6 Boat Accessories That Will Make Your Boat Trip More Pleasant

When taking your boat trip, you want to get the most from it, don’t you? Besides donning a great personality, you also need a couple of accessories. The accessories that you need for a great boat trip include: 

1. Storage box

As much as you want to enjoy the freedom of the water, the unfortunate thing about boating is that you will have to make do with a small amount of space. 

Unlike your house, there is often less room to move on board. On top of that, so many things need to be on board to make the trip safe and comfortable. 

You need binoculars, navigation maps, gear, sailing clothes, dinnerware, wine glasses, and more. 

To avoid having all these items strewn around the boat, you need a box to store them. Thankfully, there are many types of storage boxes in the market you can go for. 

When making the purchase, pay close attention to the box size and ensure that the storage box is the right size for your boat. To choose the right size, consider the amount of storage space you need and the available space on your boat.

You also should pay attention to the material used in making the boxes. Storage boxes can be made from plastic, fiberglass, or metal. You should consider the material’s durability, weight, and resistance to the elements to make your choice. 

It goes without saying that your storage box should be waterproof to protect your belongings from water damage.

2. Boat clips

If you have been making boat trips for some time, you must have found yourself in a situation where you need to fix something on board, such as a GPS device, iPad, a small buoy, or a solar panel. 

You should get yourself boat clips to have an easy time having your devices in place. The beauty of boat clips is that they are easy to use, as all you need to do is to fix your accessory through the screw and fix it on the counter plate. 

You can install it directly on the clip and close the ends around the accessory through the screws. 

When buying the clips or clamps, get high-quality ones that will last a long time without needing replacement. 

3. Holding tank

Chances are you will be out with the boat for hours and can’t go this long without taking a bathroom break, can you? 

To ensure you are comfortable, you should get a holding tank to store the waste from the marine toilet until you can properly dispose of it onshore. 

When buying the tank, ensure it’s the right size for the number of people using the bathroom and the duration of your trips. A larger tank will require less frequent emptying but also takes up more space on your boat.

The capacity of the tank is another factor to consider. Make sure the tank’s capacity meets your needs. A good rule of thumb is to have a capacity of at least 3-4 gallons per person per day. 

While you should ensure that the tank isn’t too big that it takes up all the space, it also shouldn’t be too small that it starts stinking after a few uses, or you are forced to keep coming onshore to empty it. 

4. Footrest

If your boat is too big and your legs dangle awkwardly while you drive, consider getting a footrest so that you are more comfortable onboard. 

The footrest allows you to put your feet up for more support and stability, ensuring you are comfortable and enjoy your trip.  

When making the purchase, consider the footrest’s angle and the surface’s texture.

For maximum stability, ensure the footrest is stable and won’t move around during use. As a rule, go for models with non-slip or anti-skid features.

When it comes to style, choose a footrest that matches the overall aesthetic of your boat.

Since you are after comfort, get a footrest such as this one: https://www.boatoutfitters.com/custom-folding-footrest, which provides maximum support and comfort for your feet. 

5. Comfort seats

How can you be comfortable when you don’t have comfortable boat seats?

When getting these seats, ensure they are light so you can easily move them around and use them in different areas on the boat. Light seats also don’t put much weight on the boat preventing your vessel from being too heavy. 

Waves are unavoidable on the water. To ensure that you don’t lose your seat in the event it’s kicked out of the boat, ensure that it’s floatable. This way, you can be sure that it will float even when it gets in the water, making it easy to recover. 

Of course, the seat should be waterproof to protect the inner material giving you all the comfort you need. 

6. Horseshoe life vest

From its name, this is a life vest that looks like a horseshoe. Like any other life vest, it’s designed to keep your head and neck above water in the event of an emergency, such as falling overboard while boating.

The horseshoe shape makes the life vest easy to wear around the neck, with the two ends resting on your chest and back. This design helps to keep you afloat and upright in the water, with the head and neck fully supported.

To be comfortable even when overboard, ensure the life vest has adjustable straps for a good fit. The vest should also be lightweight and shouldn’t restrict your movement.

When purchasing, pay close attention to the vest’s buoyancy ratings. For peace of mind, ensure the vest has a buoyancy of at least 147 N. 

The vest also should be brightly colored or have reflective tape. This makes it easier for rescuers to locate you in the water.

It also doesn’t hurt if the vest comes with a whistle and a light, which you can use to signal.

Remember that you shouldn’t wear a life vest when you see the danger. You should have it on at all times. After all, you don’t know when an emergency will strike, do you? 

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