5 Top Destinations to Visit by Boat in 2024

If you’re looking for the best destinations to visit by boat this year, then let me take you through some of my favourite spots along the coast in Europe to moor up at.

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Get ready to set sail and discover the top destinations to visit by boat. If you’re craving sun-drenched beaches, jaw-dropping coastlines, and the allure of fresh sea air, then you’re in for a treat.

These extraordinary destinations are tailor-made for unforgettable boat adventures, where the waves become your guide and the horizon stretches endlessly before you. So, grab your sunglasses, slip into your comfiest boat shoes, and let’s embark on a thrilling seafaring escapade that will make 2024 a year to remember.

Here are my top destinations that you absolutely must visit by boat.

Top Destinations to Visit by Boat

Here are some of the best places IN THE WORLD to see by boat.

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1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Famed for its rugged cliffs, colourful villages, and mouthwatering cuisine, the Amalfi Coast is a sailor’s dream. Dock your boat in the enchanting town of Positano, where pastel-coloured buildings seem to defy gravity gripping onto the edge.

Wander onto land and you can savour a plate of linguini alle vongole (clam pasta) while gazing out at the stunning coastline. There are many great places to visit up and down the Amalfi Coast with a sailboat rental, but sipping limoncello in Positano is a good place to start!

2. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

The ancient port towns, scenic cliffs, and turquoise waters along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast make for a stunning place to visit by boat.

Sights to see in Croatia

Sail into Dubrovnik, ‘King’s Landing’ of ‘Game of Thrones’ fame, and get lost in its medieval charm. Island-hop from Hvar to Vis, stopping along the way to bask in the sun, sip local wines, and dive into the pristine Adriatic Sea. This Mediterranean gem is a sailor’s paradise, so rent a boat in Croatia to really make the most of it!

3. Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Prepare to set sail through a mesmerising maze of islands, islets, and skerries in the Stockholm Archipelago. Discover a mix of picturesque villages, pristine wilderness, and Nordic culture as you navigate this Scandinavian wonderland.

Stockholm in the summer

“The Stockholm archipelago of 30,000 islands, skerries and rocks fans out 80km east from the city, into the Baltic Sea.”

– Visit Sweden

Fjäderholmarna, Vaxholm and Grinda are all less than 30 minutes from Stockholm, and make for great stop off points to enjoy from a boat. You can either charter your own and cruise around, or do a day trip with a ready made team looking after you.

Warm up with some Swedish meatballs and snap a photo of the iconic Vaxholm Fortress along the way!

4. Mykonos, Greece

Known for its vibrant nightlife, Mykonos is the perfect party paradise for any boat lovers with a penchant for a party!

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Drop anchor and dive into the electrifying clubs, bars, and beach parties that go on until dawn. Although Mykonos isn’t all about parties – explore its charming narrow streets, shop for local crafts, and savour delicious Greek cuisine while you’re there.

I spent two days in Mykonos and loved cruising around on my quad bike, and exploring the Old Town too. Mykonos makes for a great starting point if you want to go Greek island hopping while you’re there.

5. Ibiza, Spain

Ah, Ibiza, the world-famous Balearic Island that needs no introduction. Sail into this sun-kissed paradise and surrender yourself to the rhythms of electronic music that fill the air. Dance until sunrise at legendary nightclubs, frolic on golden beaches by day, and explore the island’s hidden coves and stunning cliffs. Ibiza is a true mecca for party animals, beach lovers, and those seeking an unforgettable summer getaway.

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It’s also great for families. Ibiza was one of the first places I took Reggie to. Given that it’s an island, it’s also one of the best places to visit by boat. I’d recommend popping into Formentera next door, too. Only 30 minutes away by boat!

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Where to go by boat

Remember, fellow seafarers, these destinations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to incredible boat adventures in 2024. Whether you’re captivated by exotic islands, historical coastlines, or pulsating nightlife, there’s so much to see and explore in Europe.

I hope these suggestions have given you some inspiration for your boat adventures this year. Let me know which one you choose!

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