How to Have a Brilliant Weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast

Back in April I spent a weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast with my mum. We’d been invited by the Lincolnshire Coast tourist board to come up north and experience the beaches, the restaurants and the scenery for ourselves.

We wanted to see the Lincolnshire seaside, hang out on the coast, and generally just have a lovely weekend. 

Weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast

Lincoln is a cool city, so I’m told, but that wasn’t what we there for, we wanted THE COAST. The Lincolnshire Coast is a popular area for retirees, for caravan parks, and for anyone wanting to experience the great British countryside – but I’d never been.

My Weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast

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Day 1 on the Lincolnshire Coast

Driving there 

Seaside Lodge 

Cloud Bar 


Our first port of call was the Seaside Lodge at Anderby Creek, right by the beach. Lincolnshire is a long way (6 hours drive) from me in Southsea, so I was ready to chill by the time I got all the way up there. And that’s exactly what this place is for.

Weekend in Lincolnshire

The Seaside Lodge is family-owned and set right by a fishing lake. It’s also just a three-minute walk from a huge (and amazingly sandy) beach, and the UK’s only Cloud Bar at Anderby Creek. When I read ‘Cloud Bar’ I totally thought it was a bar on the beach with a cloud theme – it’s not.

It’s actually a viewing point for you to admire the clouds around the beach, and to learn more about the formations.

Weekend in Lincolnshire
Weekend in Lincolnshire Coast
Weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast

We spent the evening watching the sunset from said Cloud Bar on the beach, trying to work it out, listening to music in the lodge and cooking up some Lincolnshire sausages for dinner, along with some wine. We were ready for our Lincolnshire weekend to begin.

– Learn more about the Seaside Lodge below – 


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Day 2 on the Lincolnshire Coast



Fish and chips at Salty’s

Seal Sanctuary and Wildlife Centre

Beach National Nature Reserve

Let’s start with one of the busiest places on the Lincolnshire Coast, Mablethorpe. It’s a typical seaside town with arcades, fish and chip shops, sweet shops and fudge and candy everywhere. Again, I was genuinely amazed by the beach here as I didn’t know Lincolnshire had such big sandy ones.

Amazing on a summer’s day on a weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast.

Weekend in Lincolnshire Coast

In Mablethorpe we sat by the beach with a coffee, played in the arcades for two hours, went in and out of the cheapo and charity shops and then sat and had fish and chips from the famous Salty’s by the sea.

You can’t have a weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast without trying some fish and chips somewhere, and we thought we might as well go to the most famous spot of them all. 

Weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast

Depending on the weather and how much you want to spend in the arcades you can expect to spend half to a full day here.

In the afternoon we drove to the Seal Sanctuary and Wildlife Centre, just a few minutes up the road, to see some of the many seals they rescue each year. There were SO many animals there, from meerkats to monkeys to emus and of course, the seals.

Seal Wildlife Sanctuary

If the weather is playing fair, you can wander Mablethorpe’s six-miles of blue-flag award-winning beach. It wasn’t for us, so I didn’t, but I did get out of the car to check out the landmark beach huts. Colourful and lining the beach you can rent the beach huts out for the day so you have somewhere to store your stuff, and to retreat to with a kettle if the weather turns.

Loved these!

If you go on your weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast in the summer, you’ll have all these fabulous beaches to enjoy. 

Weekend in Lincolnshire

If you’re looking for more beach action nearby you can check out Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe dunes Beach National Nature Reserve, a 10-minute drive away. Here you’ll find unspoilt marshlands, quiet trails and, apparently, a lesser spotted natterjack toad or two hopping about.

That night we stayed at the Petwood Hotel – check out my review below.

Day 3 on the Lincolnshire Coast

Charity shops 


Gunby Estate

The Petwood Hotel 

Weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast

My mum loves a charity shop, so we spent the route from Woodhall Spa to the Gunby Estate popping in to the little villages and seeing what their charity shops were like. To be honest, expensive. I was going to buy a Wagamama cookbook to satisfy my regular yaki soba cravings but it was £7.99!

Anyway, we had fun and it was nice to see the little villages and towns. Make sure to visit the Old School House in Horncastle for a nice cup of tea. 

Weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast

If that’s not your thing, and you’d rather soak up a bit more of the history of the area then drive to St Margaret’s Church in Bag Enderby. This is the best starting point for a 2-mile walk around Bag Enderby and Somersby. Here you can explore the countryside which inspired much of Poet Laureate, Lord Alfred Tennyson’s early work, including ‘The Poet’s Tree’ and the bridge over the River Lymn. This is a great way to make your weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast a literary one. 

