10 Incredible Bucket List Canada Things to Do

In June I went on the Mountie trip to Canada with Trek America. It was awesome. Brilliant. So good. But also, a little challenging. However, it was definitely an adventure to tick off my bucket list Canada style!

bucket list canada and the best things to do

I mean, camping for 8 nights? Who volunteers for that? Seeing the same people 24/7, really? No Wi-Fi, seriously? TURNS OUT, they were three of the best parts of the whole Trek America Mountie trip.

New lifelong friends, who had to talk to me cos there wasn’t any Wi-Fi, and getting down to basics with a sleeping bag and a self inflating mattress, all became enjoyable once I bought a fleece and a duvet to add to our nomadic home.

I love trying new things in the glorious outdoors and this was a different kind of holiday that opened me up to so many amazing things to do in Canada. From helicopter rides to visiting Emerald Lake, here’s unmissable Canada bucket list things to do.

10 things to add to your Canada bucket list

See the most of Canada with these atypical but unmissable things to do during your trip.

1. A helicopter ride over the Rockies

Riding in a helicopter over the Rockies is a total dream, can’t believe I got to do it. It was incredible. It absolutely gets a tick off my bucket list Canada! Seeing the Rockies below us as the helicopter weaved around the glaciers and mountains turned two of our group to tears. Our guide, Ralph, had piloted the helicopter for various films in the Rockies, including The Revenant.

What a guy.

Canada helicopter ride

I knew we were going to land for a hike, but wasn’t actually too sure of the details.

We landed in what felt like the middle of nowhere with huge mountains looming either side. Some (fools) hiked through the freezing cold glacial water, I dipped my finger tips and along with a few others immediately backed away and found a way round. No way was I spending the day with iced feet.

Me and Dave Waterfall - best things to do in Canada

We ended up scrambling up to the top of the waterfall, looking up and down stream in pure disbelief at the beauty.

And then Ralph whipped out the Champers.


And we toasted to life, and the many, many decisions that brought us to be in that beautiful situation.

And then, after a few pics, we got back in our choppers and flew back, past the colourful Abraham Lake.

Helicopter ride bucket list canada

How could that NOT be my best bucket list Canada moment of the Trek America Mountie trip?

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* Yeah, they might be different best bits to this post, but genuinely 95% of the trip was AMAZING, so I have lots of best moments.

2. Drive down the Icefields Parkway

Heather was our leader for Trek America, and after five years of leading trips across Canada, she knows her stuff.

The night before she’d told us how the Icefields Parkway was one of the most beautiful drives in the world, thanks to the surrounding rocky mountain peaks, icefields and vast valleys. Right, I thought, that front seat is mine. Got there early, bagged it. And then someone else decided they wanted it. Stood my ground though and got it back.

Yeah I was proud of myself.

Best moments and things to do Trek America Canada

So, Heather and I drove the Icefields Parkway together (with the rest of the group in the back, obvs). She told me stories from her life in Canada. We talked about life on the road; our different but equally non conventional and crazy jobs. She was just so interesting, and so lovely to talk to. Heather genuinely wanted to share her beautiful country, and her passion for it, with anyone who wanted to hear.

Also, when I was up the front I managed to spot a bear, which we stopped for. Too exciting.

3. Visit Lake Louise and Emerald Lake

I’ve seen so many pictures of these lakes on social media, it was emotional to actually see them with my own eyes, and to be on them. They’re the lakes often used for screensavers, they’re that beautiful.

Emerald Lake should be on your Bucket List Canada

Lake Louise and Emerald Lake are two captivating natural wonders located in Alberta, Canada. They’re both iconic and have incredible turquoise waters. Lake Louise is in Banff National Park, framed by Victoria Glacier. Emerald Lake is the largest lake within Yoho National Park and is nestled among rugged mountains and Emerald Glacier too.

Bucket list canada Relaxing round lake louise

They’re both stunning for walking around or canoeing – we canoed across the Emerald Lake, and walked round Lake Louise. Honestly, no photo could ever do either lake justice from their real life beauty, but check these out for a try. If you’re deciding what to add to your bucket list Canada, then this has to be on there!

4. Go wild camping

Wild camping in Canada is legal. And it’s totally worth it. It might take a bit of planning but it’s one of the best bucket list Canada things to do without a doubt.

Just wrap up warm.

The first night of my Trek America Mountie trip I reckon I slept about an hour. One hour. It was freezing. I had my cheapo Mountain Warehouse sleeping bag, a self-inflating mattress… and every item of clothing I could possibly add on. At 4am I went to the showers to see if they were hot enough, and thanks to the heating in there, just stayed, sat on the sink cabinet.

Without a doubt, the coldest night’s sleep I’ve ever had.

