How to Use RailAir With a Toddler: Woking to Heathrow T5 

Are you trying to get to Heathrow from the south, with a toddler? On our recent Jordan trip, we needed to go from Woking to Heathrow T5 for our early evening departure. We travelled by RailAir – a coach service from Woking Station to all the terminals of Heathrow. Here’s how to do it when you have a little one in tow.

RailAir Bus

I was travelling with my 20-month old son, Reggie. We’d already got the train from Fratton Station in Portsmouth to Woking – where he hadn’t slept even though I’d timed it perfectly (classic) – and we were ready for the next step. 

We’d timed it for the 13.22 Woking to Heathrow departure, and had our bags and pushchair ready to get on ASAP. Thankfully the driver took our bags and collapsed pushchair and placed them in the suitcase cabin himself, in order of departure at the other end. Lucky for us, Heathrow T5 was the first stop. 

With him taking care of the luggage, I could fully focus on getting my toddler on the bus and up the stairs.

We chose a seat a few rows back, although another passenger did offer us the front one as it had so much space. I knew from experience it was better to keep him slightly enclosed, for safety and a bit of peace.

On board RailAir

On board RailAir it was so quiet and comfy, Reggie finally fell asleep in my arms. This meant I had the 20 or so minutes to properly relax, knowing we were getting dropped off right outside the airport. I watched the storm outside, glad that we were on the bus safe and sound, and not driving, or queueing somewhere outside.

Bus with RailAir

On arrival, it was so swift, I left my travel buddy Emily on board watching over a sleeping Reggie while I was able to get all the bags off, and the pushchair set up. I could then transfer Reggie to the pushchair where he continued to sleep for an hour through check in.

It was perfect. 

We were dropped just outside Costa Coffee at Terminal 5 and it was just a short walk to get to Departures where we needed to be.

On return using RailAir

The return journey was just as easy. Thanks to our bags taking aaaaages to come through the carousel we missed our planned departure, but with RailAir, you can just get the next one. They’re every 20 minutes so it was a good opportunity to enjoy a familiar coffee (no more super strong Jordanian coffees!) at Costa, and recover from the flight, and recharge for the next stage.


It’s just a minute’s walk from the pick up spot so we were ready and waiting for the next one.

Again, the driver got our bags and pushchair on, and I could just get Reggie up the stairs. It was a quick trip to Woking Station and I was off, ready for my train.


Benefits of RailAir vs Train travel, in short

I enjoyed my RailAir experience to help us get to Jordan for a week – it was quick!

It was quiet both going and coming back. Much quieter than the doors and announcements of the train, enabling Reggie to sleep and me to relax. There weren’t many people on board, either way, meaning departures and arrivals were pretty speedy.

The service runs round the clock and once you have a ticket, you can just get on the next coach if you miss your planned one.

It only took 20 minutes from Woking to Heathrow T5 via RailAir. 

Tickets start from £9. 

At Woking Station, RailAir starts from the space just outside M&S. Perfect for road trip snacks / lunch / dinner / midnight snacks. 

It lands at Heathrow just by the Costa Coffee. This works perfectly if you just miss one, like we did. We could sit with a Flat White and regroup with ourselves for the rest of the journey. Reggie stood watching the lifts, having a lovely time. 

RailAir also operates from Guildford, Watford and Reading. 

There’s WI-Fi on board so if you don’t have a local SIM, you can get on the internet immediately and check onward travel, or social media, or news – whatever floats your boat.

You could park at Woking, and then grab the RailAir to avoid parking fees. 

If you’re travelling to Portsmouth, like I was, it drops you pretty much by the platform (Platform 5).

Get your tickets online, and to your app, to save time and hassle on the day. You just need to activate them and scan them when you’re on board.

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Routes with RailAir

RailAir 1 – Reading to Heathrow

  • Luxury, stress free travel
  • Up to every 30 minutes
  • Dropping you off right outside Terminals 2, 3 and 5

RailAir 2 – Woking/Guildford to Heathrow

  • Luxury, stress free travel
  • Up to every 30 minutes
  • Dropping you off right outside Terminals 2, 3 and 5

RailAir 3 – Watford to Heathrow

  • Brand new service (launches 23rd July 23)
  • Single fares start at £9
  • Children under 16 go free with adults
  • Dropping off at Terminals 2 & 3

Travelling with RailAir

RailAir is fast, convenient and comfortable, and a great way to arrive at the airport if you’re travelling with toddlers. It really did help the whole journey to arrive relaxed and comfortable ready for the next stage. Knowing that they’d call out Terminal 5, and that I could just sit back and enjoy the ride, really helped.

Also, having the help getting on and off was just invaluable.

Definitely recommend!

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