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RatePunk Review: A Speedy New Way to Save on Accommodation Costs 

RatePunk finds you the cheapest site to book your accommodation on in seconds. Simply install the extension, do a search on your favourite booking site, and see the live results come in. Then, just book with the cheapest site! Here it is in action…

A hotel room with a bed and looking at the camera Description automatically generated

I’m off to Whitstable in Kent next week, for a jolly. We’ve got three nights in a little house by the sea with a hot tub, just to get out and see somewhere new. 

I genuinely feel like I’ve walked every street in my home city of Portsmouth. With two-ish years of varying lockdowns, and 7 months of daily walks with my baby, I’ve seen it all. My boyfriend, baby Reggie and I really need to get out! 

Whitstable, Margate, Port Lympne and Canterbury in Kent, England, it is then. 

baby first holiday

Having travelled to Sardinia with Reggie, and done a retreat in Spain, oh and a fabulous hotel stay in the New Forest – I’m fully aware of how important the right accommodation is when you’re travelling with a baby.

In fact, it’s more important than the destination, the flight, the packing and the restaurants.

Finding the cheapest accommodation

Travelling in England can be expensive. The price of accommodation in popular destinations, like Whitstable, can be astronomical. Thankfully, and kinda the point, we’re just out of school holidays – which I only have four more years to enjoy, for travel. The prices are down a bit, but with our list of requirements for baby-friendly accommodation pretty long, our accommodation gets quite pricey. 

So of course, I’m eager to try anything to keep the costs down, without spending hours trawling all the accommodation sites for the best deal. 

Step up, RatePunk.

Review of RatePunk: How Does it Work?

“RatePunk is a browser extension that scans all major booking sites and displays NOW available prices for the same hotel on different Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).”

RatePunk works automatically to show you where you can find the best deals on your shortlist of accommodation for any destination. Whether you’re searching on, Expedia, Agoda, Priceline, or, it’ll compare the prices and show you the cheapest option in seconds.

Install the RatePunk extension here.

After installing the extension on my toolbar, I just have to do a quick search on (my favourite booking site) and I can see the results from RatePunk, and the best places to book, on the side. 

This is what it looks like for Whitstable. You see where it says ‘Compare!‘?

If I click on the ‘Compare!’ box it takes you to the hotel page and then compares the prices on the leading accommodation websites. Like this…

It works everywhere. 

I’m currently debating a few days in Thessaloniki in Greece in October. If I do a search for my dates there, I can see the best place to book, and the best booking website to do it with. If you tap the down arrow it takes you to more accommodation websites to compare prices.

Let’s try a fancy hotel in NYC, shall we?

See, you can make some big savings here. It makes sense that the more expensive the hotel, the more chance there is to save. I love how excited it was that it found it cheaper elsewhere, with a flash up celebration!

RatePunk makes the prices plain to see and takes just seconds to do, too. 

Benefits of using RatePunk

  • Using RatePunk can make your trip budget go so much further. 
  • You can download RatePunk on all the major browsers. 
  • RatePunk supports all the major currencies. 
  • There’s no sign up and you can delete the extension at any time. 
  • RatePunk isn’t a competitor for accommodation websites, it’s a partner. It’s the link you need for the best deals on accommodation. 
  • It’s free and there are no prepayments or sign ups needed. 

“We promise RatePunk will definitely show you the provider which sells the same hotel at the lowest cost.”


RatePunk review: a note on security 

  • RatePunk doesn’t collect email addresses, credit card information, first and last names, phone numbers or any other personal info. They don’t need those things because you’re still going to book a hotel directly from the OTA and not from RatePunk. They don’t get involved.
  • When you access the booking website you only need to choose a destination, put your dates and find the hotel you like. RatePunk will only display the prices and that’s it.
  • RatePunk only pops up when you’re looking on any favourite booking website, therefore, no other pages you browse in your free time won’t be accessed.
  • One of the best things about RatePunk is that the prices are found in real time. 

Review of RatePunk

Ratepunk Review

We ended up booking a cottage for Whitstable, which was only on one other site, but RatePunk gave us the joyful reassurance that we were booking it at the cheapest rate.

It showed some great results for my potential upcoming trip for Thessaloniki, and when I started looking at the fancy hotels in NYC it really showed its worth.

RatePunk is totally free. To be honest, I don’t know why you wouldn’t install it. I’m so glad I now have a free and easy to use tool to consult in the future for booking accommodation. I spend a lot of time on this part of travel, to make sure I get the perfect accommodation at the right price and this is a quick way of checking the price is what it should be.

So, my RatePunk review?

It’s an absolute must install from me!