My Stay in an Awesome Modulog at Tom’s Eco Lodge

Instead of camping at the Isle of Wight Festival in June, we stayed in these awesome ‘Modulogs’ at Tom’s Eco Lodge.

As we turned the corner among the trees up at Tapnell Farm and saw the log cabins built into the hills and overlooking an incredible vista of the island, I loved them straight away.

Where to stay Isle of Wight

The Modulogs, the two of them, are located at the site of the original Isle of Wight Festival in the 60s, which was a pretty cool connection for our three-night stay during the festival. Today Tapnell Farm has a range of accommodation, an extreme sports school, the tasty Cow Company burger bar (went there, definitely recommend) and loads of animals to see too.

It’s also a really popular venue for weddings – I can totally see why.

Toms Eco Lodge Modulog

I thought they’d made up the word ‘Modulog’ at Tom’s Eco Lodge but turns out Modulogs are a ‘thing’. You can even buy one for your garden – shame I don’t have one, just have to stay here instead.

We parked up at the top of the HUGE drive, in our ‘Modulog 2’ allocated spot, and went to find our cabin – the views over where we’d just driven were awesome. We walked past the pizza oven (free to use), the picnic area, the safari tents and the wooden houses, to find our weekend home right on the end and in perfect privacy.


Our Modulog on the Isle of Wight

Inside our Modulog we had a lounge, a kitchen, two bedrooms (one double, one twin), a separate toilet and bathroom, and then a big space outdoors with a BBQ, picnic bench, deckchairs and a hot tub.

Watch the video above to see it all!

Modulogs Toms Eco Lodge
Toms Eco Lodge

The hot tub was warmed by the log fire beneath – makes sense – so it took about three hours to heat up enough to go in. And even then, I’m afraid to say I bailed. Should’ve gone in on the first day in the glorious sunshine. I know that now.

Toms Eco Lodge Isle of Wight

The cabin is listed as for 6, although unless some of the 6 are kids I think that’s pushing it a bit. You can easily fit 4 good friends though. I was well comfy in my room, and I’m sure Michelle was happy in hers too. Very cosy, very quiet. The Modulogs are great for a peaceful holiday, kind of back to basics but with all the comfort of home. You can pretend you’re out in the wilderness, but everything you need is actually right there.

I loved the Modulogs, so cosy and they smelt good!

Those little touches

Toms Eco Lodge Isle of Wight

It’s always the little touches that make a great stay, amazing. They left us a packet of locally made biscuits with the guidance manual – naturally we devoured them – and a pot of milk in the fridge so we could use the tea and coffee they’d given us too.

There was an honesty shed filled with goodies to buy, anything you could need. You could pick up freshly laid eggs and there were logs for the fire stacked up outside.


Toms Eco Lodge

Tom’s Eco Lodge was about a 20-minute drive from Newport, and beautifully located out in the wilderness of the Isle of Wight. I’d love to go back and just hang out for the weekend.

Click to check the prices of the Modulogs at Tom’s Eco Lodge

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