The Food in Greece You Need to Try

The food in Greece is amazing. Surely the best food out there from Europe’s offering? What do you think?

Honestly, felt so chubs by the time it came to boarding the plane back to England I could only just about eat that ice cream at the airport.

Ever since I’ve been dreaming of the feta, and the yogurt and honey breakfasts, oh and the Kantaifi with everything. And why are the prawns so tasty over there?

Food in Greece

I spent a week island hopping in the Sporades – between Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos – with Olympic Holidays and Jayne from GirlTweetsWorld. On each island we restaurant hopped, relaxed on the beach, joined in on the Mamma Mia tours and took many a nail biting coastal drives in our super cool jeep. But it’s the food I feel the need to write about first.

I want to reminisce about every delicious calorie that passed my lips.

So, thought I’d make sure you a list of all the food in Greece you need to try if you’re going over this summer.

The Food in Greece You Need to Try

1. Feta me meli

I was a little confused by Feta Me Meli and Feta Saganaki to start, but the difference is the filo pastry. Feta Saganaki is basically deep fried feta often drizzled in honey and sesame seeds, while Feta Me Meli is fried in filo pastry and then drizzled in honey and seeds. Very different, but both delicious, although the Feta Me Meli is just that little bit more delicious in my opinion.

This beaut was devoured at Ostria in Alonissos, on the waterfront. We had a delicious meal here, recommended by our Olympic Holidays rep, Chrissy.

2. Feta Saganaki

Food in Greece

So, yes, I have to follow with the saganaki.

“a Greek dish consisting of breaded or floured cheese fried in butter, served as an appetiser.” – Google search

3. Gyros

Blummin love a gyros, but shock, horror, didn’t even have one on this trip. We went fancy for most meals, so no kebab shop for us. Definitely had them almost every day when I visited Mykonos, Santorini and Ios last year though. A gyros is basically a fancier kebab, but with a different name, and when you’re in the land of creation, it seems more socially acceptable. Have one, or three.

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4. Moussaka

Both Jayne and I found it hard to say ‘moussaka’ without imitating the hyenas and Scar from Lion King – “Mufasaaaa”. Y’know the scene right?

Well, as we discovered, there’s moussaka and then there’s moussaka. We had an absolutely sensational one at the weekly BBQ at Skiathos Palace Hotel where we were staying in Skiathos. Unfortunately, or fortunately, everything else at that BBQ was delicious too so I didn’t get to actually eat that much of it.

If you don’t know, moussaka is a delicious menagerie of sautéed eggplant, minced meat, tomato, onion, garlic, potato, béchamel sauce and grilled cheese, layered and usually covered with cheese. All the good stuff right?

5. Smoked salmon

Food in Greece

This was a STARTER. We had an awesome meal at Lo&La in Skiathos, as should you. Not sure if smoked salmon is particularly indicative of the food in Greece, but I ate it in Greece, so it counts. This tasted like the fanciest quality salmon and had big fat juicy yummy capers to top it off, with a dash of olive oil and salt and pepper to see it through to perfection.

6. Tzatziki

Greek yogurt mixed with garlic and cucumber. Made right, it’s the perfect side for pretty much anything. Dip bread, meat, veggies, anything. We ate this every day. Every, single, day, we were there.

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Greek food

7. Greek yogurt with Greek honey

No one makes yogurt like they do in Greece. NO ONE. It’s been tough going back to my Total yogurt since I came back, just doesn’t taste the same when you’re not sat on some sunny verandah looking out to sea. Most mornings I’d pile my bowl up with the yogurt, add a few peaches and pears, sprinkle with granola and then coat in Greek honey. YES.

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8. Greek salad

Food in Greece

Take some super healthy olives, tomatoes, cucumber and onion and… add a massive slab of feta cheese on the top. Yay, Greek salad! Bring out some freshly baked bread and suddenly having a salad doesn’t sound quite so grim and boring.

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9. Souvlaki

You know how you can make that Greek salad even better?

