19 Best Festival Gifts for Festival Lovers in 2024

Are you looking for festival gifts for the festival lover in your life? Here are the best festival themed presents for Christmases, birthdays, or just to celebrate.

I thought I’d put together a list of potential present ideas for festival lovers, like me, to make present buying just that little bit easier.

january festival

Buy your Glastonbury, EXIT, Latitude or any other amazing festival-loving friend any of the below, and they’re sure to love you forever, or at least return the favour with an awesome festival gift tailored to you when the time comes around.

My personal favourite festival gift idea would have to be number 19, imagine buying a whole load of them for your mates for Glasto next year. You’d definitely stand out!

The Best Festival Gifts

If we come to the end and you have any other ideas for gifts for festival goers, do let me know in the comments below. We’ve got to help each other out here – being thoughtful can be hard!

VickyFlipFlop Victorious Festival

Festival gift ideas: Looking for a gift for the festival goer in your life? I’ve got you covered with festival gifts for her, and festival gifts for him, too…


How about buying MY BOOK as a gift for the festival lover in your life?

Celebrate! is a celebration of some of the many festivals around the world. Given that I’ve been to 61 different festivals in 22 separate countries it features many of my favourites – like Dia de los MuertosLas Fallas, SXSW and Glastonbury – plus a few that I’ve learned so much about, but am waiting to experience. 

See how much my dad and my niece are enjoying it? That could be you!

festivals book

Covering all kinds of festivals from religious, to music, to food, sports and national holidays, it’s a great book if you’re looking to spice up your travels in the future. You can buy Celebrate: The Greatest Festivals around the World here, now!

And check out more of the best books about festivals here!

1. I’d Rather Be at Glasto Mug

The fact that you have to sign up for Glastonbury nine months before it actually happens means you have quite the run up to prepare. And what better way than letting everyone know where your true love lies?

Great gift for festival lovers who hate their job, this Glasto mug, £7.99.

Check out the latest price on Amazon right now. 

2. Funky leggings for festivals

Try these festival gifts for the festival loving male, or female, in your life. Leggings are a big thing at festivals – especially these mermaid ones. They’re easy to wear, great in the sun and rain, and don’t weigh much or take up much space in your festival backpack either.

These are my favourites, but click through to the mermaid leggings on Amazon and you’ll see a whole load of different colours for sale. 

3. Tent finder as a festival gift

I know for a fact that someone found my blog last year by typing ‘How to find your tent at Glastonbury’ into Google, while the festival was actually on. I could see them come into my site using the search term – hope they managed to find it!

There used to be an actual tent finder product, but it seems to have disappeared. The more modern way of finding your tent at a festival, would be to leave a Tile, or an Air Tag in it. That way you can use your phone to find it ay the end of the day.


If the festival lover in your life is a bit of a liability, this makes for a great present. This is the kinda festival gift I need. I’m a nightmare for losing things at festivals. I should probably take my own advice and get one of these!


5. Hooded blanket

This is one of the best festival gift ideas I’ve seen. It’s a hooded blanket with fleece inner layer – imagine this round the campfire! 

There’s two different sizes for kids and adults, with the idea that it won’t drag on the floor as you walk around. A hooded blanket makes it so much easier to carry and keep a hold of. There are also a few different colours and patterns to choose from, to suit your taste. Have a look on Amazon for the different designs

And when your festival friend isn’t at the festival, it’s a great choice for watching TV, chilling at home, and snuggling in. 

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6. The Ultimate Festival Kit Essentials

This is the perfect choice for any potential first-time festivalgoers out there. Filled with 18 essentials including dry shampoo, sweets, light sticks and eye masks the festival lover in your life will appreciate the hours you’ve saved them in shopping with this bag of treats.

This Ultimate Festival Kit was created by experienced festivalgoers to save you time and money. It’s one of the best gifts for festival lovers money can buy.

The perfect gift.


7. Bumbags all round!

Bumbags are an absolute festival essential. So much so, I wrote an entire post on bumbags at festivals. There are some really cool ones to choose from on Amazon, but the one above is pretty slick. 

best festival backpacks

Prices for decent bumbags on Amazon start at around £6.99.

8. Shmangle blanket for festivals

Presents for festival lovers

Ooo it looks sooo cosy.

This Shmangle Festival Blanket is the perfect festival attire for the later eve when the cold has started to set in. Imagine slinging this over your shoulders to go and watch the final act?!

Be the one who owns it, not the cold person next to them suffering from a case of the Green Eyed Monster. So yeah, maybe you should buy one for yourself, as well as your mate.


9. Rain boots for festivals

The things is with festivals, and especially those in England, you need to be prepared for all weathers. Don’t buy Hunters, that’s what 90% of the other festival goers will be sporting and you’ll just be yet another hunter gatherer.

No, be the exception to the rule of fitting in and go for the craziest welly boots you can find.

I’ve never seen anyone wearing these jelly wellies – could be a reason for that – but it’s more likely because no one so far has been cool enough to pull them off. It’s down to your friend, and your chosen festival gift.


