18 Best Campervan Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

Your campervan accessories can pretty much make or break your camping experience. Do you want to be cosy and happy or cluelessly fawning your way through the experience. Read on for option A!

accessories for a campervan

Whether you’re camping with a small van or a massive RV, who you’re camping with and the content of the van is what really matters. I’ve found you some great campervan accessories for camping to help make your campervan adventure just that little bit easier.

And while there is some essential campervan equipment you mustn’t leave without, there are also other cool campervan accessories that’ll make your camping experience as memorable as possible.

weekend in the mendip hills

For instance, you’ll most certainly need a bed and blanket, a gas cooker, cutleries, and lamps. But those are just basics, the barest necessities. In this article, I’ve compiled some of the absolute best accessories for your campervan, for a little bit of luxury. The fun campervan must haves, if you want a luxury trip.

I’ve also included the best of some essentials and a couple of tips from experienced campers. Some are things to buy for your campervan, while some are apps you could easily download for free! 

The Best Campervan Accessories 

Irrespective of where your next journey with your campervan will be, there are tons of fun campervan accessories for camping that can come in handy. But it’s always best to stick with the essentials alone, even if you have enough space in your campervan.

Here’s a list of the best accessories for your campervan:

1. Thermal insulation blinds 

Thermal insulation blinds are used to block the lights from your van at night. Whether your lights are on to read, cook, or even the light from your TV/PC screen, you’ll want to have some privacy. 

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The thermal insulation blind is placed on your windshield and the van windows to prevent anyone from seeing what you’re doing inside the van.

But that’s not all they do; they are also regulate the temperature in your campervan. So, even when the lights are off, you can use them when the weather is rubbish, like on my recent campervan trip to Wales. Definitely one of the campervan must haves if you’re campervanning in England.

They come in various sizes, so check your van model and make before ordering.

2. Campervan awning 

A lot of campers might not consider a campervan awning as one of the essential VW campervan accessories. And that’s because you don’t always need one if your van is reliable under any weather condition. But they provide excellent shelter from rain and the sun while extending your living space in the process. 

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It’s not only useful during the day, but at night too. You can sit under it at night with fairy lights from outside, your favorite music playing from the speaker, and a glass of wine/ cold beer in hand.    

3. Wireless speakers 

What’s a good road trip without music in the background?

Yes, campervans come with stereos, but what happens when you aren’t driving or when you’re outside the van?

How do you enjoy your playlists when you’re away from the van?

One of the best campervan accessories or motorhome essentials you can get, is some wireless speakers.

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Wireless speakers are great when you’re relaxing outside, preparing dinner, or just parked up. With it, you can avoid draining your van’s battery. It is the best campervan accessory for music enthusiasts. 

4. Reversing camera for your campervan

Whether large or small, Reversing a van is not an easy job, even for a skillful driver. And hitting your rear against something isn’t much fun. A reversing camera is one of the essential campervan accessories for an easier life on the road. There’s basically no other way to tell what’s behind you when you have to reverse.

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However, it takes some technical knowledge to install a reversing camera, so if you aren’t confident around electrical gadgets, it’s best to get a motor electrician to have it installed for you. Definitely one of the best VW campervan accessories if you’re unsure about parking the beast!

5. Safe for your camper van

One of the biggest fears camper van owners have is someone breaking into their van while they are away. When you’re on a trip, you’ll most likely have some valuables with you like your wallet, smartphone, tablet, laptop, keys, and a lot more lying around in the van. These are the items anyone who breaks into your van would steal first. So, why not invest in a safe?

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Getting a top-quality safe for your camping trips should be on your essentials list. With your valuables safely locked away, you’ll have much less to worry about when you leave your campervan. A safe is definitely one of the best things to buy for your campervan.

6. Outdoor camping chairs and table 

Your campervan accessories list is incomplete without an outdoor table and a couple of chairs to enjoy your evenings outside. While chairs and a table might seem like too much load for smaller campervans, camping chairs and tables are foldable. And there are ranges of options to suit any budget. 

great campervan accessories

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You can get basic camping stools or some luxury camping chairs. You can get budget-friendly camping furniture at a local outdoor outlet store. Also, it’s always best to go for a table with an adjustable height for more flexibility in your setup. 

