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3 Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway in the Sun

Pretty much everyone loves the sun – it can put us in a happier mood and make us feel more relaxed. This is why going somewhere sunny on a romantic getaway is ideal.

Romantic holiday tips

Being with the love of your life in a hot, sunny place is one of the best ways to travel, whether it be for a honeymoon or you’re just feeling like you need a bit of time out. Sunny holidays do require a bit of planning though, especially if you are looking to do activities when you are on holiday. Make sure you fully research the area you are going to so that you are getting exactly what you pay for.

1. Make sure you’re able to get in the water

When you are somewhere hot, the number one rule is to make sure you are able to get in some water when needed. This could be a swimming pool, the sea or even a lake – just ensure that you have the option of at least one of these.

There’s nothing worse than feeling overheated but not having access to water – it could completely kill your mood and leave you feeling frustrated.

When choosing your perfect destination, why not go for Jamaica Luxury Villas? These are the perfect option if you are seeking somewhere with gorgeous, relaxing rooms and an amazing pool to have a dip in when you’re feeling hot. Nothing is more romantic than having somewhere nice to stay.

2. Keep hydrated

Keeping hydrated is so important for your health when you are under the hot sun. Even if you don’t necessarily feel thirsty, taking regular sips of water is advised.

having a romantic holiday

When you are under direct sunlight, you lose a lot of moisture through sweating, so you need to keep topping up with water otherwise this may result in you having an excruciating headache. This is why, when in the sun, people often crave hydrating foods like watermelon.

3. Make the most of mornings and evenings

When the sun is shining over you throughout the day, sometimes it can even get too hot to do any activities and you may prefer to just chill out by a pool. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything during your holiday; it simply means you have to be smart when planning out your day.

romantic holidays

For example, it’s usually the hottest outdoors during the afternoon, probably between about 1pm-4pm. This should be the time when you have access to a pool to cool off. If you do want to do any activities that involve walking or exploring, the best time to do these is in the morning or in the evening, avoiding peak temperatures.

Whether you’ve been with your boo two months or two years, that first holiday together is a big relationship milestone. Some say that it is in fact an indicator as to just whether or not you’ll go the distance revealing just how well matched you truly are. Are you equal level beach bums and culture vultures, big spenders or budget backpackers? Do you prefer outdoor adventure or indoor activities? Prepare to find out but why do not so in one of the most romantic and beautiful locations so that either way, whether it’s the partner or the place, you’ll be falling in love.


It may be an obvious choice but it’s not known as the city of love for nothing. The art, the wine, the food; all of it creates the ideal ambience for further bonding with your beau. Walk the River Seine at midnight, go up the Eiffel Tower, picnic by Pont des Arts or catch an open air movie at the Parc de la Villette. There are endless amorous activities you can tick off and afterwards, whatever happens, you’ll always have Paris.


As Casanova, the ultimate lothario’s, old stomping ground, Venice and its waterways mark one of the best places for a first holiday abroad with your amore. You can listen to more than the sounds of your beating hearts with the St. Mark’s Square live orchestras, ride the waves of love in a gondola ride down the Rialto and finally lock lips in Venice’s popular smooching spot under the Bridge of Sighs. It’s also likely you’ll come home with more than one great love having developed an ample appreciation of Italian ice cream.


If so far this sounds just far too cheesy and you’re a couple who prefer adventure over art, choose Iceland as your first holiday together. Although the temps are cooler, your relationship will be anything but. Start in Reykjavik where you can bask in the Blue Lagoon waters or cosy up on a whale watching excursion. Then rent a car to escape to the likes of Gulfoss Falls, the black beaches of Vik and the Geysers before finally revving up the romance by snowmobiling on the Langjokull glacier.

Dominican Republic

If you’re more bikinis and bellinis than ice and snow, head to the Caribbean Sea where Latin flavour, colonial culture, tropical rainforests and stunning beaches have pulses racing. Somewhere like Santo Domingo with its cobblestones and cuisine could have you swooning or you could opt to amp up the adrenaline by hiking and white water rafting in Jarabacoa before being seduced by Samana Bay. Either way, this Central American country is bound to have you jetting home feeling a whole lot of love.


With the Adriatic as an aphrodisiac, ancient towns as a conversation starter and Dalmatian seafood getting the juices flowing, Croatia is an ideal place to holiday together for the first time. A quick flight to Dubrovnik and you could be wandering the medieval city comparing notes on Game of Thrones binge-watching abilities before kayaking over to the island of Lokrum for a picnic amongst the magical forest and pools.


Whitewashed islands, sparkling waters and a hint of adventure makes the Greek islands one of the most romantic places to go on holiday. Think swimming in the clear waters of Mykonos, walking the pretty streets of Santorini and endless sunsets no matter your location — all bound to give you a nudge in the direction of romance. Then firm up that bond with an activity like quad biking, windsurfing or couples yoga before falling hard for the local cuisine of feta, souvlaki and tzatziki.


If you go to Bali with anyone but your bae, locals will endlessly ask why. That’s because with the tropical weather, beautiful sunsets and breathtaking beaches as your backdrop, the one way to enjoy this Indonesian island is in the arms of another. Horseback riding along the beach at the Bali Equestrian Centre, walking through the Desa Belok marigold fields and making a wish at the Giant Banyan Tree in the Gesing Village are all slightly cheesy yet totally dreamy activities you can get in board with.

Romantic getaways can be anything you want them to be, just make sure you are both agreed on what it is you want to be doing with your days and your nights. This is meant to be your time to escape and relax, so don’t overthink it too much!