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19 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Costa Rica

Don’t you think Costa Rica is one of those ‘ultimate’ travel destinations, one that people dream of going to long before they actually do? Well that was me any way. I’d wanted to go since my friend did in his gap year once school finished. And so, when I was invited to come for a week courtesy of Visit Costa Rica, I obviously said a hell yeah.

Having spent a week in Costa Rica I learnt a few things about the country that I thought might help anyone planning a trip there, or at least inspire you to visit Costa Rica some time very soon.

19 Things You Need to Know Before
Visiting Costa Rica

1. You’re going to love the peace and tranquility of the rainforests

yoga in costa rica

2. The waterfalls are stunning, and you can swim in them

Things to know about Costa Rica

3. La Cahuita Beach at sunset is a definite yes

LA Cahuita Beach

4. Snakes looks like vines

things to know about costa rica

5. The turtles’ plight is incredible to see, go on a night tour

Must dos in Costa Rica

6. There are lots of empty beaches for you to yoga at sunrise

Costa Rica beaches and things to know

7. Incredible natural hot springs are a must see

know about costa rica

8. Make sure to get up high for incredible views

What to know about Costa Rica

9. The Arenal Volcano is a Costa Rica icon

Know about Costa Rica

10. Chocolate is a huge industry here – here’s a cacao bean

know about costa rica

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visiting costa rica

11. Zip lining is one of the most popular things to do in Costa Rica

things to know about costa rica

12. You can actually see toucans in the trees

To know about costa rica

13. And sloths, SLOTHS!

Things to see in Costa Rica

14. Look up and you’ll see monkeys (sometimes)

must sees in Costa Rica

15. You’re never far from a beautiful view

must sees in costa rica

16. You can boat the waterway separating Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Costa Rica canal boat tour

17. Stay at Pachira Lodge in Tortuguero for a lux experience

Costa Rica living

18. Wildlife is everywhere, including in the road – drive carefully!

Costa rica must dos

19. A week is definitely NOT long enough, but a good taster for more

Exploring Costa Rica

I made a vlog a day in Costa Rica… check them out!

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