Looking out over Emerald Lake while wild camping in Canada

So the next day I hit up a charity shop for a duvet and fleecey blanket – the best $10 I’ve ever, EVER spent. It still took another two or three nights, and a hefty sock purchase, for me to be warm. But gawd, the first night where I slept all night and didn’t get up for the toilet, was an absolute dream, literally.

I have a lot more to say on the camping part of the trip, but we’ll keep that for the next post shall we?

5. Eat out in Whistler

Whistler is basically an alpine retreat on the West Coast. There’s natural beauty like Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, but also lots of great places to eat and drink.

Eat out in Whistler -best things to do in Canada

Obviously nothing against the culinary skills of the group but eating off plastic plates, whatever can be done in one pot on the stove, or wraps, gets kinda boring. Day 8 and we went to a sushi restaurant in Whistler, which was some of the best sushi I’ve had outside of Asia.

Soooo good. And so much of it too.

Check out the video above for a pic.

We were on a set menu, an epic set menu which didn’t seem to end. Gawd it was delightful, along with as much Asahi beer as we could manage. I also had a cheeky little cocktail in the mix too. 

Whistler in Canada things to do

And then we went to an Irish bar in Whistler, and onto The Keg. It was the end of the trip, everyone was getting on, up for a good time, and we’d gone nuts on the Asahi. Good vibes, drinking games and fun times.

Loved it.

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Bucket List Canada Trek America Mountie trip

6. Climb the Athabasca Glacier

Hiking a glacier – sounds epic, and it was. We hiked the Athabasca Glacier on the afternoon after the helicopter ride.

Journey up the Athabascua Glacier


Hiking the Athabascua Glacier

Once upon a time the glacier was huge, at least five times the size it is now. Thanks to global warming it’s shrunk considerably. We hiked for three hours to the top, learning about the Canadian glacier along the way. The particular highlight of this highlight was when we filled our bottles with water from the glacial stream (again see video above).

best moments of the Mountie trip Trek America Canada bucket list

Tasted SO fresh and SO clean. Should bottle that stuff. I’d totally buy it.

7. DO go chasing waterfalls

Stupid TLC, telling us to not go chasing waterfalls – it’s SO much fun!

Part of Canada’s incredible natural beauty is the number is of breathtaking waterfalls. Many of these waterfalls are in natural parks, rugged terrains or by scenic drives. On my trip to Canada I was fortunate enough to see a good mix.

Visit waterfalls as part of your bucket list Canada

We saw many a waterfall on our Mountie trip with Trek America.

– Shannon Falls

– Takakkaw Falls

– Dawson Falls

– Moul Falls

Mountie Trek America
Exploring Canada's natural beauty is one of the best things to do there

My second favourite was Moul Falls, mainly because we had such a trek down there and could stand right by the falls. Some nutters went behind but I didn’t feel the need to get wet and then hike back up.

Not for me.

Instead, I just took pics stood in front of them.

First favourite: the one we sat at the top of after the helicopter ride, to drink Champagne. LUSH.

8. Visit Banff Avenue Brewing Company

So what are you gonna do with a rainy day off in Banff hey?

Go beer tasting and poutine and chicken wing scoffing at Banff Avenue Brewing Company, that’s what.

Emily and I needed some time to chill after 4 hectic days of travel, camping and sightseeing so while a few of the others passed the day on the WiFi at Tim Hortons (Canada’s number one coffee chain), others went up to the Sky Walk, we sampled the beers at the Brewing Company.

Enjoy a day off in Banff Canada

Lovely day. Lovely bar man. Tasty beers. Good company. Great poutine. Delicious chicken wings. Wall chargers. Good Wi-Fi. Great atmosphere. Warm and dry.

Just what I needed to increase the energy bar for the second half of the trip.

Also, if you’re in Banff. Make sure to pop into the Park Distillery on the main strip. We had the most amazing banquet feast in there, so… much… Canadian… food. YUM.

And if you happen to need anywhere for a great breakfast in Banff, check out this post. 

9. Wander round a maple farm

Maple leaves are the national symbol of Canada, so what kind of bucket list would this be if I didn’t mention the many maple farms in the country. They’re a great way to see the maple sugaring tradition, which are used to produce pure maple syrup and other maple-based products. (There should be an award here for how many times ‘maple’ can be written in one paragaph).

Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm Canada Bucket list things to do
Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm

Some of the best include White Meadows Farms in Niagara Falls, which has a lovely shop full of Canadian maple products year-round. There’s also Sugarbush Hill Maple Farm, located near the town of Huntsville. It is recognised as a “State Of The Art” maple sugaring operation and stands as the largest sugarhouse in the District of Muskoka open to the public throughout the year.

10. Photograph Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most famous natural wonders. It straddles the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York, USA, but most agree the Canadian side has the best views! You can see all three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls from this side.

