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Curve Card Review: How Good is it for Travel?

Looking for a better way to manage your finances abroad? Here’s my Curve Card review to introduce you to one of the latest bank account disruptors out there.

I’ve recently signed up to the Curve card to see how good it is for travelling. I’m sold on the description and USPs but I’m going to take it to Canada next week and put it through its paces abroad. First though, I wanted to take you through the reasons why I think it’s so great.

I got the card, got the app, and within days I was ready to go. Have a read and if you sign up using my link, you can save £5 on your first transaction.

Sign up for a Curve card here and you’ll earn £5!

Curve card review

How is the Curve Card different? 

With the Curve Card you can add all your cards to the app – including debit cards, credit cards and loyalty cards – and then you can select the card you want to use within the app. You can also select a Plan B card to prevent you having the low key embarrassment of your card not working in the shop. 

The Curve Card is like a hub for all your spending. 

If, you’re like me, and have about four debit accounts, a few credit agreements knocking about, and a Tesco Clubcard to keep track of, the Curve Card is a great idea to stay in control. 

It’s not another account, or another income and outgoing to stay on top of – the Curve Card is designed to help you stay on top of all your other accounts. 

How does the Curve Card work? 

There are three different types of Curve Card. You can choose the one you want within the app, and it’ll be sent to you in a few days. Then you can click to activate in the app, and you’re good to go! 

Let me take you through the selections though.

  • Curve Blue is free.
  • Curve Black is £9.99 per month.
  • Curve Metal is £14.99 per month.

All you then need to do is to add all your debit cards, credit cards and loyalty cards within the app. From there you can use your actual Curve Card to pay, or connect your Curve Card to your phone and pay using Google Pay (my fave), Apple Pay,  or Samsung Pay.

It’s even possible to change which card you wanted to use up to 90 days after the transaction!

Curve card and travel

Benefits of using a Curve Card 

You only have one card to carry with you 

I’m terrible for leaving cards around the house, based on where I was working or last spending online. With the Curve Card you can just keep track of the one, and then organise it from your phone – and you always know where that is. 

This is a GREAT card to have in addition to all your other cards when you travel, as it gives you a second option to keep in a safe place. Or, you can primarily use the Curve knowing all the info is stored on your phone. 

You can also lock it from the app, which is fab if you happen to lose it on your travels. 

No need to top it up 

As long as you have money in one of your (many?) accounts, you’ll be able to use your Curve Card. You don’t have to top it up in any way, just keep it connected. 

Curve travels

Up to £600 of FREE withdrawals abroad 

Obviously there are free ATM withdrawals and POS taps in the UK, but one of the greatest things about the Curve Card is that there’s also free ATM withdrawals abroad. The fee-free withdrawal amounts depend on the Curve Card you go for. 

  • The free Classic Curve Card = £200 a month to withdraw abroad with no fees. 
  • The Curve Black = £400 a month to withdraw abroad with no fees. 
  • The Curve Metal = £600 a month to withdraw abroad with no fees. 

Spending phone alerts 

Nowadays I feel it’s essential to have an account that alerts you when money is spent on the card. It’s just reassuring to know that transactions went through, or didn’t. 

When you’re abroad the notifications will be in the local currency, and your home currency, making staying organised while travelling even easier. Getting alerts mean you can check what prices went through, too. 

You’ll get real time transaction alerts, and you can get receipts through too. Great if you’re self employed and need to keep a track of your spending, like me. 


You can get upto 1% cashback at selected retailers when you use your Curve card. You can check all the retailers here, but some of the top ones I use include Tesco, Amazon, ASOS, and Might as well! 

Travel insurance is included in the top tier cards

Getting free travel insurance with your Curve Card is a dream! This could save you a fortune. 

Sign up for the Curve Black or Curve Metal and you’ll get free AXA travel insurance for as long as you have a valid card. Your details should be emailed right away!

Laptops and cameras are covered (up to £800) if anything should happen. 

The Curve Card is such a good banking card for travel, and there’s more! 

Sign up for a Curve card here and you’ll earn £5!

You can split your payments with Curve Flex

Sign up for Curve Flex and if you’ve paid for something in the last year, Flex will let you split up the payment into instalments – useful if you’re paying for expensive hotels, flights and packages when travelling! You can sign up to the Curve Flex waitlist here.

sign up to curve vickyflipflop

More travel benefits of the Curve Card 

  • Mobile phone insurance.
  • LoungeKey airport lounge access – enter any participating LoungeKey airport lounge for the fixed fee of £20.
  • Rental car collision waver insurance – Curve Metal also comes with Rental Car Collision Waiver Insurance. This can cost as much as £20 a day when you’re abroad, so you can really save some cash here!
  • Greater security against loss – you’ll have Curve Customer Protection up to £100,000.

Signing up to Curve Card 

Sounds weird to say but the metal Curve cards are so nice. Having a metal banking card just feels that little bit extra, y’know? Always fun to get out in the shops and leave the till staff wondering if I’m some kinda baller, picking up my weekly shop in Lidl. Gotta get those little bits of luxury where you can!

So, which Curve card will you choose? 

  • Curve Blue is free.
  • Curve Black is £9.99 per month with an upgraded offering.
  • Curve Metal is £14.99 per month.

Sign up for a Curve card here and you’ll earn £5!