Top 10 Things to Do at Wilderness Festival

There are so many things to do at Wilderness Festival, you definitely couldn’t just call it a ‘music’ festival.

Wilderness is all about checking out of city life and in with nature, which is why the nature reserve location in Oxford is pretty perfect. From August 2nd to 5th (in 2018 anyway) it hosts a varied musical line up and an epic schedule of entertainment channeling all kinds of escapism and creativity.

Best bits of Wilderness Festival

One of my favourite things about Wilderness, is the fact there’s a river which in the year I went, 2016, it was absolutely scorching so I was right in there. Also… the food at Wilderness is something special.

But WAIT, there’s more…

Top 10 Things to Do at Wilderness Festival

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1. Go undercover

Try a little bit of espionage at the Fire Hazard Games. Bringing out the big kid inside, you’ll compete against fellow agents as you’re asked to complete a critical mission and remain undetected. Think sneaking past guards, working a disguise and locating contacts in a bid to prove you’ve got what it takes to be a spy.

2. Have a dip

Jumping in at Wilderness Festival

Having a swim in Lake Majestic is definitely refreshing. You could make it your Wilderness way to wake up each morning, or enjoy a sunset swim to finish the day. Either way, don’t forget your swimsuits. There are plenty of showers to recover afterwards too. 

3. Listen up at The Forum

Make Wilderness a learning experience and spend some time in the debate area. A big teepee with lots of colour, this is a safe space for top speakers to talk everything from climate change to current affairs. Check the schedule and take a break from listening to the tunes to learn something new.

Guardian readers lurve it in here. 

4. Relax at the Lakeside Spa

Things to do at Wilderness Festival

Warming you up after you’ve braved the lake is the Lakeside Spa and its very cool wood-fired hot tubs and saunas. Incredibly Instagrammable with the lake and woodland views in the background, once you’re unwinding in the warm bubbles in amongst the forest, you’ll struggle to leave.

Book in advance after a long day of partying and even treat yourself by adding a bottle of bubbly to the mix. Lush. 

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Wilderness Festival

5. Visit The Sanctuary

Health spa or festival?

It’s hard to tell at Wilderness, but that’s what it’s loved for. Occasionally a packed musical agenda can all get a bit too much, so The Sanctuary is an area slightly set back from the loud stages and is a great space for recharging. Therapists, healers, yogis and meditators are on hand to assist with all things holistic and healthy.

We’re talking facials and massages, yoga and meditation — basically everything you need to continue on your Wilderness journey.

6. Dine at the Long Table Banquet

Things to do Wilderness Festival

Forget the burger van and donut stand, at Wilderness festivalgoers go gourmet, at least at the Long Table Banquets anyways.

You can opt to do lunch or dinner here, go alone or with friends because basically the idea behind this meal is that people mix with one another and bond over amazing food ( and wine) brought to you by great chefs in a really cool banqueting hall. Tickets range from £55 to £80 depending on which one you want to attend – you’ll need to book in advance.  

7. Learn a new skill

Instead of going home with a hangover and a rucksack full of smelly clothes, return with an impressive skill you can casually show off. Workshops on things like fly fishing, cuttlefish catching, foraging, jewellery making, and crafting mean are all on offer giving you plenty to try.

8. Catch a cricket game

things to do at wilderness festival

Even if you’re not usually one for watching a cricket game, you’ll be wanting to catch the weekend’s all important matches. Run by a team known as The Bearded Kittens, Wilderness cricket follows a whole load of unconventional rules and includes a very dubious array of outfits.

Not happy on the sidelines? Rock up before 10.30am and pitch your case for making the team.

9. Volunteer

Volunteer at Wilderness to help in things like directing people to the right stages, serving at the banquets or working in the wellbeing area. There are loads of things you can do and, if you apply and are accepted to volunteer, come the end of the fest you’ll get the cost of your ticket reimbursed.

Winner winner probably a free dinner. 

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10. Downward dog on a paddle board

Things to do at Wilderness Festival

Helping you find your inner zen in amongst the green, Wilderness offers sessions of paddle board yoga. Despite being a challenge for those of us with bad balance, it’s a lot of fun and a great work out. Could end up being quite refreshing too…

I hope you enjoy your journey into Wilderness, I think it’s a great festival for all!

Just click through to find out more on the Wilderness website.

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