Sharm el Sheikh Day Trip: The Savoy Hotel and Spa

Us budget travellers can only dream of staying at such a plush hotel as The Savoy Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, but it turns out you don’t have to actually sleep there to enjoy seeing how the other half live. If you’re visiting the tourist capital of Egypt a trip to the Savoy’s Sierra Spa costs just €10 to use the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. The incredible treatments cost extra, but they’re worth every penny.  

Sharm el Sheikh Savoy Hotel and Spa

Me and mum were invited to try the Red Sea Salt treatment followed by a massage and literally jumped at the chance (see photo). The Savoy Hotel and Spa is at Soho Square in Sharm el Sheikh as they’re both owned by the same company. The complex is absolutely huge – I’ve never seen anything like it. There is everything you could ever need and I now see what they mean by ‘all-inclusive’. Bars, restaurants, shops, swimming pools, a gold course, pubs, nightly shows, even camel rides and of course the Savoy spa and the Sierra Spa too.

Relaxing at the Savoy in Sharm el Sheikh

Of course we got lost. We went to the wrong spa, but were picked up by the super-friendly owner in his golf cart who took us on an exclusive ride through the complex. Once we arrived at the Sierra Spa we were greeted by the beaming staff who gave us our plush towels and dressing gowns for our stay.

After a green tea and a rest on the massage chairs – need to get me one of those – we took a dip in the Jacuzzi. This would help loosen up our muscles for the massage, apparently, so we positioned ourselves to get a good pummelling from the pumps. 

Then it was time for our treatment.

Ready for our treatment

“Just take of all your clothes and lie face down on the bed.”

I was only wearing my bikini for crissakes – did she really want me to get totally starkers in front of mum? She did.

Slightly mortified, yet justifying that if anyone’s seen me in the nud it’s her, even if things have changed a touch since I was five, I stripped down and launched my naked bod on the bed. Thankfully I was covered in a towel before too much of me died inside.

The Savoy

My worries were soon forgotten as my lovely masseuse rubbed the salty scrub into my tired muscles. I need to learn how to not be ticklish when they get to your feet – how can you not feel weak? I was there for around 30 minutes and enjoyed every second, bar about 120 where she was massaging salty scrub into my boobs with my mum lying in the next bed. Awkward. I think we managed to make a telepathic pact not to look at each other. Well I did anyway.

We loved the towel art at the savoy Next they wrapped us up in clingfilm and laid hot towels on top. She then rubbed a facepack on and laid cucumbers on my eyes before leaving the room.

“Y’alright mum,” I muffled.

“Yee,” she managed back.

Now I needed to use my strength to stop laughing. I wish we could’ve got a photo, we must’ve looked absolutely ridiculous.

They were soon back in and I was first up for the shower to get the scrub off. On my return she massaged me again with a warm milk. Writing this now I can just recall it on my skin. My face was so, so soft from the pack.

Sharm el Sheikh Savoy

She finished the treatment with a deep head massage that lasted about 20 minutes.

“Are you ok?”

My masseuse just managed to catch me before I fell into sleep oblivion.

“I’ve finished now.”

I’ve never been so upset to hear this news. I managed to shuffle myself off the bed – I was seriously relaxed – I felt like I’d just woken up from a beautiful anaesthetic.

It was back to the massaging chairs by the Jacuzzi while we waited for them to bring a fruity cocktail to finish the treatment.

Then we were invited to use the pools, both indoor and outdoor, for an hour or so before gathering our towels back up and with a heavy heart, but beautiful skin and massaged muscles, we went back to join the real world.

Beautiful salt pool at the Savoy

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  2. by Agness of Fit Travelling on September 2, 2017  2:12 pm Reply

    Sharm el Sheikh seems like a great destination, Vicky! When's the best time of the year to explore this paradise on Earth?

    • by Vicky on September 4, 2017  11:35 am Reply

      I was there in October and I think it was a great time to be there. Not too hot but definitely hot enough to feel like you're on holiday. Google tells me Autumn and Spring – and I think I'd agree with that from my experience.

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