5 New Ways to Stay Clean at Glastonbury

Staying clean at Glastonbury requires careful planning. If you want to get the most for your £200+ entry ticket then you’ll be there for the maximum time, from Wednesday to Monday, which means five nights without a proper shower, toilet, or even sink.

keeping clean at Glastonbury

Everyone getting down and dirty together is of course one of the best things about Glastonbury. There’s something kinda Neanderthal and medieval about 170,000 people living like heathens in a field. Some up and getting ready for the day at sunrise while others haven’t even been to bed yet.

You don’t want to be the smelliest though. It’s not a competition. So I’ve scoured Amazon to find you the best products to keep clean and fresh at Glastonbury, so that accolade can go to someone else. No one you know, of course.

1. Muc Off Dry Shower

According to the reviews of this little find Muc Off Dry Shampoo smells coconutty, is easy to apply and is a good way to freshen up without water. So if Glastonbury proves too cold or wet to get that camping shower out, crack out your Muc-Off Dry Shower and you’ll be the most fragrant fella or female at the festival.

“Muc-Off Dry Shower is an innovative antibacterial body wash designed for people on the move. Specifically formulated to kill odour causing bacteria and germs with its gentle yet effective, coconut derived cleaning ingredients, dry shower leaves you feeling (and smelling) fresh and clean. With dry shower’s foaming action simply apply and rub in with your hands, then leave to dry or wipe off with a towel.”


2. Disposable foaming toothbrush

That feeling when you get back to your tent after a day on the sugary booze and you can’t find your damn toothbrush. Anywhere. Well if you have this little pack of five then you can leave them strategically around the tent so that there’s no doubt you’ll find one when you need it most.

Not entirely sure if this is a waste of money and resources or a great way to make sure you have a clean toothbrush to use at the end of a day downing whatever is put in front of you. Reviews are tied, is the toothpaste included on them disgusting or refreshing? Only one way to find out my friend.

“The new disposable toothbrush Happy Morning Xylitol is a short head toothbrush, impregnated with xylitol toothpaste. The special feature of xylitol, an endogenous sugar substitute is its inhibitory effect on plaque and acid forming bacteria, because of this it can not be recycled. Brushing teeth with xylitol toothpaste protects evidence before the deposition of plaque on the teeth and thus helps prevent caries. Individually hygienically packed. Ideal for short trips, guests and after meals.”


– this is a little ad you might be interested in

If you want to compare products and user feedback and advice on items, you can check out AuthorityAdviser for more reviews. They’ve got advice on all sorts of products and everything is ranked and reviewed by independent users. Check it out!

3. Lightload towels

These are perfect for having around the tent while you’re trying to stay clean at a festival. Rather than working your way through an endless supply of tissue or kitchen roll, have these to hand and you’ll be that bit nicer to the planet. They’re also nicer to use. These Lightload Towels would be great for drying your hair if you do decide to take a shower with you. And also if it decides to chuck it down with rain too – you can keep them in your pocket until it clears up and know you have something to dry yourself on. You’ll thank me one day!

“Lightload Towels are cool in the heat and warm in the cold. They are ideal for both urban and wilderness survival: perfect for emergencies or disasters. The material 100% viscose which is a biobased cellulose material unlike other camp towels you see that are petroleum micro fiber. They are soft on the skin more absorbent than any towel and dry much quicker when wet.”


4. Equip Oversized Wipes

This is a lot of wipes, but if you want to take one for the team and make sure you and all your mates smell nice, then these Equip Oversized Wipes are a good shout. They’ve got coconut extract, aloe vera and something called Karanja, for cleansing, soothing and moisturising. Super kind to your skin, the reviewers love them, ‘worth every penny’ seems to be the general consensus.

These are so good to have around if you do happen to make a bit of a mess while trying to avoid those festival toilets.

“It’s good to be EQUIP’d! When your skin is clean, fresh and protected you feel healthier. EQUIP is a ‘waterless wash’. From taking care of young children or elderly relatives, to feeling fresh again in a crowded tent at a music festival, EQUIP waterless wash solutions are totally portable and totally reliable.”


5. Pits and Bits Wash Kit

Here we go, nice little bag of products to keep us fresh and clean. Pits & Bits have put together the shampoo, the body wash and the expandable wipes to create the festival bag of dreams. They promise it will ‘removes, dirt, blood, mud, poo, slime, sweat, BO and many other things’, so there we have it, what else could you possibly want to remove? 

Some of the reviewers recommend you buy more of the expandable wipes, so there you go, that’s the link for those.

“Pits & Bits Rinse-Free Shampoo is a very effective way to be able to wash your hair when you are out and about. To use, you just apply the shampoo directly to the scalp, massage to lift the dirt then remove by thoroughly towel drying. It is that easy and takes so little time. Pits & Bits Rinse-Free Shampoo contains no parabens or alcohol and so it is kind and gentle to the skin. Pits & Bits Expandable Wipes work by expanding when applying liquid to the wipe.”


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