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Phwoooarrr, Check Out the Food at Sziget Festival!

The food at Sziget Festival was something else. I’m more used to ‘meat’ burgers and soggy chips but Sziget had laid on a right feast for us!

Food at Sziget

There were so many options throughout the site that so long as you weren’t going between 6-8pm you could be guaranteed to get right in there.

I can honestly say that the spread at Sziget Festival was the best I’ve ever seen. There were a range of prices too – you could get a slice of pizza for 500HUF (1.25) and a kebab for the same.

Food at Sziget Festival

The best Sziget food

One of the best things I ate during the whole 11 days I spent in Budapest was one of these chicken kebabs from the food of Transylvania stall. There was definitely enough for two there and I did end up sharing with my friends. It also cost a tenner, but just look at all that juicy meat. That’s the kind of protein you need to make it through a festival.

Food at Sziget Festival

There were huge slabs of meat everywhere – look at these sausages! There’s no way you could go hungry at Sziget.

Food at Sziget Festival

The stalls were dotted around the site and there was also an International Food Village serving up the best cuisine from all over the place. You could get a plate absolutely stacked with paella, or my friend tried one of the Indian dishes complete with naan bread and rice.

Food at Sziget Festival

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The size of the food at Sziget was insane. Need a burger the size of your head, or a sausage to feed a family of four? You’ve found the place…

Food at Sziget

Food at Sziget

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Healthy option

You could also get pastas with different toppings, trays of fruit (never seen that at a festival before!), a range of local delights and a sweet crepe to top it all off. Jack Daniels had a whole area at Sziget and were cooking JD-inspired dishes, which sadly I never got to try.

And a bakery! I’ve genuinely always thought that’s what festival food in England lacks, a good old cheapo bakery.

Food at Sziget

Food at Sziget

Over the week I had the Transylvanian chicken mentioned above, a gyros kebab, a slice of pizza, a go on Mike and Michelle’s burger and sausage, pretzels, and a falafel wrap. Each dish was the finest of its cuisine, and I needed the energy.

Food at Sziget Festival

Well impressed with the menu Sziget. Best festival food I’ve ever had!

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Sziget Festival food

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Monday 8th of September 2014

Always wanted to go to Sziget and if there's anything to convince me to go, it's usually to do with food. Quite the spread!


Wednesday 10th of September 2014

Yeah, it was amazing! Lots more Sziget posts to come...