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8 of the Coolest Things to Do in Cape Town

I went to Cape Town for five days in September and packed loads in to my limited time. In short, I would absolutely and definitely recommend you go there, in long, here are 9 awesome reasons why anyone a bit cool would love the Cape Town scene…

1. Sample wine at Constantia Winery

The Constantia Winery in Cape Town is a beautiful drive from The Grand Daddy Hotel where I stayed on Long Street. Although the huge grounds are easily reached using the City Sightseeing bus network. On arrival I was taken on a tour of the winery – from the grape picking to the huge barrels – and to top it off I sampled six of the delicious produce. I went away with a bottle of Cape Port, although I would’ve taken a lot more if it’d fit in my suitcase!

Awesome things to do in Cape Town

2. Go shopping on Long Street

The vintage shopping here are amazing. I wasn’t ready for them and didn’t expect it, but I went to look around the Green Market – full of the usual wooden animals, ethnic bags and crazy jewellery you find in Africa – and decided to look what was happening on the main street. What I found were more beautiful vintagey bags, shoes, dresses and tops than I knew what to do with.

Awesome things to do in Cape Town

I only had an hour spare in my fun Cape Town itinerary though, so I had to be quick. This was definitely for the best as I somehow managed to buy a jumper, a top, two pairs of shoes and a dress. Not bad work for 60 minutes.

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3. Dance and eat meat at Mzoli’s

Mzoli’s was fascinating. I loved it from the second I set eyes on it. It’s grimy, dirty and awesome. It reminded me of the Below parties in Birmingham, or Urban Guerilla in Sheffield, except with meat. It’s crazy cheap, the owners are super entrepreneurial and is a definite must on any Cape Town itinerary. Loved it so much that I even made a little video on how to do Mzolis here.

Things to do in Cape Town

4. Tour the townships

Cape Town’s townships are fascinating. The history is sad and divided, but I was assured there is progress. I took a taxi tour around the area of Langly. Black people live in the shanty towns, milling around with dead sheep’s heads and poverty. Onto the next town and it’s the ‘coloureds’ as they’re known there, I could never get used to that word, but it’s the widely understood name for people of mixed race. And then when you see the nice houses you’ve found the white people.

Things to do in Cape Town

It’s shocking that it’s still so divided and accepted. There are a huge amount of things happening to make the situation better, but it does still exist so go, open your eyes, get to know the people at the visitor’s centres and educate yourself.

5. Enjoy some home cooking in Bo Kaap

Bo Kaap is the Malay Quarter of Cape Town. It’s set on the slopes of Signal Hill and is a colourful area with what are now highly sought after houses. The multicoloured dwellings on the cobbled streets are a huge draw for tourists, but there are ways you can get to look inside them too.

Things to do in Cape Town

I joined a home cooking food tour with Zainie. She opens up her home to make lunch for lucky visitors and give them a bit of insight into her life and the local area. The 12 of us sat in her little garden while her and her family fed us up, the food was delicious and the service awesome. Definitely more fun and more insightful than any ‘restaurant’ could claim to be.

6. See a gig at Kirstenbosch Gardens

Kirstenbosch Gardens is an awesome thing to do in Cape Town as it is, but add to that the fact that they play host to more than a few worldwide music acts every year for the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts and that is one awesome night out. Check out the site for the latest gigs, but in the past they’ve hosted Bastille, Art Garfunkel and… Daniel Bedingfield. Love it.

Things to do in Cape Town

The gardens are huge, lush and surrounded by Table Mountain: I couldn’t think of a better place to enjoy a gig. If you fancy going when the gigs aren’t on, you can enjoy the animals, the butterflies and the restaurant in the centre, where I devoured this delicious beast…

Things to do in Cape Town

7. Take a helicopter ride

Yes, it may be over £100 for 30 minutes, but a helicopter ride over Cape Town is worth every penny. Thanks to the bird’s eye view you can understand the lay of the land better, and see how the city connects together. You can also see how awesome it would be to hire a car and drive the path around the mountain, one day that’ll be me for sure.

Things to do in Cape Town

8. Eat at Victoria and Albert Quay

Wherever  there’s a food market you’ll find happy, smiling faces, and that’s what greeted me at the Victoria and Albert Quay. I got a photo with Nelson Mandela, then ventured into the food hall to make the most of the free samples, before settling on the frozen yogurt with fudge topping and passionfruit sauce.

Things to do in Cape Town


Friday 31st of October 2014

Hi Vicky

Cool blog. Like the name. Tells me a lot ;-)

And a very nice article. I have never been to Mzoli’s but MUST go. Our clients would love the place but I can recommend it only when I have been.

Have fun



Saturday 1st of November 2014

Hey Johan, thank you! I loved that place and think about it quite a lot actually – you need to go :)


Friday 25th of October 2013

I enjoyed yopur post, I intend to visit in the next few months and you have given me some good suggestions.


Friday 1st of November 2013

Great news! Hope you have an awesome time – sure you will!