Order a souvlaki for main and the Greek Salad on the side. Souvlaki is basically big, delicious chunks of meat on a skewer, sometimes served with veg in between. You know like on a BBQ kebab? Souvlakis are usually delicious, and kinda healthy, but remember that you get the quality you pay for.

10. Zucchini balls

Food in Greece

The ones from the seafront restaurant Ostria in Alonissos were absolutely bloody delicious. Dip them in the aforementioned tzatziki and you’ve got a delicious snack to see you through to your next feed. The zucchini balls are made of courgette, paired with dill or mint, and of course, fried. Like all the tastiest food is.

11. Kantaifi prawns

Food in Greece

They love a bit of Kantaifi in Greece, but it’s usually reserved for desserts and sweet items. At Agnanti Restaurant, in Skopelos, and home of the BEST meal we had in Greece, they like to wrap their prawns in the stuff. They cooked the strand-like pastry round the big, fat prawns and served them up with a delicious tomatoey sauce. Well worth every one of the 15 euros I spent on it.

12. Frappe

Food in Greece

I’ll confess, I didn’t really like the traditional Greek coffee I tried, I did like the frappes though. Coffee granules and water frothed up to create this delicious cold drink to cool down next to the beach. Another little daily tradition for my holiday – thankfully this one doesn’t have any calories. Unlike all the other food in Greece I troffed.

This pic was taken at the little taverna at Agios Dimitrios in Skopelos.

13.  Shrimp saganaki with feta cheese

Food in Greece

Big prawns, tomatoes and feta cheese, with some fresh bread to dip. What’s not to like? Our Mamma Mia tour stopped off at Agnontas Mouria for lunch, right by the beach, and this was my main. It’s a yes from me. Oh and that’s Jayne’s moussaka in the background.

14. Anchovies

Food in Greece

My starter for the meal above came in the form of about 20 anchovies, although, it looks like I only took a picture on my Instagram Stories, so here are my anchovies from Ostria, the restaurant in Alonissos. Equally delicious, with a little octopus on the side.

Are you grossed out by that picture? I ate the whole plate because Jayne didn’t want any. Fishy fishy.

15. Chips

And finally, like the true British tourist I am, I ordered some chips, in order to truly appreciate the food in Greece and oh my days they were delicious. They’re like the proper ones you get from chip shops, as in properly made from potatoes, but not quite as greasy. Genuinely think they’re my favourite kind of chips, in the world. So yeah, get some chips while you’re out there to dip in your tzatziki.

You won’t regret it!

I went island hopping courtesy of Olympic Holidays for a week and had a great time. All thoughts are my own, obviously.

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  1. Love your post! Greek kitchen is one of my favorite i really enjoy their recipes especially those in Crete!

  2. Love your post. This makes me so hungry. I’ve recently moved to Greece and definatly i will try all these food.

  3. I always seem to end up reading food blogs when I’m hungry and now I want to go back to Greece…and I need to go back because I didn’t try the feta saganazki. Or the anchovies but, for the record, I’d rather eat ants than anchovies.

    1. Have you tried an anchovy recently? I really think that if you tried them when you were a kid and haven’t since then your tastes may have changed. I love them!

      But yes, you need to go back to try everything. I’ll definitely be back to explore somewhere in Greece next year. Can’t get enough of the food there :).

    1. Mmmmm, I love ALL the Greek food. Yeah I love the pita bread too – being able to dip it in all the lovely dips they have over there is the best. Definitely one of my favourite cuisines. 🙂

  4. I haven’t tried much Greek food before but I haven’t been to Greece either though. I love trying the good of a new country. But it always then makes it sad when your craving food you can’t get in the country you are currently in.

    1. Ah I’d definitely recommend tracking down a Greek restaurant near you. There’s so much tasty food to try – these are just a small taster. You can get some good Greek street food at festivals, and there’s a chain in England called The Real Greek, if ever you’re about. Try it! 🙂

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