7. Tent for a camper van

Except your van is big enough for you to move around, you might consider not getting a separate tent. If your campervan is smaller and living steeping outside the van is the only way you can stand straight, you’ll want to bring a tent along with you on your next camping trip.

great campervan accessories

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A pop-up tent that’s tall enough to allow you to stand up inside it is the perfect lounge. And it provides a good deal of shelter from the weather outside. It can also serve as an extra bedroom for visitors. You can check out the best waterproof tents here.

This is a great idea for a campervan hack – just gives you that little bit extra space!

8. Campervan electronic mosquito swatter

An electronic mosquito swatter is one of the essential accessories for your campervan, especially if you’ll camping in an area with midges and mosquitos. Camping in the summer evenings without this device can make life quite uncomfortable. 

accessories for campervans

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If incense and insect repellent don’t cut it, an electronic mosquito swatter is an answer. The device looks like a tennis racket, but it comes with a stunning 4000-volt electric shock. Any tiny critter that makes the slightest contact with it will be zapped away. Before you sleep, you can gently wave the device in the air to enjoy a bug-free night. 

9. Collapsible solar lantern 

Whenever you chose to sit out in the evening, you’ll need a solar lantern, and the best option is a collapsible one as one of the best campervan accessories. Collapsible solar lanterns will take less space in your campervan, and you can charge them during the day.

great campervan accessories

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You can place it on your dashboard when the sun is out while you drive, so there’s no additional drain on your leisure battery. Definitely one of the most useful motorhome essentials you can buy.

10. Water bottle with a filter

You can’t always trust the water source where you’re camping, so it’s always safe to get a water bottle with a filter system. Even if you choose to come with your own gallons of water, you can still bring this handy device in case you run out of water in your home on wheels. 

accessories for a camper van

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They are sold as a complete water bottle, but they also come with straw only option too. A steripen is another fantastic alternative too. The device is a handheld UV water cleaner, and it zaps impurities of about 8000 liters. 

11. Camp stove toast maker 

With a camp stove toast maker, you can always enjoy some toast whenever you want. This campervan equipment will make your camping experience comfortable and organised. 

what to buy for a campervan

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Get the fold-up toast maker, place it on your camping stove or gas hob to toast your bread as you fancy it. It is handy, efficient, and one of the best campervan accessories for your meals.

12. Goal Zero Yeti

Even if your campervan is wired and fused to have a robust electrical system, a goal zero yeti can still come in super handy. However, this campervan equipment is particularly great for campers whose vans don’t have much electrical supply, asides from the van’s main battery.

Goal Zero Yeti

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This is one of the best campervan accessories that provides portable power on the road for you to charge your smartphones, laptops, and camera batteries anytime. All you have to do is plug it in while you drive to store up power. You can as well get a solar panel for campers for more power.  

READ MORE: Review of the Jackery Solar Powered Charger

13. Campervan hammock 

Who goes camping without a hammock? Whether it’s summertime or not, spending an afternoon catching up on some of your favourite reads or simply napping in the outside breeze cannot be better enjoyed without a hammock. It’s the ultimate chilling camper equipment, and a must have motorhome accessory.

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If swaying side to side under a tree shed sounds to you like a great way to relax, you’ll want to add a hammock to your list of things to buy for your campervan. Hammocks aren’t only compact; they are also super easy to stow away. You can set it up between close poles or trees. And you can use them just about anywhere, be it in the woodlands or by the beach. 

Relaxing on a hammock is the typical holiday vibe, and if your van is large enough, you can set up one inside to enjoy the side-by-side swing anytime you want.

14. Rechargeable portable shower 

Whether or not you’ll need a campervan shower depends on how you decide to camp. Will you choose a campsite or will you wild camp? With a rechargeable portable shower, which is great for both indoor and outdoor showers, you’re good to go. 

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You can use it with a flexible silicone bucket to make a quick campervan shower. This rechargeable portable shower comes with a filtration system, meaning that the system reuses the same water. This system helps save water since it can be hard to get some when you’re wild camping. 

15. Campervan satellite navigator 

A GPS or a campervan sat nav is very important in your trip. Even if you enjoy traveling old school with a paper map, a GPS makes navigation much easier for your van life. It is especially important for areas you’re unfamiliar with.

