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Here’s What My Readers Really Think of Me

Loved your survey answers guys. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. Opening the results I had that feeling I used to get when picking up my school report, when you’d discover what your teacher really thought of you, and your work. Although this time I really cared.

I had more responses than expected, which is why it’s taken me three months and a blog bug (which meant I couldn’t do any WordPress work) to finally go through them properly.

Sorry if you were on the edge of your seat waiting to hear who’d won.

Congratulations Emily Ray and Claire Hallam! 

I always enjoyed reading my friends’ reports, because I’m nosey, so I thought you might like to see what you and others said about my blog, and me.

You on what I write about

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 14.43.58

There wasn’t a clear stand out answer as to what you liked and didn’t like on my blog, so I’m taking that as confirmation that the variation is good. One person said I write about festivals too much, another said they wanted more on festivals, same for writing about digital nomads, and same for the length of articles – Too long! Too short!

“I love your personal posts, like your ‘Travel Blogger Confessions’ and ‘Goals for blogging’. Other than that, I really really enjoy your long itinerary pieces, because I know that if I ever do go to one of these places, I’ve got a ready-made itinerary to work with, especially since they’re always so informative!”

So, you guys like the long itineraries hey? A few people mentioned those – like this one on Belize, two weeks in Vietnam and then three weeks in India. I’ll try and do more of them in the future, beasts that they are.

I was surprised to see a lot of love for my travel announcement posts – guess you need to know what’s coming up!

(Currently in the midst of three months in the USA and here’s my upcoming festival summer)

You also wanted more on costs, budget travelling tips and monthly round ups too. I’ll do my best.

– see How I’ve Afforded to Travel, in Short

You on my writing

What my readers think of me

How you write is so easy to read and possibly the best thing ever is that you don’t write the really, really obvious list posts that I keep seeing more and more lately, or in other words ones that just state the plan obvious/common sense.”

The absolute best part about doing this survey was that so many of you said that I was ‘authentic’, ‘relatable’ and ‘fun’ – honestly, if I was aspiring to three words to describe my blog, they’d be them, and you guys were the ones to say it.

“The colourful vibe, and it’s so fun – it’s like getting advice from your best mate who’s on that enviable RTW trip!”

I want to be totally transparent, realistic and honest here. That’s what all my favourite bloggers have in common and I’m glad that you guys picked up on that. Thanks!

You on what you want to see more of

Working on my laptop

Some of your answers to this question really made me laugh.

“More lolz and bants” // “YOUR FACE”

I’ve definitely been including a few more pics of moi in the last few weeks. Too much? 

“More listicles (they’re easy to read quickly on lunch breaks!)” // “More stories. I feel stories are your strong point!” // “Fashion”

All very interesting points, could I be a fashion blogger though? Not with my 15kg suitcase, maybe in the future… ?

You on why you really follow me


Seriously, when these answers were coming through in the first week I had the biggest smile on my face, and a twang in my heart.

The layout and colours are eyecatching and easy to read while the content is interesting, informative and not too wordy or formal.”

“It’s honest and includes plenty of anecdotes”

“The witty writing style – it’s a lot more humorous compared to the other blogs I read, and that’s what sets it apart.”

“Your passion”

Your favourite topics included my Travel Blogger High series, my five weeks in Japan (surprise, glad you liked it!), festivals, Vietnam and India. I’ve still got loads more to say on those destinations, no worries!

You on how I could improve


I had 2 or 3 comments saying the blog was a little cluttered and there were too many sections. I’ve changed the font since this was mentioned but all the sections? Well, that’s just my brain guys. My blog will never be one of those super clean over designed white wash types – that’s just not me.

Around 25% said ‘more videos’, so I’m on it. Do you follow me on Snapchat? I put up a video a day over there. If you’re not on that bandwagon yet I’ve just done a ‘Things to Do in New Orleans for $5 or Less’ video on YouTube. And videos on Bangkok and St Kitts are on their way.

Two people said ‘more travel” WTF? I’ve been travelling for two years non stop! Goes to show you can’t please everyone!

And someone told me to stop saying ‘FOMO’. But I’m a sufferer, I can’t help it. 

You on actually following my advice

Iceland road trip January

Your blog posts about Iceland convinced me that I needed to get my butt into gear. And also, having followed your blog for years, it was one of the very first blogs I ever read which inspired me to start blogging! So…go you! :)”

I went to Iceland!

“I followed your Travel Blogger High and pinned every single post and I am sure I’ve done some of those to my own blog. I DEFINITELY want to drive the PCH, go to Oktoberfest and Tomato festivals after reading about them on your site.”

“I have travelled to Vietnam, December 2015”

Overjoyed guys. I love that people actually listen and take action when I recommend somewhere. The comments section and the emails I get from my Two Weeks in Vietnam itinerary are among my proudest achievements. Hope I can keep the inspiration up.

You on what you like least

“Sometimes it’s a bit of a whirlwind and I can’t keep up with where you are and what you’re doing.”

– I hear you, my friend. I feel the same! I know I’ve been travelling super fast these last two years. I’ll chill, in October, possibly.

“For someone so good at video content – there isn’t enough of it!”

It’s coming!

You on my photography


Now this section gave me some interesting answers. I know I’m not a good photographer, I try, but I don’t have the patience to be honest.

Most of the answers were along these lines.

“I love how real you are about your travels and with your photos, they not all perfectly posed in front of that iconic sight. Reading your stories is like a friend telling you how it really was and going through their photos. We are not all pro photographers. You also capture in the moment pics that help to show you what it is really like not just that perfect photo. Don’t get me wrong I do love beautiful travel images but lets be honest so few of us ever capture those”

I’ve totally used all the positive feedback on how you like that mine aren’t as heavily edited as others as a license to not stress about getting the perfect shot. I agree that all those heavily edited images, are misrepresentative. I won’t go down that route.

You on where I should go next

travelling in India

South Korea, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles, US National Parks, Africa, Peru, Greenland, Derbyshire, India again, UK, the Arctic, Borneo, Nepal and Poland.

And someone wanted me to go speed dating abroad – very precise?!

I’d also like to go to all those places, maybe even the speed dating abroad, but in all honesty, Derbyshire and the UK in general are the only ones out of those I’ll be visiting this year. It’s Europe till 2017 after I’m done in the US (but not Poland).

You on just being lovely, brilliant readers

I Love You So Much

“I want to say thank you for all of your tips! I love your blog, please don’t stop ;-)”

“Everything you post radiates your personality and that’s what a lot of bloggers are missing nowadays. So basically, go anywhere — I’d read it all! :D”

Waaahhhhh, why you make me cry eh?

Agree with the comments? Disagree?

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed. Fingers crossed you’ll see some improvements on the blog over the next few weeks!

Elizabeth @ Rosalilium

Monday 16th of May 2016

My feedback:

You are rad. Keep it up.

Hope it helps! :-D x


Wednesday 18th of May 2016

Ah thank you Elizabeth! Definitely helps :)

Emily Ray

Monday 16th of May 2016

Nooo way, is that me Emily Ray?! If so, WOW, thank you so much :') I'd like to thank my mum, my cats.... (If this is a different Emily Ray, I'm going to look so stupid right now.)

Sounds like you've got some interesting food for thought to tidy you over with for the next few weeks/months! I did notice the new font, and absolutely love it! And I'm so pleased that so many others love your blog as much I do :D XX


Wednesday 18th of May 2016

Yeah! You're the only Emily Ray reader of my blog, I think! Congratulations :)

Thanks for all your helpful answers and your support. Enjoy your voucher!