The 8 Best Hot Springs in Mexico

Mexico has some of the best hot springs in the world but finding them can be a trick if you’re not sure what to look for. As I found in my article on things you never knew about Mexico, asking a local can yield a myriad of replies, and none of them the right one. I loved my time at the springs at the Hierve el Agua Waterfalls, but even that was a surprise. Why do they only talk about the waterfall in the advertising, and not the incredible Mexico hot springs?

I’ve left Mexico now, but I miss it, so as a favour to you and to my future self I’ve compiled a list of 8 of the best Mexican hot springs to try and fit in to your trip.

1. Balneario Ojo Caliente

Mexico Hot Springs

Located in Aquascaliente State (which literally means “hot waters”) you’ll find three hot springs in total. They’re all open to the public. If you’re going playing in the hot springs of Mexico make sure you get some good travel insurance with HBF or similar, you want to be covered if anything went wrong!

Possessing amazing mineral content that soothes and replenishes, you’re sure to feel relaxed after a long hard day of doing nothing on your travels. Other cabanas reside nearby with more private pools if you don’t feel like fighting the crowds. There’s also a restaurant with a bar attached for a drink afterwards.

2. Balneario de Valladolid

This hot spring is in more of a countryside type setting. The spring (pool) itself is set right into the middle of the ground which is surrounded by some of the most beautiful, lush, green grass that apparently feels like carpet when you exit. There’s some big trees for shade too. There’s no food near here so make sure to bring along a picnic to enjoy by the water.

3. Hacienda Toboada

Mexico Hot Springs

This is so much more than just an excellent hot spring. A resort property has been constructed around the spring offering rooms with covered patios or balconies. The 15-acre complex is beautifully landscaped and the hot spring pool itself apparently has the exact composition of minerals found in the world renowned Baden-Baden hot spring of Germany. Locals will tell you a dip in the pool will stop ageing. What could be finer than rolling back a few years while you soak? The best part… 24 hour access.

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4. Ixtapan

This area of Mexico contains several hot springs that have long been thought to cure various types of diseases and other ailments. You’ll find three great hot springs here: Balneario Municipal, Balneario Neuvo Ixtapan and just plain old Balneario, which is actually the largest. The last one has covered lounging areas, a covered mineral pool and music is pumped through the speakers. Classical statues adorn the meticulously sculpted green scape areas and it’s absolutely beautiful!

5. Tequisquiapan

The name of this town actually means ‘river with carbonated water’. Tradition holds that during Indian times the chiefs of local tribes would come to the water and settle disputes and various other arguments there. It was a place where business was conducted so tempers could remain calm. Fast forward and now a wonderful complex has transformed the hot spring into a nice resort. Boasting 110 rooms arranged around the spring, they’re all complemented beautifully with courtyards and gardens. The springs have been divided into four separate pools with varying degrees of temperature. As a bonus, if you get hungry there are a few restaurants and bars on-site. Find out more about Tequisquiapan on

6. Tecotzautla

Mexico Hot Springs

If you’re touring Mexico just for the hot springs, then you need to make time in your itinerary for this one. There’s a Gyser on site that is known for spouting water which is diverted into pools close by. The pools are said to have wonderful relaxation properties and give added health benefits as well. The only trouble with this one is that there are no hotels nearby so you should probably just plan on this one being a day trip. However, because of its lack of amenities, the area tends to be less crowded most of the time. It’s definitely a good one if you’re after a bit of solitude.

7. Aqua Hedionda

The last two on the list are found in the state of Morelo. Aqua Hedionda has the honour of being the largest in Mexico. It’s equal to the size of six Olympic pools and contains waterfalls, hydropools, and water slides. The warm water is produced by volcanoes that reside nearby. The pool has a high concentration of Chlorosulfates and is radioactive as well. The cost for a dip is $2 and it is known to help affect a myriad of diseases. Those who have nervous disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, stomach ailments, and circulation problems have seen improved results after taking a few dips here.

8. Termas de Atotonilco

This hot spring has healing properties also but is known to be a bit less radioactive. The fact that it is less radioactive tends to leave people a bit more at ease about the whole affair. Termas de Atotonilco is more park like in nature with the pools being located at one end. The cost to take a dip is a measly $3 a day and one of the pools are even deep enough to dive into! Nearby is a restaurant that has great food making it the perfect way to cap off the whole experience.

And that’s all I’ve got. Grab your beach towel, swimmers and of course flip flops, then get ready to soak up some rays while you soothe your skin and ease your mind. Hot springs in Mexico are the perfect luxury spa experience for a fraction of the price. I know what I’ll be doing on my next trip to Mexico!


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