keeping the freezing weather at bay whilst looking great sounds like the best combination anyone could ask for on those icy winter days.

Ladies scarf is a great gift idea

You can find some of the cosiest scarves at Barbour, who make lots of high-end and high-quality fashion items. They’re also a bit more expensive, so it’s a good idea if you’re looking for luxury gift ideas for your girlfriend.

Most of these particular scarfs have a tartan pattern but are available in a variety of colours allowing you to personalise your gift to her tastes, making it even more thoughtful. They’re soft to touch these scarfs are big enough to wrap around the neck twice, allowing her to feel the comfort with the benefit of style.

12. Owl design scented candle

Can your outdoorsy girlfriend tell the difference between a barn owl and a tawny owl? Does her heart sing when she spots a snowy owl? Does she love the sound of birdsong on walks or is an all-over animal lover? If so, then these scented candles in adorable owl pots would be a brilliant gift (even if she isn’t an owl enthusiast but just thinks they’re cute – who wouldn’t?).

owl candles are some of the best gift ideas for girlfriends who love outdoors

With three different designs in different colours to choose from you’re sure to find the perfect one for her tastes. Also, once the candle has been used up the owl pot can be reused as a quirky little plant pot or pen pot. An outdoorsy gift that keeps giving!

13. Elephant outdoor solar lantern

Extend the time your girlfriend can spend enjoying the outdoors with this charming Elephant Solar lantern to light up her garden into dusk and beyond.

elephant solar light - gift ideas for an outdoorsy girlfriend

Solar lighting celebrates mother nature by absorbing the sun’s light during the day and then converts it to power the lantern at night, making it eco-friendly and very carbon conscious. This wonderfully sweet garden ornament is perfect for an animal lover who loves the outdoors and wants to highlight her flower beds, lawn or balcony into the night.

14. Hunter wellington boots

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious you could treat your beloved outdoorsy girlfriend to Hunter wellington boots. They are world famous in their own right and have been worn by the most famous people in the world such as Princess Diana, The Queen, Kate Moss and Stella McCartney to name a few.

Hunter wellington boots luxury gift ideas for her

Everybody loves Hunter boots, from farmers to festival goers, there is no more sought after brand of wellington boot to trudge through puddles, muddy fields and stables in. They’re super popular at festivals – you can find more gifts for festival-lovers here too.

Hunter wellies and boots come in different designs from tall to short, in different colours i.e. the iconic green variety and also black. So these could be perfect gifts for an outdoorsy girlfriend!

15. GoPro HERO9 camera

If you really want to go all out for an amazing gift for your outdoorsy girlfriend then this waterproof GoPro Hero9 will enable her to capture every moment of every trip and immortalise them in crystal clear footage.

get a goPro camera as a gift for an active girlfriend

Whether she wants to capture incredible vistas for posterity and memories or to make a vlog to share on social media then this 5K Ultra HD video camera will enable her to do any and all of that. This is the most expensive gift on the list and therefore may not be for everyone but if you are looking for an extra special gift this could certainly be it!

16. Chillys Water bottle

The coolest water bottles around (pun fully intended). Now, every hiker, sportsperson, gym-goer, festival goer and camper needs a water bottle and you have the perfect variety of classy, cool, funky, fun designs and finishes to choose from with Chillys.

chillys water bottle - best gift ideas for outdoorsy an girlfriend

Any one of their designs are brilliant gifts for an outdoorsy girlfriend. Whether she likes bold patterns, pastel colours, animal prints, matt finishes, metallic finishes there is definitely something here for everyone. It’s not all about the design though, the bottles are incredibly sturdy, never known to leak and keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks warm for 12. Chillys also do reusable coffee cups too so check out their site for other wonderful gifts for the outdoorsy!

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Quicklist of great gifts for an outdoorsy girlfriend

  1. Sienna Thermal Oversized Hoodie
  2. Portable Electric Hand Warmer
  3. 30L Sojourn Osprey Rucksack
  4. Leaf Design Memory Book
  5. Beanie Hat with LED Light 
  6. Complete Kit for Vegetable Garden 
  7. Thick Thermal Socks
  8. Gardening Gift Set
  9. Ladies Tartan Checked Scarf 
  10. Owl Design Scented Candle
  11. Elephant Outdoor Solar Lantern 
  12. Hunter Wellington Boots 
  13. GoPro HERO9 Camera
  14. 13. Chillys Water Bottle

What do you get someone who loves the outdoors?

For those who have a passion for the great outdoors, you might consider gifts such as a quality waterproof jacket, hiking boots or wellies, water bottles, hats or even a national park pass. Other ideas include a durable rucksack, a hammock, or a guidebook for local trails and walks. It’s all about enhancing their outdoor experiences.

What to get an outdoor woman for Christmas?

For the outdoor-loving woman during the festive season, think about winter-friendly gear like thermal leggings or socks, insulated flasks for hot drinks, or a snug scarf or beanie. Perhaps a waterproof notebook for jotting down nature observations, or a stylish yet functional walking stick.

What are the best mountain gifts for her?

When it comes to mountain enthusiasts, consider gifts like a high-quality down jacket, a reliable altimeter watch, or trekking poles. A map of her favourite mountain range or a book on mountain flora and fauna might also pique her interest. If she’s into climbing, a good harness or climbing shoes might be a spot-on choice.

What not to get for a outdoorsy girlfriend?

While it’s thoughtful to consider her love for the outdoors, it’s best to steer clear of overly bulky items that aren’t practical for carrying on trails. Avoid gimmicky gadgets that might not withstand the rigours of outdoor use.

It’s good to consider what kind of outdoor activities your girlfriend likes – is she more camping and trekking or wandering woodlands? Think about specific interests – such as the best gifts for paddleboard-lovers.

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