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Smartphones provide a wide variety of map-related apps, but getting a map-dedicated device will be a lot better for your phone’s battery. Some campers might prefer to ‘go in blind’ to discover sites off the path. But if you want to know where you are at all times, it’s best to stick with a map you can rely on.

16. Inverter

Inverters are definitely on the list of essential campervan accessories for camping you should carry along. They transform your 12V vehicle power supply and convert it into about 110/240V to allow you to charge items like your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and camera battery.

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Also, keep in mind that your specific electronic requirements will always determine the type of inverter you should order! However, expensive inverter models will deliver better results.

17. Head flashlight / torch 

It’s always worthwhile to have a head torch for your trip! You can get a standard flashlight too, but head torches keep your hands free your hands up, making it much more convenient to carry on with other camping activities.

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This is one of those must have camper van accessories, whether you need to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night or cooking after sundown, you’ll be thankful you brought a head torch along!

18. Fairy lights

You might choose not to add fairy lights to the essential things to buy for your campervan. But then keep in mind how much difference they can make in your time in the van – the beauty and the experience!

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The low lighting creates a chilled-out vibe while creating enough light for you to read when it is dark. You can do away with some battery-operated fairy lights – such as the Twinkle Starlights. These would make a great gift for the campervan lover in your life, and make for some great motorhome accessories.

5 tips for the best campervan holiday 

To enjoy a great camping experience, it’s not enough to get the best VW campervan accessories; you should also consider your campsite location, among other things.

campervan accessories

1. Carefully choose your campsite location

This is a common mistake for campers – camping isn’t always about spending time out in the woods, especially for areas you aren’t familiar with. For safety and comfort, it is best to spend time choosing your camping location.

2. Maintain a routine 

Maintaining a loose routine will make your camping experience less daunting, especially if you’re not camping alone. It keeps everything in order, and you don’t spend most of your time fixing something instead of doing what you’re outdoors for – relaxing.

3. Bring a first aid kit along

Any form of accident or injury might occur during your camping, so what do you do when you are miles away from any hospital? Go with a well-stocked first-aid kit, whether or not you’re traveling with someone or not. 

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4. Make a shaded area close to your campervan

When you are choosing a spot for your camp, go for an uninhabited area around your campervan. You can use your awning to relax in the shaded region. If you’re hiring a VW campervan, this is a great idea.

5. Go with enough games

This is particularly important if you’re going to camp with someone or in a group. Go with games like dartboards, drafts, scrabble, chess, and a light so you can see what you’re doing!

I’ve listed some great road trip games here, and some of the best board games for travel here.

How to stay organised in a campervan

If you want your campervan to look ‘showroom’ tidy, then you need a campervan interior with cupboards and shelves. If your camper does not have this, then think of other storage solutions. There are lots of different options on Amazon for your motorhome accessories.

– Eye level is the best place to store things in your camper and out of direct sun light. This way, if you’re looking for something, you can find it easily, and it doesn’t get damaged by the sun.

camper van accessories

– Your campervan interior should be easy to clean. Have some baby wipes and floor wipes on hand for emergencies.

If your camper van is not already well organised, then hopefully these campervan organisation tips will help you. Think about the motorhome accessories you need for these…

#1 Keep your campervan interior tidy. This is key to campervan organisation and partly makes a camper feel bigger. Keeping everything in its place will help make sure that the campervan is clean – it’s easier to keep tidy with less stuff, so minimise what you take with you.

#2 Campers are designed to be lightweight and portable, so campervan cabinets will take some hard knocks. Everything inside should be camper van fit for purpose furniture – including campervan storage boxes and campervan kitchen cupboards. Keep this in mind when you’re preparing your packing list, and your camper van accessories.

#3 Organise your campervan kitchen. This includes campervan cooking utensils, campervan cookware and campervan plates and cutlery. Consider everything you’ll need to make the most of your campervan kitchen – including camper van tablecloth and camper van trolley. Everything should have a place and you know exactly where it is.

The best camper van accessories

accessories for the campervan

As you can tell by this list of cool campervan accessories – there are a lot of things you could buy for your campervan to make your van life experience better. Pick your favourites and see how you go!

Not enough? Want MORE campervan gadgets? Click that link!


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