9 Unique Things to Do at Isle of Wight Festival

I wanted to experience all the great things to do at the Isle of Wight Festival – beyond the obvious of watching the stealthy line up of course. Let me introduce you to the IOW festival, beyond the main stage…

The Isle of Wight Festival turned 50 in 2020. Fifty years of some of the biggest rock and pop names on one tiny British island.

It’s one of the earliest festivals in the Great British Festival Calendar but thanks to the Isle of Wight’s microclimate, and incredible music history, it’s ok. When I went, it didn’t even rain.  

I live in Portsmouth, so it’s easy for me to get across, but why should you make the extra effort to cross waters to get to the Isle of Wight Festival?

9 Different Things to Do at Isle of Wight Festival

Aka what to do at the Isle of Wight Festival, beyond the main stages.

Things to do at the Isle of Wight Festival

– All pics from the Isle of Wight Festival Facebook page

1. Get your circus freak on

For the past few years, festival vibes have been on point at the Isle of Wight Festival, thanks to Cirque de la Quirk’s eclectic mix of acrobatics, interactive games and quirky events. They host their own schedule throughout the festival with activities like the circus olympics, circus school, and clown dance offs. 

2. Bungee jump

The great tunes and buzzing atmosphere usually have people feeling super amped up and with so much adrenaline coursing through your body, why not hurl it off say a bridge 160 feet high? If you can raise over £150 for Save the Children, you can bungee free. Just sign up through the festival website and dive in  to helping children all over the world.

Things to do at the Isle of Wight Festival

3. Drink and give back

Keeping the giving back going, what better excuse to keep buying in the rounds than to do it knowing that all your pennies are going directly to the Isle of Wight’s charitable arts centre, Quay Arts? And not only is it beer, but locally brewed food and island coffee are on offer and a whole stage with performances from local acts.


4. Enjoy the bubbles

Things to do at the Isle of Wight Festival

Things can get pretty dirty at a festival and it’s normal to find mud in unexpected places. Rather than try to scrub it off in a portaloo, head to the Bathing under the Sky area where you can shower and relax in fancy hot tubs warmed by wood fires. They’ve also got a sauna, phone charging stations and complimentary wine.

Yeah, that’s where you’d find me next time.

5. Paint it pretty

Bright colours and cool designs are vital parts of any festival outfit regardless of where you are and the Isle of Wight Festival is no different. In fact, goers here tend to go all out embracing full body designs with paint and, with a fair few designers on hand, it’s easy to get yours done too. Look out for the signs to get some glitter and paint to brighten up your day. 

This is one of the best things to do at the Isle of Wight Festival in my eyes!

6. Watch the World Cup

Things to do Isle of WIght Festival

For footie fans, the fact that the festival falls on June 21st until the 24th might be considered a bit of a bummer given that it clashes with the World Cup on the years it’s on. But no worries, the fest has got you covered at the BT Sport Field of Dreams. A big screen in Electric Ladyland will be showing three games a day – just check out the schedule on the website and pull up a chair.

7. Watch a movie

If football isn’t your thing and you’re needing a break from the hardcore tunes, relax with a movie. Alternating with the football schedule in the morning, classic films and TV shows will be playing on the big screen so you can start your day off slowly before getting ready to party all evening and night.

8. Release your inner child

What to do Isle of Wight Festival

The Old Mout Cider Kiwi Camp is an area dedicated to ‘liberating naturally adventurous sides’, aka encouraging you to be a big kid. They’ve got a programme full of activities like disco yoga (who knew that was a thing), a sip ’n’ slide, a glitter station and rockaoke – last year we randomly came across Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs giving it some welly. 


Best Places to go Glamping on the Isle of Wight

9. Save a bird

Old Mout, the same brand working that awesome adventure-inspired tent, is also all about nature and are making big efforts to save the kiwi bird, native to New Zealand, from extinction. You can get involved by pledging to recycle during your stay on the Isle Of Wight and back home once you leave.

To say thanks for doing your bit, Old Mout will then donate to Kiwis for kiwi to help save the bird.

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