What to Do in Milan for a Weekend

Not knowing where you’re going for your weekend away involves a smorgasbord of emotions. I’d signed up for a WowTrip, to somewhere, to take my friend Fiona away in apology for being away for her hen party. The idea is that you book a trip, from a certain price band, and then you only find out where you’re going 48 hours before.

Wowtrip to Milan

Exciting – you don’t know where you’re going.

Frustrating – you can’t plan your schedule and itinerary.

Fun – it’s like a travel Russian roulette.

Freeing – nothing I can do but enjoy the trip!

Nervous – will I like the surprise? 

Of course, being me, I was mega busy 48 hours before and so it was only on the way to the airport that I clicked the link and found out it was Milan.

WowTrip Milan

I had actually been to Milan before, for an afternoon, but hadn’t really got much further than the Duomo. Others had told me how great Milan is and I hadn’t quite gelled it, so I was grateful for another opportunity to check it out.

With our Milan WowTrip we had 48 hours to make the most of the city. 

Great for us they sent through a highlights guide so we could get excited on the plane and read up on what there is to do. 

Our WowTrip hotel

WowTrip Milan

I was well impressed with the hotel WowTrip organised as part of the trip. We ended up in an Instagrammer’s dream just a few tram stops, or a 20-minute walk, from the centre of Milan – the Hotel Sanpi.

The Hotel Sanpi had a great breakfast selection included in the price – think Prosecco, croissants, eggs and meat – and we were very comfortable in our room overlooking a courtyard. The reception was open 24 hours and we had everything we needed in the room, including a kettle!

Food in Milan

One of the best things about going to Italy is eating.

WowTrip Milan

My friend Fiona is a foodie obsessive so she’d already looked up all the best restaurants and bars by the time we’d got to Gatwick, and had a full list of where we needed to go.

Unfortunately I was a bit off my food the first day I KNOW, WHO EVEN AM I? We ended up having a pizza lunch, which we soon realised was one of those Duomo tourist traps you’re warned about.

WowTrip Milan

That night we went to Rebelot for gnocchi. I had a tomatoey one which was really tasty, but couldn’t finish due to the aforementioned devastating feeling that I’d lost my appetite. Fiona fully enjoyed her gorgonzola gnocchi though – shame they didn’t ever bring over her wine she ordered. 

The best pizza was the one at Eataly – the one you see in that pic up there ^. Anchovies and mozzarella? YES. 

We went to Osteria del Gnocco Fritto for their famous meat, cheese and bread platters. You basically had to roll us outta there – delicious and totally unlimited hot, fried, bread pockets that they just kept refilling. YUM.  

WowTrip Milan

We were feeling a bit OTT meaty from the meat and cheese experience the night before so went for veggie burgers at Flower Power. It was right by our hotel and looked pretty busy, and had a good Google rating so we got right in there. Coloured buns and 20% off for meat free Monday? We thought we were onto a winner. Unfortunately it was super dry and dense so a bit of a wasted meal for me, but you might like it?

Best stick to pizza. Yeahhhh. 

Drinks in Milan

Milan Lu Bar

My favourite drink was at the LuBar, an awesome spot inside Milan’s Modern Art Gallery and right by the park we’d been snoozing in. The decor was pure inspiration. I’m looking at getting an extension at my house and this colour scheme could be the one. We sat and enjoyed an Aperol Spritz watching all the cool people come and go.

WowTrip Milan

We were all about the cocktails in Milan, which unfortunately were around €9 a pop. We tried to get up to the Aperol Bar looking over the Duomo but the queue was crazy. Instead we went to the super fancy Rinascente Milano shopping centre round the corner where we only waited 5 mins and got a very comfortable seat in the roof garden for people watching, and a beer for €6.

WowTrip Milan

We spent most of our drinking time down at the Navigli area, which was great. On the Saturday night the place was packed with people out having fun but on the Sunday it was a bit more chill. Top tip: find the bars with the Aperitvo hour – it was a feast!

The best idea, if you want to go drinking in Milan, is to pick a bar you know is cool and then take a slow walk to it popping into one of the many cool bars you see on the way as you go. 

WowTrip is great for…

WowTrip Milan

– WowTrips make for an excellent present if you’re looking to group together on something – like for a big birthday, or a wedding present or similar. 

If you’re really busy and don’t have time to book anywhere, or even think about it, but you know you want a long or short weekend away somewhere.

– For anyone who doesn’t have a clue where they want to travel to.

– Or someone who wants an adventure within an adventure.

Anyone who hates organising things. Personally, I like the comparing, booking and researching of a destination, but I know that’s definitely not for everyone. With WowTrip you can just pay up and leave it in their hands. Just turn up to the airport at the time they give and you’re sorted. 

How does WowTrip work?

WowTrip Milan

Click through to WowTrip.travel, and then…

1. Choose where your WowTrip will start from, its duration and the number of passengers.

2. Choose the dates that fit best with your priorities. Your WowTrip can start any day of the week.

3. Your WowTrip is flexible: Do you want to leave a destination for another time? Do you have time restrictions? You can discard destinations and limit the flights schedule.

4. Fill in your details and those of your companions and… WowTrip on the go! You’ll receive your reservation confirmation by email.

5. 48 hours before your departure you can discover your destination going to ‘My WowTrip’ and you will be able to download all your documentation and your destination guide.

6. Or you could wait to download your mobile boarding pass from ‘My WowTrip’ section until you are at the airport. All the check in online is done. 

With WowTrip you can get your “flight and hotel to an unknown destination from £150”.

“Choose your departure city, your dates, your travelling companions and… let yourself go!”

Milan with WowTrip

I really liked Milan. We had a great, relaxing weekend with a good mix of chilling in the park, exploring the restaurants, wandering the streets and soaking up the Milan vibe. If you like to shop, and you’ve got loads of money, then there’s always that too.

I don’t know where our time in Milan went really – part of the draw to Milan is the galleries and museums but not for us.

WowTrip Milan

Once I’d learned to relax and stop being the travel control freak that I am I enjoyed the fact that all the accommodation and flight booking had been taken away from me. The comparisons and indecision means booking travel can take me ages. We had a great time with WowTrip in Milan!

I went to Milan with WowTrip in return for my thoughts on the experience, as you can read above.

Any questions? Just let me know below!

Weekend in Milan

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  1. I think a WowTrip sounds like such a good idea! Milan looks amazing, the food pics have made me super hungry for a real Italian pizza! Hope your friend enjoyed her treat!

    1. Yeah, think she enjoyed it! So nice to just get away, and to have the added excitement of not actually knowing where we were going too. Milan was cool – definitely a good spot for a weekend away.

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