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Exploring Secret Catalonia: Prat de Comte

Cycling through Catalonia was an absolute dream. Clear roads, beautiful vistas and cute little towns unfolded as I pedalled and took it all in. One of the most impressive spots on my recent Catalonia adventure though, was at Prat de Comte.

Cool spot in Costa Brava

Bot to Benifallet

We were cycling from Bot to Benifallet along the old railway track of the Val de Zafan route. The track has been converted into a green route, only open to walkers, horse riders and cyclists. At 40km long, it was pretty much all downhill. Apart from when we had to get back up from the gorge that is, and I nearly had a heart attack trying to push the bike back up that hill which had been so much fun on the way down.

Prat de Comte Costa Brava

Bit rocky

It was worth it though. Prat de Comte reminded me of the Taroko Gorge in Taiwan. The rocks had formed to create a space where people were picnicking, relaxing with family and friends and swimming between the pools. Unfortunately I had no swimmers or time for that so I wandered up and down along the walk ways.

Prat de Comte Costa Brava

Catalonia Green Ways

Prat de Comte was easy to get to by bike along the Green Way, just 31km from Tortosa. It’s also known for its healing thermal waters – you’ll see people soaking themselves in the mineral-medicinal hot springs.

Some people believe it’s the site of an important religious event too, but I was a bit Catholicked out so stuck with the photography while the rest of my group went to see the grotto.

Prat de Comte


Sunday 4th of October 2015

Never heard of it - how pretty!


Monday 12th of October 2015

Cool place isn't it? I want to go back for a full day next time. :)