What to Pack for the Isle of Wight Festival

Want to know what to pack for the Isle of Wight Festival? Let me help.

The great thing about camping at the Isle of Wight Festival is that you’re right by Newport, the Isle of Wight’s main town. That means supermarkets and emergency supply shops aplenty, but still, it makes sense to take everything you need so you don’t have to faff about wasting time looking for stuff.

What to pack for the Isle of Wight Festival

Seeing as the festival is on another island, you’re going to need to bear in mind that there will be queueing – for ferries / hovercrafts etc, and for buses at the other end – that means that if you’re travelling on foot, you’re going to want to make sure you can carry everything easily. Your kit list for the Isle of Wight Festival needs to be finely honed, and carefully considered. You don’t want to be weighed down with stuff you definitely don’t need, trust me.

The easiest thing to do is to make the decision now that you’re just going to wear the same thing all week, but if you’re like me and don’t really see that as an option, check out my Isle of Wight Festival packing tips below.

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Packing list for festivals

The essentials

Your ticket – kinda essential

Money and card – don’t waste time queueing at ATMs, get it out before

A good tent – my days of cheap as cheap have gone, get something weatherproof!

This 3-man festival tent looks promising – good reviews, double skin and easy transportation. 

Camera – for the memories, that you don’t remember

Warm sleeping bagthis cosy Mummy one is great value at only £12.49 and 4/5 stars from 228 people. It’s light and has a good temperature range too. Or you could check out one of the better quality sleeping bags on Amazon, they’re worth it, trust me.

Bags of wine – cheapest and lightest way to get your fix in. Could save quite a lot over the weekend, and saves you decanting it.

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Summer clothes – check out my cheap festival fashion tips for inspiration.

And winter clothes – however sunny the day starts off, it could all change by the afternoon, especially on a little island.

Comfy wellies – check the weather beforehand but you definitely need some wellies on standby. SPYLOVEBUY have loads of cool ones on Amazon to choose from…

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Toothbrush and paste – one of the very few ways to stay fresh at festivals

Sun cream – you never know, it was hawt last year!

Lots of socks – stay warm, and a fresh pair of socks can freshen you up like nothing else.

Rain mac that fits in your bag – these ones start from £2 on Amazon, and look how happy they could make you and your partner 🙂

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Toilet roll – essential.

Baby wipes – they’re only 70p on Amazon. Bargain!

Hand sanitiser – this one is a spray too so you can give the toilets a quick going over before you park your bum.
And it’s kinda faaancy.

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As long as you have the above, you’re pretty much sorted for a good time.
But of course, there’s always more things you could take to the Isle of Wight Festival…

Not so essential

Lilo or blow up bed – this single blow up mattress is just over a tenner from Amazon. I can guarantee it will be worth every penny, especially if it rains and the ground is cold and wet. In fact, you might as well go for the double for just a few pounds more.

Groundsheet – this 6 x 4ft one is less than £2 from Amazon. Bargain. Good for carrying around the festival to sit on too.

Beer trolley – could be the best money you ever spend. These beer trolleys make it SO much easier to carry your stuff from train to tent. Trust me. WISH I’d had one of these at Glastonbury last year.

Festival beer trolley

Spare carrier bags – to keep all your rubbish in order, and to separate filthy clothes from not so filthy during the fest. Also, great for sitting on during the festival, when the ground is muddy.

Torch – believe me, you need to check out those toilet seats before you get your skin anywhere near them. Get a headtorch so you can wear it on your head while you’re rooting around in the tent.

Packing list isle of wight festival

Would be nice

Walkie talkies – excellent for communication when you have no reception or battery.

Hat – to cover your skanky hair, for warmth, and to protect from the sun.

Flip flops – it may just get that sunny, you never know.

Onesie – perfect for getting into the spirit of things, and for warmth.

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Compact mirror – great for checking for boogers or spots without having to spend a second longer in the skanky Portaloo than you have to. Here’s a a pretty one for £2.04

Pop up beer cups – great idea, so you’re ready at a moment’s notice, and they won’t damage the environment as much as the plastic.

Just posing now

Make up – you’ll probably sack it off after a while, but check out my Glastonbury beauty tips anyway, same tips go for the Isle of Wight Festival obviously.

Sunglasses – the best way to transform yourself to be Isle of Wight Festival ready as quickly as possible.

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Solar powered shower – I paid a fortune to use one at a stall, see My First Time at Glastonbury, when you could just group together and get this for £8.

Glitter – a festival must have in my eyes. Or on my eyes. Lols. Get it? Just me?

Moisturiser – that salty Isle of Wight air could get you feeling a little dry.

Lip balm – you will be weak and broken by the end and my lips always go dry when this happens.

Vitamins – get those fizzy ones that make your water taste nice, like these.

Paracetamol – you know.

You can get a lot of this stuff from Poundland by the way – go explore! 

Pillow – a rolled up hoody can have the same effect but depends how much you value your sleep. Try one of these inflatable ones so they’re not so much effort to take.

Swimsuit – for showers? Maybe?

Portable phone charger – way better to buy a good one now for than to have to queue and pay for a festival charge.

Tights for extra warmth – so simple to carry around, and so effective.

Ear plugs (20 Pairs for £3.58!) and a decent eye mask – you need your sleep, it’ll make you a better person, honest.

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A hat – perfect for those cold nights, and to keep you cosy in bed.

A specially bagged clean set of clothes to go home in – they will feel amazing.

When I went last year I didn’t really see any camping shops, so makes sure you have everything you need to pack for the Isle of Wight Festival before you go, or it’ll be a trip into Newport for you!

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