10. The Festival film

Ok, so I haven’t actually seen The Festival yet, but if it’s anything like The Inbetweeners it’s going to be hilarious. I love that show.

If you’re looking for good festival gifts to buy your partner / brother / sister / friend then this is a great shout for something to do and watch on Christmas Day.

As it says, “time to go mad in a field’ or at least, in your lounge.


11. The Official Glastonbury book

A ROUGH TRADE BOOK OF THE YEAR: ‘In-depth and inspiring’
‘Beautifully compiled … the perfect festival experience’ THE SUNDAY TIMES

festival gift ideas

The father and daughter duo behind Glastonbury Festival, Micheal and Emily Eavis, have compiled this book to celebrate 50 years of Glastonbury Festival. Together they go through the history of the festival, with celebrity friends contributing their stories and memories too.

I’d love this for Christmas, and it’d make the perfect gift for festival goers this year. 

Glastonbury 50: The Official Story of Glastonbury Festival starts from £12.94 on Amazon.

12. Portable chargers for festivals

Gifts for festival lovers

What do you do when your mobile phone runs out at a festival? Cry? Try and harness some solar energy with a little mirror and a prayer? Or just rub the battery hoping to warm it up a bit? Chances are your festival loving friend does all of the above.

I have this exact portable charger and it’s awesome. I take so many videos and photos that my phone runs out in no time so I carry this little beaut around with me and there’s a good two days of charge in there. Just remember to charge the charger before you go – yep, that’s been me before.

Buy a few phone chargers for festivals and you could set up a little shop at the festival – don’t say I don’t support young enterprise.


13. Collapsible pint glass

The amount of wasted plastic you’ll see at a festival is actually criminal.

Many festivals do have schemes where you can pick up a few glasses and earn yourself a drink, I saw it working really well at Dour Festival, but at many others you’ll see the ground covered in cups.

If you buy one of these collapsible beer cups you can go some way to helping the problem and reducing your carbon footprint. Buy them for your mates and you can save the world together.


Take a look at the collapsible pint glasses on Amazon now. 

14. Where’s My Tent? tee

presents for festival lovers

Who doesn’t love a comedy tee at a festival hey?

This diamond in the rough is sure to get your friend some more friends. As one of the more unusual festival gifts on this list, you just know that people will start a conversation, that you’ll make people smile, and that some people will just be totally confused.


Check out the Where’s My Tent tee on Amazon. 

15. Ear plugs for your keyring 

These well packed little Senner ear plugs could save your festival going friends’ hearing. They’re the best way to keep the sound quality of the music with the patented SennerAcousticPro membrane filters. They promise there’s no dull blocking like with foam material plugs.

ear plugs for festivals

They’ve been carefully designed to be discreet and can be easily removed too. They’re hypoallergenic and come in a durable aluminium box too. Great for carrying around at festivals! 

Do your mate a favour and give them a useful festival gift this year. You can read more about the best ear plugs for festivals here.

Prices start from £21.99 on Amazon

16. Festival Top Trumps

Yay, I loved Top Trumps as a kid and was very happy to find this Festival Top Trumps on my quest for the best festival themed presents.

great festival gifts

You can get yourself all excited and worked up for festival season by cracking out a game of cards.

I do actually really want this game, in fact… yep, purchased.


Check out the latest price for the Festival Top Trumps game on Amazon.

17. Neon paint

If you haven’t covered your face and body in neon paint at a festival you haven’t lived – and your festival loving friend will agree.

presents for festivals

When I went to EXIT festival I had a few tubes of this and the crowd literally couldn’t get enough of me – I actually had a queue of people waiting for me to decorate their faces. For the next few days walking round the festival people were saying hi to me and I had no idea who they were.

Oh, fun times.

A bit of neon paint makes for the perfect festival present – a great stocking filler.

Click to check out all the neon paint options on Amazon right now, starting from just £1.99. 

18. Travel John disposable urinal

presents for festival lovers

It might all just seem like a good laugh when your mate opens this Travel John as a present for Secret Santa, but this little invention is an absolute lifesaver when your pal can’t brave another festival toilet. I swear these saved my life in the torturous storms of Latitude 2011.

You just pee in the bag and the magic stuff in there turns your wee to crystals. Not actual crystals, don’t go thinking you’ll piss yourself a chandelier or anything.

Then you simply chuck the bag away.


Check out the latest prices for Travel Johns and TRAVEL JANES on Amazon right now. 

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19. Rain ponchos

Rain rain go away, and stay away please, we’re at a festival.

festival gifts

If it does not obey, at least your beloved will have this rainbow poncho in their pocket ready to whip out at a moment’s notice. These are among the coolest rain ponchos I’ve seen.


Check out the full selection of festival rain wear on Amazon.

Festival gifts for your friends

If you’re looking for festival gift ideas and memorable presents for the festival goer in your life, I hope I’ve given you some ideas and inspiration.

Saturday at Victorious Festival

And if you’re still stuck for ideas for gifts for festival lovers, take a look at these packing list posts and accessory posts and I’m sure you’ll find something to buy them! 

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