Nearly Christmas! So I thought I’d put together a list of potential present ideas for festival lovers, like me, to make present buying for birthdays and Christmas just that little bit easier.

Buy your Glastonbury, EXIT, Field Day or any other amazing festival-loving friend any of the below, and they’re sure to love you forever, or at least return the favour with an awesome gift tailored to you when the time comes around. My personal favourite would have to be number 14, imagine buying a whole load of them for your mates for Glasto next year. Wouldn’t you look like the coolest people at the fest?

1. Tent finder

SOLD OUT: Try the Tile instead. You can attach it to anything, and so find anything via the app. Amazing!

Check this one out for a practical treat. I know for a fact that someone found my blog last year by typing ‘How to find your tent at Glastonbury’ into Google, while the festival was actually on. This tent finder gift idea is for that person. You carry the remote control around with you and after a few too many drinks and not enough active braincells you can flick the switch and the other end will light up in your tent – giving you a guiding light to follow back to your sleeping bag. Genius.


2. The Ultimate Festival Kit for Girls

A perfect choice for any potential first time festival goers out there. Filled with 19 essentials including dry shampoo, sweets, light sticks and eye masks your festival-loving niece / sister / girlfriend will appreciate the hours you’ve saved her in Superdrug with this bag of treats. The Ultimate Festival Kit for Girls was created by experienced festival goers to save you time and money. Perfect gift.


3. Shmangle blanket

Presents for festival lovers

Ooo it looks so cosy. This Shmangle Festival Blanket be perfect festival attire for the later eve when the cold has started to set in. Imagine slinging this over your shoulders to go and watch the final act?! Be the one who owns it, not the cold person next to them suffering from a case of the Green Eyed Monster.


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4. Rain boots

The things is with festivals, and especially those in England, you need to be prepared for all weathers. Don’t buy Hunters, that’s what 90% of the other festival goers will be sporting and you’ll just be yet another hunter gatherer. No, be the exception to the rule of fitting in and go for the craziest welly boots you can find. I’ve never seen anyone wearing these jelly wellies – could be a reason for that – but it’s more likely because no one so far has been cool enough to pull them off. It’s down to you my friend.


5. Festival feet

Alternatively, if you’re one of those people who just can’t live without your converse. These are the protective shoe covers for you, from Festival Feet.


6. Portable chargers

What do you do when your mobile phone runs out? Cry? Try and harness some solar energy with a little mirror and a prayer? Or just rub the battery hoping to warm it up a bit? I have this exact portable charger and it’s awesome. I take so many videos and photos that my phone runs out in no time. I carry this little beaut around with me and there’s a good two days of charge in there. Just remember to charge it before you go. Buy a few and you could set up a little shop at the festival – don’t say I don’t support young enterprise.


7. Collapsable pint glass

The amount of wasted plastic you’ll see at a festival is actually criminal. Many festivals do have schemes where you can pick up a few glasses and earn yourself a drink, I saw it working really well at Dour Festival in 2013, but at many others you’ll see the ground covered in cups. If you buy one of these collapsable beer cups you can go some way to helping the problem and reducing your carbon footprint. Buy them for your mates and you can save the world together.


8. Dude, Where’s My Tent? tee

Who doesn’t love a comedy tee at a festival hey? This diamond in the rough is sure to get people chatting to you, and smiling as you go round to give you that warm, fuzzy, festival feeling.


9. Festival top trumps

Yay, I loved Top Trumps as a kid and was very happy to find this on my quest for the best festival themed presents. For just £5.99 you can get yourself all excited and worked up for festival season by cracking out a game of cards. I do actually really want this game, in fact… yep, purchased.


10. Neon paint

If you haven’t covered your face and body in neon paint at a festival you haven’t lived. When I went to EXIT festival I had a few tubes of this and the crowd literally couldn’t get enough of me – I actually had a queue of people waiting for me to decorate their faces. For the next few days walking round the festival people were saying hi to me and I had no idea who they were. Oh, fun times.


11. Travel John disposable urinal

Hey it might seem like a laugh when you open this Travel John on Christmas Day or your 21st birthday, but this little invention will be your lifesaver when you can’t brave another festival toilet. You just pee in the bag and the magic stuff in there turns your wee to crystals. Not actual crystals, don’t go thinking you’ll piss yourself a chandelier or anything. Then you simply chuck the bag away.


12. Arcade ponchos

Rain rain go away, and stay away please, I’m at a festival. If it does not obey, at least you have this arcade poncho in your pocket ready to whip out at a moment’s notice. These are among the coolest I’ve seen. And I stand by my opener – you and your friends will look awesome in these.


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