What to Wear in Jordan: Your Ultimate Jordan Packing List

Wondering what to wear in Jordan? There are a few rules and regulations to make sure you’re respecting the country when it comes to how to dress in Jordan, but, there’s no need to worry. Having just visited, here’s my Jordan packing list for you.

What to Wear in Jordan

The Jordanian dress code isn’t as strict as other Middle East countries, in fact, it basically just comes down to keeping those legs covered and your shoulders too. Before I went to Jordan, I’d read you should keep your elbows covered too, but I wore tshirts and didn’t feel in the wrong at all.

Planning how to dress in Jordan is pretty easy. I visited Jordan in September – it was around 30C every day. I stuck with tshirts and hareem style trousers – it was fine. Thanks to the heat, the sand, and carrying a heavy toddler around every day, I definitely needed a fresh outfit a day though.

I ended up washing a few bits in the sink at our Amman accommodation at the end of our trip, and buying a new tshirt to travel home in from H&M too.

what to wear jordan

You definitely have options when you’re in Jordan, if you forget anything. Malls are a big thing over there, at least in Amman anyway. If you’re following the family-friendly Jordan itinerary I’ve set out for you, then you’ll end up in Amman and can pick up any bits you’ve forgotten or ran out of.

Clothing in Jordan is modest. Almost all the women I saw had their heads covered, and there were many in full Muslim dress. The tourists I saw ranged in dress – I did see some shorts and strappy tops, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s just not cool is such a religious country, especially if you’re visiting religious sites.

If you’re wondering what to wear for Petra, you can just wear the same as you would around the rest of the country – some light trousers, a tshirt and a hat would be perfect.

what to wear to the mosque

The only time during my week in Jordan that I really had to cover up was when we visited the King Abdullah I Mosque in Amman. We were given a gown to wear over our clothes, which wasn’t pleasant, and isn’t washed between uses. Just so you know. It wasn’t optional though.

The rest of the time, this Jordan packing list will see you through. Wondering what to wear in Jordan, read on…

Essentials for your Jordan packing list

Passport – you will need at least 6 months on your passport, and you’ll also need a visa. We got ours in with our Jordan Pass, which I’d definitely recommend you pick up. This covered us as adults, but I did have to buy a separate visa for my toddler son, who didn’t need the pass to get in attractions, but did need a visa. I could get this on entry, thankfully!

Cash – you’ll need cash in Jordan, it’s not card everywhere. You also need it for tips. Get some from the airport before you leave, or even before that. We got some from an ATM on the way to Petra, but it meant we didn’t have cash for tips in the Dead Sea, which wasn’t cool. Should’ve been more prepared there!

eSIM – I got a Jordan eSIM from Holafly. Worked perfectly, it was unlimited, and it meant I didn’t need to think about how much data I was using for the week. Perfect for phoning home, and looking up maps / news / social media. It was $27 for the week, and you can save $5 by ordering on this link.

Clothes to pack for Jordan

Swimwear – you’ll need this for pool hotels, and the Dead Sea. You can wear any swimwear. I had a swimsuit, but people were wearing bikinis, so up to you!

what to wear at the dead sea

Hareem trousers – I took two pairs of these, the perfect choice for a hot conservative country.

Tshirts – just a word of warning – I had to throw my white tshirts away, that red sand stains! Pack more than you think you need so you can change for the evening. Go for lightweight options, like these adidas tshirts.

Comfy trainers – I was debating whether I needed hiking shoes for Petra and I’m actually really glad I didn’t bother taking the bulk. I did Petra in my Vans slip ons. I was fine in these, BUT I didn’t go as far as others. I’d actually recommend taking some of those trainer hiking boots, with ankle support. There are a lot of steps, but it’s hot. You definitely need something sturdier than Vans slip ons if you’re going adventuring. I did about 4 hours in Petra, 15,000 steps, and carried a heavy toddler – I was fine in trainers. I took two pairs of trainers so I could mix up the pressure points on my feet as I knew we’d be walking a lot. I always find adidas trainers really comfy – make sure you break them in before you go.

Sliders or flipflops – great for pottering around the camp, and round the pool.

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Jeans – I’m a big fan of jeggings. Smarter than leggings, but comfy. Also, lightweight and don’t take up too much space. I wore these in Amman and was cool enough, and smart enough for the city too.

clothes for jordan

Kimono – I had a short beach kimono and a knee length one, and these were great to throw over jeans and a tshirt for the evening. Both warmer and smarter. And again, lightweight for both me and the suitcase.

female packing list jordan

Dresses – I did take my trusty tie-dye dress and wore it at the resort we were at in the Dead Sea. I was fine in this here, although wouldn’t have worn it anywhere else on our trip as it was just too much for local traditions. A nice dress like the one Emily has on in the photo above works well, light and floaty and respectful too. Perfect!

PJs – it was so hot I didn’t bother most nights, but nice to have some lightweight PJs if you’re with friends.

Underwear – don’t forget your socks, bras and knickers. Towards the end of the trip I found a non wired crop top bra I’d forgotten I’d packed and it was just a joy to wear after wearing wired bras in the heat. Treat yourself and do the same. As always, pack loadsa knickers to stay fresh!

Thin outer layer – you might want to pack a cardigan or light jacket for the evening. I never needed more than my kimono top, but depends when you’re going.

Electronics to pack for Jordan

Kindle – I took mine and didn’t read a word, but could be good for pool time / journeys / airports? Or a book.

walking in amman

Chargers – phones, kindles, cameras, laptops, tablets – you need all the chargers!

Adaptors – I also took a few adaptors but 90% of where we stayed had British 3-point plugs. I think in general, it’s a mix.

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What to pack for Jordan

Check out my guide to 7 days in Jordan so you know what to do and where to go!

Cosmetics – it was so sandy and / or salty in the Dead Sea area, Petra and Wadi Rum that I needed to wash and condition my hair every day, so pack some nourishing hair products. Also, moisturiser, your toothbrush and paste, deodorant and any other body and face products you need. From what I saw, the only sure place you can pick these things up was in Amman, at least the international brands anyway. The hotels had hair products in the shower, but I like mine extra fancy!

Reusable water bottle – you can drink the water in Jordan, but it’s saltier to taste. I only ever used it for cleaning my teeth, and drank bottled water for the week instead. Take a reusable bottle and you can decant from a big bottle during the day.

Jewellery – a little pair of earrings, a jazzy necklace, a fun bangle – all these things can really spice up a travel outfit.

clothes for jordan

Cross body bum bag – my absolute favourite item is a cross body bum bag. I wear mine all the time. It’s so good to have my phone, my money, a snack and tissues close to me at all times, for Reggie. I don’t need to worry about our day bag, as all my valuables and essentials are kept in here. I’d strongly recommend you get one of these whether you’re going to Jordan or not!

Watch – my watch was really useful in Jordan, although it seems to have died since. Need to get another one!

Headscarf – a great way to keep the hair out of your face in the heat.

Mistakes in packing for Jordan

For some reason I thought it was going to be a lot colder in the desert at night. I’d packed proper PJs for both my son and I, and had even debated bringing his sleeping bag. There was no need. I laid out in my shorts and top in my hammock and was absolutely fine. If you’re visiting in September, you can pack light!

What to wear in Jordan

clothes for jordan

I hope this list helps you with your packing for Jordan. If you’re taking young children, check out my packing list for toddlers, and my packing list for babies too. I spent a lot of time planning what to take to Jordan, and apart from picking up the aforementioned tshirt in H&M, I think I did pretty well in packing for Jordan for a female.

As always, just let me know if you have any questions at all.

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