Bucket List Tour for 2017: Vespa Trip Through Tuscany

Now, here’s a great travel idea for your bucket list to make it stand out from everyone else’s.

“The Vespa Trip is a 7-day adventure that’ll take you to the most famous Italian villages along breathtaking picturesque Tuscan roads and sceneries on an original Vespa.” – thevespatrip.com

“Errr, yes!” – me

Vespa Trip Through Tuscany

– Post in collaboration with thevespatrip.com

Vespa Trip Italy

There are options

You could either drive on your own, with your friend / partner, seeing as the Vespa Trip people give you a map or optional GPS, or you can join in with the group.

You can change your mind every day too, depending on whether you feel like being a ‘Group Animal’ or a ‘Solo Adventurer’.


Sightseeing and wineing

Vespa Trip Italy

The Vespa Trip looks like the perfect way to see the cities by day, and then sit around sipping wine and making the most of the Italian cuisine by night. Sounds dreamy to me.

Imagine cruising past olive groves, pine trees and vineyards on the back of a Vespa, your partner or friend at the helm and you sat on the back taking in the views snapping a photo now and then.

I’ve been to Italy quite a few times and I think this would be a great way to see Tuscany at a speed that suits you. Look, here’s the route…

Where you'll go on the Vespa trip

It’s also a great way to experience the wonder of the open road, feeling free with no obligations to be up at a certain time, or at dinner, yet still have the security of knowing that there’s someone who’s got your back in the Vespa trip office.

You can depart from Florence or Pisa, and either way will have some time to drive round the city before you take to the winding roads of Tuscany and past the landmarks of San Gimignano, Siena, Firenze, Vinci and Lucca. One of the highlights listed on thevespatrip.com is the remote village of Montefegatesi up on top of the hills.

For me, the highlight would be the evenings spent at the vineyards along the route.

Who to go with

Vespa Trip through Italy

I mean, if you’re looking for a romantic trip away – without the clichés and been there done that aspect of the usual suspects – I think the Vespa Trip is a great idea. Sitting like this with your beloved all day, relaxing in the knowledge your trip is roughly planned for you, admiring the views and knowing the wine and pasta is waiting – could lead to some romantic moments. I assume.

It also looks like a great trip for groups or friends, looking for an adventure holiday with a bit of a difference. And if you’re travelling solo and looking to meet other people knowing that there’ll be others just like you at every point of the tour is cool.

How much is it going to cost?

Vespa Trip through Italy

This depends on a few things, but you can get on the Vespa Trip for as little as £415 per person, which includes:

  • Vespa rental between 2
  • 6 nights of 3/4* hotels for the whole trip (in double or twin rooms)
  • Breakfast every morning
  • Free drinks once in a while
  • A support service to transport your luggage, and help in times of need, Luigi (actual name) will be happy to assist.
  • A guide to show you the most amazing roads of Tuscany
  • Probably the best trip of your life (their words)

You can register solo (get your own room for +£125), or in groups up to 10 people. If you’re over 10 people, just get in touch separately.

All you need is a 20% deposit to secure the trip and the rest can be paid in the future.

You’ll need to make your own way to Pisa or Florence, but you can easily get a cheap flight from the UK for around £100.

Never ridden a Vespa?

Vespa Trip through Italy

And obviously, if you’ve never ridden a Vespa before, no worries, a quick lesson from them is all you need.

And the roads of Tuscany are all yours.

When does the trip leave?

Every Monday from 3rd July to 28th August.

Check out thevespatrip.com for more information – I want to do it!

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  1. by Lucy on December 23, 2016  1:57 pm Reply

    This is the kind of trip I'd love to do but I'm way too chicken to get on a bike! Sounds like a lot of fun though!

    • by Vicky on December 23, 2016  2:39 pm Reply

      Have you ever been on one before? I've never been on a Vespa exactly, but I've driven mopeds in Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan and had a brilliant time. Actually felt more confident than in a car :).

  2. by Maria on December 23, 2016  9:09 pm Reply

    Looks like such a cool adventure! I did a little of the same this summer (though in a Smartcar), where I visited San Gimignano, Siena, Pitigliano and Orvieto, starting from Firenze..BUT I could only do 2 cities a day, anything more became a little too much to take in.

  3. by Vicky on December 23, 2016  9:48 pm Reply

    Ah yeah, I know what you mean, sometimes a trip can start to blend when your brain can't take that much stimulation :) I'd love to see a bit more of Italy – so pretty. Amazing that you got to see all those places, even if you don't remember what was what!

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