The Nadler Victoria: 2nd Person Ever to Stay in Room 206!

I was the second person to ever stay in room 206 at The Nadler Hotel in Victoria. I think that’s kind of exciting.

I was invited to check stay during the launch week for the newest hotel of the Nadler collective, the others being in Kensington, Soho and one in Liverpool too. I know the Kensington one well, seeing as for some reason I thought I was going there, despite the fact I’d ignored the obvious link of the fact my name is Victoria and it was in Victoria. So that was a nice little 45 minute trip out of my way. At least I got to see the Kensington one – good location, nice looking and friendly staff, if ever you need a hotel that way.

Victoria Nadler Hotel

But back to The Nadler Victoria.

Super friendly staff here too, the receptionist obviously loved the name link. After meeting with the manager Natasha the next day I found out that personalities and being yourself are key to the staff’s success in the Nadler group. I like that emphasis and openness, and the acceptance that staff are real people too.

I’m not a fan of the fakeness and forced welcome of some people in the service industries – when you can tell they don’t really care. That definitely wasn’t the case with the staff here.

My room at the Nadler Victoria

My room was perfect. Natasha also told me how they’d designed the room to make using it as easy as possible. Bespoke lamps everywhere you’re likely to need light, a kitchenette with everything you could need, GHD hairdryer that pulls out and plugs in right near the mirror and a desk with European and British plugs to suit different pins. That’s the kind of design that impresses me.

And the pictures on the wall, drawn by Mr Robert Nadler’s son, added a nice familial look to the room too.

Victoria Nadler Hotel

And the bed. Look at it. An absolute dream. The night I stayed here I was meant to be going out on the other side of London, as soon as I saw that beast I knew there was no chance and called off my plans right away. I had such a good night’s sleep here. So good in fact, I had to ask Natasha about the bed the next day.

“We have so many people asking us, we actually sell them on our website”

And apparently the sheets are Egyptian cotton with the highest thread count money can buy – when I have the money, that’s exactly what I’ll be buying too.

Nadler Victoria facilities

The Nadler Victoria doesn’t have its own bar or restaurant, preferring instead to send their patrons out to support local businesses. I actually ended up buying some food in the nearby M&S and cooking it up in my kitchenette in the room, just because I wanted to use the room. There’s plenty of fine looking restaurants nearby though, and the staff are happy enough to give their independent advice (no backhanders here!).

Breakfast was a pack up bag from the St James’ Theatre just next door, I left the dry muffin and overripe banana but the orange juice and cereal bar were perfect for a breakfast on the go. There was also a coffee machine in the room, one of those fancy Nespresso ones, so you can help yourself whenever you like. Thumbs up there.

Nadler Victoria Vibe

Nadler Victoria Hotel

The Nadler had all the fanciness you’d want on a business or leisure trip but with the honesty of somewhere with a bit of personality. It was clean, slick, comfy but still had a unique identity. I think this was down to the staff as much as the hotel.

I’ve met hotel managers before, I can do the whole la dee da ‘darrhhling’, ya ya, thing, but as soon as I met Natasha it wasn’t like that. It was a real conversation, a friendly one with someone who cared and is passionate about her work and what she can do for her customers. She told me all about the hotel’s dedication to eco friendly practices, the chilled out but efficient ethos behind the Nadler brand and the fact that the Victoria area is booming right now. I could see that from the construction work nearby, although I couldn’t hear a thing when I was in my room. Thanks to those triple-glazed windows apparently.

Victoria location

Customers are the heart of the Nadler, they want us to be happy so we come back again to keep them in business rather than charging for extras to rinse us dry so don’t stay again, which is something I’ve definitely experienced from hotels over the last few years of travelling.

I really enjoyed it here; the bed, the space, even had a bath, the towels, the TV, the kitchenette, and the Wi-Fi connection didn’t annoy me once.

I was a guest of the hotel for one night in December 2015. All views are my own, obviously. You can stay at The Nadler Victoria yourself from £165pn, 

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