Niagara Falls Canada bucket list

The three falls are Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Specifically, Horseshoe Falls, sometimes referred to as the Canadian Falls, is the most iconic of the three, which is about 51 meters high and carries approximately 90% of the Niagara River’s flow.

If you’re considering the best time to visit, summer is probably ideal. Niagara Falls is conveniently located just over an hour’s drive from Toronto, so you can do it in a day if you’re staying in Toronto.

My Trek America Mountie Trip

Mountie Trip Trek America

I had an incredible time on my Trek America Mountie trip. I made friends for life, saw some of the world’s most beautiful sights, and got to helicopter, hike and canoe across them.

This was one of those trips I’ll never forget and I’d recommend it to anyone!

If you want to travel Canada, but you don’t have the friends / money / driving skills / wits / to do it alone, then I can strongly recommend the Mountie Tour with Trek America.

You’ll get a bunch of people to travel with, a set route decided from years of experience, and the safety and security of an internationally renowned company guiding the way. I went to Canada with Trek America last month and had an incredible time, I could probably think of 50 reasons why you should do the Mountie trip with them, but here are just 20 to persuade you.

So as well as the awesome friends, cool route and safety aspect, if you go to Canada with Trek America, you’ll also get the following…

1. Insider info on the best spots in Western Canada to take photos

Canada with Trek America

2. Time to explore incredible views like this

Canada Trek America Mountie

Watch my video on YouTube for the full story!

And subscribe for the latest updates…

3. The opportunity to walk in icy glacial waters

Canada Trek America Mountie

4. To meet instant lifelong friends

Group trip Canada

5. Expert lessons in S’mores making

Eating Smores Canada

READ MORE: Here’s What 8 Nights of Camping in Canada Was Really Like…

6. The chance to canoe one of the most famous lakes in the world

Canada Trek America Mountie

7. Some peaceful ‘me’ time staring at rivers

Canada Trek America Mountie

8. You’ll learn new skills (knifing a cork out)

Trek America Mountie

9. You’ll remember the value of team work

New skills Trek America

10. You get to drink Champagne on top of a waterfall

Canada Trek America Mountie

READ MORE: 10 Absolute Top Moments from my Trek America Trip

11. You can tick Canada off your travel bucket list

Mountie Trek America

12. The chance to camp at a saloon

Mountie Trip Trek America

13. This waterfall though…

Trek America

14. You get to ride in a helicopter! ($$)

Flying in a helicopter in canada

15. And hike a glacier to take pics of ice

Trek America Mountie

16. The views are just INCREDIBLE

Trek America Mountie Trip

17. SEE!

Exploring Canada

18. You will actually WANT to get up and walk to explore

Hiking in Canada

19. Your days are filled with AMAZING activities

Trek America plan

20. Epic sunsets, eh?

Canadian sunset

Canada with Trek America looks pretty awesome, right?

GIFTED: My place on the Trek America Mountie trip was in return for coverage on my blog and YouTube channel. The trip starts from £1020, plus flights, and is a great way to road trip across Canada without actually having to drive. Having the tour leaders and the group there totally made the experience, and I loved my first Trek. For more info on Canada, check out explore-canada.co.uk.

More for your bucket list Canada

GIFTED: My place on the Trek America Mountie trip was in return for coverage on my blog and YouTube channel. The trip starts from £1020, plus flights, and is a great way to road trip across Canada without actually having to drive. Having the tour leaders and the group there totally made the experience, and I loved my first Trek. For more info on Canada, check out explore-canada.co.uk.

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Trek America Mountie Trip

More for your bucket list Canada

What things are important to go in Canada?

When visiting Canada, you NEED to explore its incredible natural landscapes, including the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park, and the Niagara Falls. But also head to cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal for lots of cultural things to do.

What is the most popular activity in Canada?

Ice hockey is undeniably one of the most popular activities in Canada. It’s not just a sport but something quite ingrained in Canadian culture. Besides hockey, outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and canoeing are also incredibly popular due to Canada’s diverse landscapes.

What do Canadians love most?

Canadians have a profound love for their natural landscapes and outdoor activities (it’s pretty easy to see why given it’s such a stunning country). They also cherish their multicultural heritage, with festivals and events celebrating diverse cultures – oh and ice hockey.

What is so famous in Canada?

There are lots of reasons why Canada is famous. These include its natural wonders like Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, and the Northern Lights. It’s also famous for its friendly people, multicultural cities like Toronto and Vancouver, iconic wildlife such as the beaver and the grizzly bear, and, of course, maple syrup.

What is the Canadian Bucket List?

A Canadian bucket list would typically include activities like hiking, canoeing or climbing, exploring the Rockies, visiting Niagara Falls, eating incredible food and much more.


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