80+ Positive Affirmations for Friendships & New Friends

If you need some great affirmations for friendships and new friends, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best friendship affirmations to help you widen your social circle.

Having true friends who stick by us under every circumstance is a priceless blessing. Who doesn’t agree when I say friends add more meaning to our life while being a great source of happiness? 

The last few years have been lonelier than normal, thanks to the pandemic, and our friendships have never been so important. The older we get though, the harder it becomes to sustain or make new friendships. People are off having babies, working on their career, and dealing with the many other responsibilities and obligations adulthood brings.

However, having a like-minded soul as your friend is one of the most amazing things on the planet. Not to forget the mental wellbeing, confidence, and self-worth that friendship brings along!

With friends, our pains and sorrows become a lot more bearable. That is the very reason I’ve put together a list of friendship affirmations for you. We need friends in our lives to make the good times even better, and the lower times more bearable. I take it that by looking at this article on affirmations for friendship, you’re open to welcoming new friends in your life and are on the lookout for new opportunities.

All you need to do is practice these friendship affirmations daily to gain a handful of friends, and seriously, that’s all you need. It’s all about quality over quantity here!

Why do affirmations work?

Affirmations encourage a positive mindset while filling our lives with mental strength and stability. Attracting the right friends require commitment and accepting the ups and downs that come along the way. Feeling lonely along this journey is inevitable!

However, welcoming the positive vibes will make your journey worth traveling. Affirmations will give you the power to pursue your goal while remaining consistent. Remember, consistency is the key to gaining results fast when it comes to affirmations for friends!   

Rules of affirmations

Some tips to accelerate the result of affirmations are;

  • Personalise the list of your affirmations, so they sound relevant to your goals.
  • Keep your list somewhere that is easy to access.
  • Start and end your day by listening to these affirmations daily.
  • Remain thankful throughout the process.
  • Be humble and practice staying positive!

Positive Affirmations for Friendship

Use these positive affirmations for friendship to help you find some new connections in life, and cherish the old.

Affirmations for friendship

Use these affirmations for friendships to believe you’re worthy of them!

1. I’m worthy of gaining loyal friends.

2. I’m worthy of a long-time and smooth companionship.

3. Friends don’t have to be perfect.

4. I allow my friends to be perfect with their imperfections.

5. I’m like a magnet when it comes to making friends.

6. I love myself as I am.

7. I love others around me as they are!

8. Friends will appear in my life at the divine timing.

9. I put my trust in nature for providing me with the right friends at the desired times.

10. I trust my friends with my heart.

11. I trust myself for being a good friend to others.

12. Being loveable around others requires loving myself first!

13. My friends are worth all the efforts and sincerity.

14. I’m wonderful as a friend.

Affirmations for friends

These friend affirmations will help you feel more secure in the friendships you already have.

15. I’m respected and loved by my friends.

16. I love, cherish and respect, all my friends.

17. My friends add to my happiness.

18. I’m a source of joy for my friends.

19. I always remember to give time to my friends.

20. I have so many fun moments with my friends.

21. My friends and I share a mutual bond of trust.

22. I’m thankful for all of my wonderful friends.

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Affirmations to make friends

Repeat these affirmations for friendship after me…

23. Making new friendships is very easy for me.

24. Making new friendships comes naturally to me.

25. People feel comfortable interacting with me.

26. I’m pleasant company to others.

27. I’m very humble and easy to talk with.

28. I see every day as an opportunity to make new friends.

29. I stay open to welcoming new friends.

30. I’m great as a friend.

31. I deserve the same vibe and energy from my friends as I radiate.

32. It is a great experience always to get to know new people.

33. I’m very confident with new people.

34. People find it exciting and easy to know me.

Affirmations about friendship

Try these affirmations for friends to encourage more in your life…

35. I attract good people in my life at all times.

36. I keep manifesting best friends.

37. I attract lasting friendships.

38. I’m grateful for all the friends in my life.

39. I send love. Blessing and success to all my friends.

40. I have very supportive friends around me.

41. I have healthy boundaries in my entire friend circle.

42. I open my heart and soul to meaningful friendships.

43. I’m allowed to do as I please and still be worthy of lasting friendships.

44. I resort to making peace with my friend despite any conflicts.

45. My friends bring me peace and sheer happiness.

46. I’m comforted by my friends when I feel stressed and alone.

47. I like myself for who I’ve become.

48. I’m surrounded by the love of my friends.

Affirmations for attracting new friends

Say these affirmation about friendship out loud in to the mirror.

49. My friends are my haven.

50. I give my friends space to be genuine.

51. I don’t judge my friends.

52. I’m warm, kind, and compassionate around my new friends.

53. I accept the good and the bad in my friends.

54. I don’t expect my friends to be influenced all the time by my opinions.

55. I believe in the tendency of being good within people.

56. I bring happiness to my neighbors.

57. I feel happy chatting with my colleagues.

58. I like befriending others.

59. People I come across every day are warm and friendly to me

60. I’m worthy of being loved.

61. My friends are enjoyable and positive. 

62. With each passing day, my circle of friends expands.

63. I feel very grateful when people are helping, friendly and kind towards me.

64. A simple smile from other friends makes my day better!

65. People who are witty and genuine keep coming into my life.

66. Lasting friendships make my life great.

67. My friends have good values.

68. My friends honor and respect my values.

69. I have secured many friends in my neighborhood and workplace.

70. I appreciate my friends for their nature and talents.

71. I make sure to verbalize the good in my friends.

72. I do not highlight the wrong in my friends in a loud manner.

Affirmations to manifest good friendships

Here are some more affirmations for friendships for you…

73. I’m surrounded by the genuine love of my friends and parents.

74. I’m grateful for the company of my close friends.

75. My company provides others with unconditional love and freedom.

76. My friends support and care for me through the thick and thin.

77. I get along with my friends on another level.

78. People like me because of my wit and intelligence.

79. I’m overall an interesting person.

80. I’m very confident and calm while talking to a group of people.

81. I laugh a lot with my friends and family.

82. My friends are beautiful and honest.

83. My friends do not judge me.

84. I motivate my friends towards the right goal and so do they.

85. I depend greatly on my friends when it comes to taking important decisions.

86. Everybody deserves to have satisfying, fulfilling, and positive friendships.

87. I love all my friends.

88. I send positivity towards all my friends.

Positive Affirmations for Friendship

Affirmations are a great source of manifesting friends. You can attract the right friendships faster if you picture the sort of friends you are looking for in your thoughts. Picturing the ideal relationship with your friends or the kind of bond you are looking for day and night to attract the best of all friendships.

Your priorities and choices may vary when it comes to friendships. If you’re a fun-loving person you can start by adding the fun word into your list of affirmations. If you prefer a strong bond with less room for interactions, you can personalize the affirmations as per your requirements.

You can also be different from others when it comes to specific interests. As an example, if your friend and you share the same hobby it may benefit you greatly to put affirmations to use.

Lastly, being grateful always adds more meaning to the affirmations no matter the subject. The process of manifesting friends may be long and hard but the results will pay justly to all your efforts and wait. Sending love to all those who are looking for friends, or are manifesting certain traits in their old friends.

Remember! A grateful heart can gain anything with consistency and focus.

Happy manifestation journey!

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