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What Do I Need to Take To Bestival?

Yay I’m off to Bestival this week!

I’m planning on taking as little as possible to feel as free from ‘stuff’ as I can be. This means my kit list for Bestival needs to be carefully considered. I last went to Bestival in 2008 – so long ago – I had a brilliant time but I do remember it being an absolute nightmare to get there so I want to travel light. Trains, ferries, buses, and all with winding queues – I’m hoping they’ve sorted all that out in the last 7 years.

Bestival in 2008

Bestival always has a theme and this year it’s ‘Summer of Love’ so instead of just the day of fancy dress I’m going for it all weekend. Why not?

Above you can see my outfit for ‘30,000 freaks under the sea’, the 2008 theme. Honestly don’t know why I’m a pirate, or why the photo below is the Red Arrows, we must’ve been thinking out of the box…

From my one previous experience, and a wealth of other festival experience, here’s everything you need to take to Bestival.  

Bestival packing tips

Bestival fun

The essentials

  • Bestival ticket.
  • Ferry ticket.
  • A tent – I’ve ordered mine with Halfords Festival Delivery to pick up on arrival.
  • Camera – there are onsite lockers if you don’t trust yourself.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Fancy dress clothes – consider it could be anywhere between 10 and 20 degrees that weekend according to current weather guesses.
  • Normal clothes – if you want to pass up an opportunity for crazy dress.
  • Rain proofing – this Mountain Warehouse poncho from Amazon would be perfect for the theme and only £5.99.
  • Toothbrush and paste.
  • Socks – feet get cold at night.
  • Flip flops – whatever the weather these always come in handy, if only for that early morning run to the toilet when you’re too desperate for your wellies.
  • A super comfy outfit to go home in on Monday, clean.
  • Spare carrier bags – to separate dirty from filthy, and to gather up your rubbish.
  • Toilet roll, or the tissues you get in little packets – like these, yeah they’re Frozen ones.
  • Baby wipes.
  • You need a hand sanitiser – click for one that you can attach to your bag.
  • Wind up head torch – trust me, you don’t want to approach any situation without knowing exactly what you’re letting yourself in for. And with a wind up you don’t have to worry about batteries either – only £4.

Wind up head torch

  • External battery charger – I need my phone for photos, and there’s no way I’m queuing at one of those recharger places. This Power Bank one is my charger of choice.

Kit list for Bestival

  • Ear plugs and eye mask – I’m 30, I need sleep.
  • Travel mirror – to apply make up, glitter and make sure you’re socially acceptable for public consumption.

travelling mirror

  • Driving license – either as ID to pick up tickets, or to show you old you are if you’re a whipper snapper.
  • Lilo, blow up bed or roll mat.
  • Groundsheet – great for creating extra space between tents to hang out in.

I’m not, but you could

  • Wellies – I’m staying hopeful for the weather, although my friend thinks I’m crazy, and just taking some imitation Chelsea boots from New Look. They go better with my outfit.
  • Sun cream – you need to be prepared!
  • Beer trolley.
  • Walkie talkies – not sure these are really needed for Bestival as it’s a relatively small festival. Could be worth it to keep in touch with friends though?
  • Hat – sun / skanky hair / rain – all covered.
  • Solar powered shower – if you think you can be bothered with finding a space, warming the water and actually having one, you go ahead.
  • Cooking stove and accessories – I’m not, I’m too excited to try all the food at Bestival but if you fancy saving few pennies go ahead.
  • Pillow – I just use a hoody

Any essentials I’ve missed? 

A Few Words of Advice on Bestival Festival

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VickyFlipFlopTravels » UK Travel Blogger Who Loves Festivals and TravelMy Bestival Experience 2015

Monday 21st of September 2015

[…] been shopping over Bank Holiday Weekend for our outfits and I already knew what to pack for Bestival so that didn’t take long. With just one backpack each we went from Porstmouth Harbour – only 20 […]

Dan Lawrence

Wednesday 9th of September 2015

Im currently living on the Isle Of Wight, is lovely and the sun is out finally!

Have family staying but going to try head over to Besty at some point, have a great time and may bump into you amongst the 50000 others :)

Any geo-tagged images you Tweet or if you use any Isle Of Wight related hashtags my local paper ( should pull it in as content.

Have a good one !

All Best Dan


Monday 21st of September 2015

Did you make it over Dan? You have fun?


Monday 7th of September 2015

Vicky!!!!!!!!! I am sad you are going to Bestival without me!!!!!!!! Guess what, I was there in 2008 too!!!!! When it rained sooooooooo bad! :)

Have a lovely time!!!!!!


Monday 21st of September 2015

Ah no, we could've hung out! Next year let's co ordinate festivals for fun :)