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How to Manifest Something by Writing it Down (in 4 Steps)

Let’s look into how to manifest something by writing it down. Sometimes it’s not enough to just say it out loud, we also need to write our manifestations where we can see them.

Manifest Something by Writing it Down

The words you use have great power especially when you write them down – no matter whether you are writing your desires, goals, or whatever comes to your mind. By writing down your desires you put powerful energy into them, and therefore, the best way to manifest anything is to write it down.

What are manifestations?

Manifestation is a technique that is based on the law of attraction in which you set your intentions to bring any of your desires or achieve any of your goals into your reality by giving your focus and attention on its outcome and feeling it in a way as you have already achieved it.

Before you manifest anything into your life it is crucial that you have complete in it and as you begin to manifest your desires you must remain optimistic about it and let the law of attraction work for you.

There are many other powerful practices that are associated with manifestations and play a very important role in it such as gratitude, creative visualisation, journalling, and meditation. These practices can help you boost the manifestation of your desire by adding more energy to it. 

And if you work out how to manifest something by writing it down, you can add even more energy to the statement. I want to teach you how to manifest by writing.

About the Law of Manifestation

The Law of Manifestation states that you create your own reality through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. When you think about anything you want and consistently give your attention to it, you begin to generate a powerful feeling of it that aligns you with the frequency of your desire which ultimately activates the law of attraction that manifests your desire into your life through people, events, and circumstances. 

In manifestation, your thoughts and feelings are not the only ways to manifest your desire but along these, you also need to take action. Without actions, the manifestation is not possible.

And learning how to manifest something by writing it down can really help with this.

How to manifest by writing

If you want to manifest your desires faster one of the easiest and effective ways is writing them down.

Writing your desire is similar to scripting or journalling. Here’s how to manifest on paper.

In this method, you describe your desire by writing it down in detail so that you can easily connect yourself with the frequency of your desire in order to manifest it quickly. Following are the steps below to manifest your desire by writing it down:

Step 1: Choose your desire specifically 

The first step is about choosing a specific desire that you want to manifest. You may have a list of your desires so choose any one of them that you are really excited about manifesting. Once you’ve chosen a specific desire, get a notebook or a journal and write down your desire and also write why you want to manifest it. 

Step 2: Elaborate your desire

The second step is to elaborate on your desire in detail. Write about why you want that desire to manifest and how would you feel like having your desire with you, make it more vivid and detailed in your writing as this will help you generate powerful emotions.

For example, your desire is to have a new life partner so write down how it would feel having a new life partner and where are you going with him/her/them, just write everything in the present tense as you already have it. You can also write it as a detailed story of your desire and as you write it allowing the feelings and emotions to come. 

Step 3: Imagine your desire by practicing creative visualisation

Now, in the third step of how to manifest by writing, imagine your desire by practicing creative visualisation.

Once you’ve written down the detail of your desire, close your eyes and imagine yourself already having your desire and focus on it consistently. Where you are now? And how your desire looks like?

Focus and notice everything in your imagination and see the visual images of your desire vividly in your mind. And truly believe that what you are imagining is real and is happening right now, this will help you to get truly aligned with your desire energetically. 

Step 4: Trust and let the universe work for your desire

After practicing creative visualisation of your desire, now in the final step, you must trust in the process and let the universe work for your desire to manifest it into your reality. Surrender your desire, thoughts, and feeling to the universe and it will deliver your desire at the perfect timing. If any sort of doubt comes into your mind simply observe it and let it go don’t take any action against it just relax. 

Remember, after working on this method, try your best to maintain your feelings and keep yourself aligned with your desire. You can practice your vibrational alignment with your desire by reading back what you have written to keep yourself in that vibrational state of your desire until your desire manifests. 

To further add more power to your manifestation you can practice gratitude by saying ‘Thank You’ to the universe at the end of the practice.

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How to write manifestations

There are many ways of writing manifestations but the thing that matters most is with which method you feel better. Manifestation is all about feeling good, if any method feels good to you then use that for manifestation.

If you don’t know how to write manifestations, the following are the key guides below that will help you to write manifestations. Everything you need to know how to manifest on paper.

1. Clearly decide what you want to manifest, choose any one of your desires to manifest. 

2. Write down your desire and explain why you want to manifest your desire and how you would feel when your desire will manifest in detail, always use present tense when writing down the manifestations.

3. As you are writing down your desire, allow the feelings and emotions to be generated within you and make a strong connection with your desire. 

4. Now, surrender your desire to the universe and let the universe manifest your desire faster and easily. Keep maintaining your vibration until your desire manifests. 

Writing manifestation examples

Following are some written manifestation examples:

“I am so much happy being a wealthy person and I can easily buy the things I want every day. I am magnetised with money, and I have been creating all the money I want faster and I am free to use it everywhere I go. I can feel the flow of abundance every time and be wealthy is my precious gift given by the universe.”

“I am destined and born to be successful in my life and I truly believe that I can easily achieve whatever the goal I set in. I am the creator of my life, I love to live my life with purpose and therefore, my life right now is truly a blessing and is abundant in all aspects. I always get what I wish for and the universe is very friendly and helps me every time. Thank You”

“I am very happy to buy my dream house for me and my family. This beautiful house has everything I want and I feel great while living in my new house. Everything in my house is shining very bright including its tiles, furniture, color, and walls. I am now living a wonderful life with my family in my new house.”

Take these writing manifestations and create your own using the steps laid out in this article.

How to write a manifestation list

The main purpose of writing a manifestation list is to maintain your emotions and feelings that come out with your desires so that keep yourself aligned with what you are manifesting.

You can also list down all of your desires and connect with each of your desires one by one. A manifestation list is similar to journaling your desires as mentioned above.

Following are key steps to write a manifestation list:

  1. First, you need to get yourself completely relaxed and think about all of your desires that you want to manifest one by one.

2. Write down each desire on a piece of paper or a notebook in the present tense as they begin to appear in your mind one by one. For example, “I feel wonderful after buying a new car” or “I am glad that I have more than enough money to buy the things I want”. 

3. Elaborate on each of your desires in detail if possible to generate strong feelings and be clear and specific for each desire.

4. Now, feel as you have already manifested each of your desires and feel the joy within.

5. Trust the universe and be optimistic and allow the law of attraction to do its work.

6. Have patience and you will be manifested sooner. 

How to manifest something by writing it down

I hope this has shown you how to manifest something by writing it down, and given you the steps you need to take to successfully manifest what you need. Learning how to manifest on paper is definitely something you learn by doing. So give it a try!