50 Powerful Travel Affirmations for Your Trips in 2024

Here are the most powerful travel affirmations to help you feel more confident about your trips this year. If you’ve not used affirmations for travel before, but feel nervous, you need to read on!

Are you feeling apprehensive about travelling in 2022?

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The world has changed a lot, I totally understand your hesitance. I think a lot of wannabe travellers are going to need a little help to make that booking this year. Even if you want to be there, the process of getting to your destination may seem like a whole lot of hoops to jump through.

After spending the last two years reading, hearing, discussing and watching just how ‘dangerous’ it is to travel, it might be hard to have the confidence to get on that plane again.

Let me help!

The power of affirmations is pretty hard to argue with. I want to introduce you to some top travel affirmations to give you the confidence to get back out in the big wide world again.

Have patience with yourself – it may take a while to undo all the negative messaging we’ve been bombarded with about travel and to revel in that ‘carefree pina colada by the pool’ confidence again.

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What are affirmations?

Affirmations are short, positive sentences that encourage affirmative actions. They’re very popular in wellness communities, and recovery ones too. I first came across them through my yoga classes, and have found they help me in different circumstances when I’m not feeling my usual self.

They’re a way to give you confidence in what you may predict to be a negative situation.

I have a few ready to go for my baby’s upcoming birth!

Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool, and is totally reprogrammable. You need to flip your negativity – your mind is already stopping you – and you can do that with positive affirmations. Rewire your brain!

In short: affirmations are about speaking your desired truth, and putting it out into the universe.

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How to use these travel affirmations

– Identify the source of your main worry about travel, and what you want to eradicate. Is it related to travel safety, to planning your trip, or to feel confident enough to go? Write this down.

– Use the following list of powerful affirmations for travel as inspiration – read through and pick out the ones that resonate with your worry the most. You must truly believe, or want to believe, the statement.

– Choose your favourite two or three, and write them down. You can use the notes on your phone, or physically write them down on a piece of paper.

– Now you need to make a habit of practising these travel affirmations every day. You should take a few minutes, every day (maybe after brushing your teeth) to say them out loud in front of the mirror.

– Keep going until it becomes second nature. The more you recite and repeat them to yourself each day, the more you will believe them.

It’s easy to see how repetition works – just look at the many negative statements people tell themselves all the time, and how they start to believe them.

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Powerful Affirmations for Travel

These powerful travel affirmations will help you feel more confident about traversing borders this year!

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Positive travel affirmations

1. I am even more grateful to travel now than ever before.

2. I am open and ready to travel.

3. Only the best travel scenarios are presented to me.

4. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore the world.

5. I welcome new experiences.

6. I cherish memorable, spontaneous moments.

7. I have peace and clarity about travelling.

8. I am happier with travel in my life.

9. I am determined to live life to the fullest.

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Travel affirmations for mental freedom

10. I possess the freedom to travel wherever I desire.

11. I choose to be relaxed and enjoy the journey.

12. Travel is my idea of deliberate self care and relaxation.

13. Travel brings me a level of peace that is incomparable.

14. I find joy and comfort in travelling.

15. I am predestined for purpose and success, regardless of what’s going on in the world around me.

16. Travel is a luxury that I deem important in my best life.

17. I am grateful for sound sleep that removes all worries, anxieties, and fear.

18. I awake refreshed and ready on travel days.

Travel affirmations

Travel affirmations for your next trip

19. I am positively anticipating my next travel excursion.

20. I will take advantage of every opportunity to travel.

21. I thoroughly enjoy the entire process of planning to take a trip.

22. I appreciate the opportunities to see as many places as I desire throughout my lifetime.

23. My journey to new destinations is always peaceful and rewarding.

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Affirmations for travel safety

24. I have confidence that whether travelling by car, train, plane, or boat, I am safe and protected.

25. I am protected at home and abroad.

26. I release any fears, concerns, and worries in regards to my safety and travel.

27. I trust that my travel professional has my best interest at heart.

28. My travel professional will guide me to the right destinations.

29. My travel agent is gifted in connecting me with most fulfilling experiences.

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Travel affirmations to make friends

30. I am a magnet for great relationships.

31. I meet new people easily and continuously.

32. I am prepared to meet new people in new places.

33. My radiant smile attracts favour and blessings even from strangers.

34. I make friends easily when I travel.

35. I am thankful for the peace & comfort that comes along with receiving kindness from strangers.

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Travel affirmations on the road

36. I refuse to allow fear, doubt, or worry prevent me from living my biggest life!

37. I have the boldness necessary to travel during these times.

38. I seek out new experiences daily.

39. I am worthy of adventure.

40. I deserve all of my dreams to come true.

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Affirmations for travel and confidence

41. I have the courage required to travel.

42. I allow travel to lift my spirits.

43. Travel fills my life with culture and beauty. 

44. I invite confidence into my mind as I ponder my travelling plans.

45. Adventures increase my bravery and trust in travelling.

46. I am always grateful for a smooth, intentional journey.

47. I recognise that travel is a privilege now more than ever.

48. I am overjoyed to take the trip ahead.

49. I look forward to any opportunities to recharge and restore my mind, body, and spirit.

50. I must break through my daily routine and break away for a phenomenal trip! I’m ready now!

Positive affirmations for travel

I hope you’ve managed to find a travel affirmation that’s resonated for you. Make sure you write it down, and keep it somewhere you can see it, and take it in. Start to repeat it – and enjoy the results!

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