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Exploring Lopesan Hotels

When searching for a holiday, you either love it or you hate it. The biggest issue when browsing is the sheer number of sites and not knowing which direction to go in. Package holidays, city breaks, nature spots… it seems as though there’s too much choice and specialisation.

This is where Lopesan Hotels makes things a little easier. With an ethos of catering to even the most demanding of clients, there’s pretty much just about every ‘genre’ of hotel holiday on there. Yet, whether you’re going to the Alps or the Canaries, you’re still using a Lopesan Group’s hotel, so you know what you’re going to get.

This keeps things simple – you browse and browse in one place to see if something springs out at you. And, if you’re a regular user of such hotels, you feel much more relaxed when booking the next holiday, as even if it’s in a new place the level of service will remain the same.

Who are Lopesan Hotels?

Lopesan Hotel Group is a hotel chain based on Gran Canaria (Spain). With its earliest activity in public works projects in the 70s, the company has evolved into a multinational hotel firm with over 4,000 highly trained employees. Today, despite being based in Gran Canaria, Lopesan Hotels are found in three different continents of the world – all of which sustain a high-end service with universal standards.

Within the company Lopesan Hotel, there are six sub-brands of hotels: Abora by Lopesan Hotels, Corallium by Lopesan Hotels, Lopesan Hotels & Resorts, The Lopesan Collection Hotels, Kumara by Lopesan Hotels and IFA Hotels & Resorts. However, regardless of which you opt for, there will be free Wi-Fi, early breakfasts, babysitting services, minibar, etc..

Abora by Lopesan Hotels

A good example of this is the Abora by Lopesan Hotels. These are generally four-star hotels that all have a similar style of building and swimming pool area. Abora Hotels are mainly focused on families but all types of hosts are welcome. These hotels are settle in the main touristic areas of Gran Canaria.

Taking the Abora Catarina by Lopesan Hotels  as an example, the hotel has some rooms that are adults only and all are fitted with satellite TV, a private balcony, free WiFi, and many other amenities like a swimming pool.

Privacy and luxury

If you’re looking to up the ante on your privacy and luxury, it’s The Lopesan Collection Hotels has you covered. The Eden Beach Resort & Spa, a Lopesan Collection Hotel  over in Thailand is a 5-star establishment that has incredible amounts of private space. For example, some rooms come with not just private balconies, but their own swimming areas on the doorstep of the rooms. Although there is a large shared pool, it’s possible to have a more private area to relax in. 

Final Word

Getting to know a single hotel brand has a broad range of benefits, and Lopesan Hotel Group puts forward a good argument that it should be them. Providing you want to stay in a Canary Island(Spain), Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Germany, or Austria, then there are a broad range of 4 and 5-star hotels that offer a very consistent and high standard of service.