On route you’ll also pass Somersby House, where Tennyson was born and spent most of his childhood. It’s a gentle 2-mile walk that thanks to admiring the Petwood Hotel we didn’t have time to do. 

Instead we drove straight to the Gunby Estatea National Trust property over 100 years old.

Weekend in Lincolnshire Coast
Weekend in Lincolnshire

The Gunby Estate was great. A nice manageable sized house for small attention spans and a real house where up until quite recently, a family actually lived. We were taken on a private tour around the rooms – mainly left as they were, with the original features, so you can imagine living there yourself.

Weekend in Lincolnshire

We saw the toilet with a view, the basic bath facilities, the beautifully decorated old rooms and the kitchens and service quarters. One of the most interesting quirks was the exhibition of clocks they’re currently showing in the basement. Artist Luke Jerram collated hundreds of unwanted clocks together and now you can hear the unique sound of them ticking together – sounded a bit like water rushing.

Lincolnshire for the weekend

The grounds of the Gunby Estate were impressive, with cherry blossom trees, a Spring Walkway to follow and a karp pool, as well as outhouses. If you like plants, and cats, you’re gonna love it.

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Accommodation on the Lincolnshire Coast

Seaside Lodge

Seaside Lodge is a two bedroomed, two bathroomed cottage-like lodge with outdoors table and chairs, a BBQ and a seating area. Inside you have two lounge areas, a kitchen table and all the mod cons of a kitchen so you can save money by cooking your own food.

Seaside Lodge Lincolnshire

We stayed one night and were very comfortable listening to music, drinking wine and eating a Lincolnshire sausage sandwich. It was so peaceful I think I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. 

Anderby Creek, Lincolnshire PE24 5XS.

From the centre of Lincoln to the Seaside Lodge took around 1hr 15 mins through beautiful country roads.

Petwood Hotel

The Petwood Hotel is an hour’s drive from Mablethorpe in the little village of Woodhall Spa. I got totally confused and thought there was some sort of spa nearby, telling my mum to bring her swimming costume. ‘Spa’ is just what they call places round here. Silly me.

Weekend in Lincolnshire

We had a huge room and bathroom, in the luxury hotel. I’ll confess that I’d never even heard of the Dambusters before – I’ve learnt some things, go on, challenge me. The Petwood Hotel was used as an Officer’s Mess during the Second World War and it was used in the Dambusters film too. The hotel is now like a living museum in dedication to it, although it is confined to the hotel walls and the Squadron Bar, so if that’s not your thing, don’t let it put you off.

I found it fascinating.

Weekend in Lincolnshire

We enjoyed a three-course meal – the main and dessert were absolutely delicious – and felt right at home in the dining room, with a little gin aperitif at the bar first. 


A mackerel mousse topped with a seared piece of mackerel with a cucumber purée, sourdough crisp and horseradish snow

Weekend in Lincolnshire


Grilled supreme of sea trout, rolled in prawn cracker crumb and presented on squid ink linguine with prawns and mange tout


A brandy snap basket with a lemon curd finger, served with vanilla ice cream sprinkled with roasted pine nuts and toasted meringue drops

The next day we had a choice of a hot breakfast, where I went for kippers, of course, alongside their continental offerings. 

The Kinema is just up the road from the Petwood Hotel, and it’s the only full time cinema in the UK still using rear projection. It’s over 100 years old. Oh and while you’re visiting the Petwood Hotel check out the village of Woodhall Spa, with all its pubs, cafes and charity shops.

The Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, Stixwould Road, Woodhall Spa, LN10, 6QG

Should you spend a weekend in Lincolnshire?

Weekend on the Lincolnshire Coast

After the craziness of the weeks before I decided that a weekend in Lincolnshire is the perfect place to actually relax. There’s all the traditional British seaside you could want, shops to keep you busy and a few quirky things like the Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary and the Gunby Estate to keep it unique.

Weekend in Lincolnshire

Driving around the Lincolnshire Wolds was beautiful, especially on the third morning when we were up by the Petwood Hotel and the RAF air space, seeing the planes in the sky.

I’d definitely recommend checking the area out – try and pick a sunny weekend for it, or you might just end up in the arcades and chippy instead of on the beach (loved it!). 

In fact, I’ve just claimed Lincolnshire as one of the best for an adventurous weekend in the UK.

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  1. Who knew there were such nice beaches up there! I love the little Sea lodge, looked so cosy and cute. I bet your mum and you had a lovely trip!

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