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70+ Powerful & Positive Birthing Affirmations for the Big Day

Looking for some positive birthing affirmations to help you feel confident for the upcoming birth of your new baby? Here are some great affirmations for birth to repeat up until after the birth. They really helped me to prepare mentally!

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Birth affirmations are a great way to help you feel more confident for what is sure to be one of the most memorable days of your life. The idea of giving birth in the next few months might be anywhere from wonderful, to scary, to absolutely terrifying, but if you take these affirmations for birth on board I can guarantee you’ll feel stronger.

Whether you like to think of them as hypnobirthing affirmations, birth mantras or positive affirmations for birth, if you keep saying these positive short affirmations to yourself, you’ll be better equipped mentally to deal with what the day(s!) throw at you.

Pick your favourite natural birth affirmations, write them down, and repeat them daily so they become a part of you. These positive birth affirmations will help you prepare for birth, actually labor, and they’ll help you with the recovery afterwards too.

These also work as great birth affirmations for dads and birthing partners too!

Positive Birth Affirmations

Use these birthing affirmations to help you focus mentally during childbirth – you can do it!

Birthing affirmations: before the birth

1. I deserve to be happy and excited.

2. I am blessed to bring a miraculous life to this world.

3. I am blessed to be able to experience this delivery.

4. I am blessed to have a strong body that allows me to give birth to this baby.

5. I am blessed to have this opportunity to welcome a baby to this world.

6. I am blessed to have a healthy body that can handle the delivery efforts perfectly.

7. I am looking forward to the birth of my baby.

8. I am looking forward to my wonderful birthing experience.

9. I am getting closer to meeting my beautiful child every week.

10. Every day my baby is getting ready for birth.

11. My baby is growing normally in every aspect.

12. My baby is perfect.

13. I welcome a new chapter in my life with an open heart.

14. I am ready for a new beginning.

15. I am excited about the future.

16. I believe in my ability to give birth easily and peacefully.

17. I believe in my strength, determination and perseverance to have a safe delivery.

18. I have the strength and energy to perfectly handle the delivery.

19. I have the strength and energy to deal with any obstacle related to the delivery.

20. I believe that my delivery will be safe and smooth.

21. I believe that I will have great memories about my delivery.

22. I am certain that I will feel great before, during and after my delivery.

23. I am looking forward to experiencing an amazing delivery of my baby.

24. My body’s ability to give birth to a baby is a gift that I appreciate every day.

25. My body’s ability to give birth to a baby is precious and exceptional.

26. This delivery will soon bring to my life a new source of happiness.

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Birth affirmations: your body

27. I am strong and healthy.

28. I am vital and energetic.

29. My body is capable of giving birth to a perfectly healthy baby.

30. My body is capable of handling everything that it has to handle.

31. My body is in perfect shape to manage birth.

32. My body protects my baby perfectly.

33. I am grateful for my health and strength.

34. I am radiating vitality and energy.

35. I am perfectly healthy to give birth to a healthy child. 

Labor affirmations: your baby

36. I am excited to welcome my child to the world.

37. I am overjoyed to bring my child to the world.

38. I am able to provide my baby with everything they need.

39. I am grateful for my body’s amazing ability to procreate and regenerate.

Birthing affirmations: your family

40. I am so excited to expand my family.

41. I can’t wait to meet the new member of our family.

Birth affirmations: the birth

42. I am grateful for my ability to give birth to a human being.

43. I am capable of giving birth healthily and safely.

44. I am perfectly suited for my delivery.

45. My delivery will be easy and effortless.

46. My delivery will be an unforgettable experience.

47. My child’s birth is a chance to see the incredible possibilities of my body.

48. My child’s birth will make me feel limitless and invincible.

49. My child’s birth will make me realise how strong I really am.

50. I deserve a healthy and pleasant birth.

51. Birth is safe for my baby and me.

52. My baby will welcome this world at the perfect time.

53. My body knows perfectly when to give birth.

54. This delivery will be one of the most special experiences in my entire life.

55. I choose to focus on the positive sides of this delivery.

56. I am perfectly equipped for this delivery.

57. I am proud of how I handle this experience.

58. This delivery will be an amazing and positive experience.

59. This delivery will make me feel invincible.

Birth affirmations: after the birth

60. My body is capable of doing amazing things.

61. My body is capable of extreme effort and quick recovery.

62. My body is capable of doing things that seem impossible.

63. I deserve to be free of worries and pain.

64. I know exactly what to do for myself and my baby.

65. I trust my abilities to take care of this baby.

66. I trust myself to do what is right.

67. I believe in my intuition and instincts.

68. I am proud of my body.

69. I admire myself for my strength, resilience and courage.

70. I no longer fear changes.

71. I can do this.

How to use these birthing affirmations

studyTrusted Source says that affirmations work because of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change and adapt throughout life. So let’s take a look at the best way to make these positive birthing affirmations part of your psyche.

– Identify the source of your main worry about the birth, and which feelings you want to eradicate. Is it related to the actual birth, your recovery, or the decisions to be made in the moment? Write this down.

– Use the list of powerful affirmations for birth as inspiration – read through and pick out the ones that resonate with your worry the most. You must truly believe, or want to believe, the statement.

– Choose your favourite two or three, and write them down. You can use the notes on your phone, or physically write them down on a piece of paper.

– Now you need to make a habit of practising these birth affirmations every day. You should take a few minutes, every day (maybe after brushing your teeth) to say them out loud in front of the mirror.

– Keep going until it becomes second nature. The more you recite and repeat them to yourself each day, the more you will believe them.

It’s easy to see how repetition works – just look at the many negative statements people tell themselves all the time, and how they start to believe them. Now flip that around!

The best positive birthing affirmations

The power of affirmations is hard to argue with.

If you have the right mindset in life, for what you’re about to face, it can help no end.

Have patience with yourself with these positive birthing affirmations – it may take a while to undo all the negative messaging we’ve been bombarded with about birth, and what it’s really like. It doesn’t have to be like you see on TV and films, and these positive birthing affirmations will help you to have the birth you want.

I hope you’ve managed to find a birth affirmation that’s resonated for you. Make sure you write it down, and keep it somewhere you can see it, and take it in. Start to repeat it – and enjoy the results!