Super Quick Guide to Things to Do in Skiathos, Greece

Right, this is going to be a super quick guide to the best things to do in Skiathos. I’d strongly recommend you just chill out and see where your holiday takes you, but it can help you to have a few pointers to get you going.

And if you’re visiting Skiathos as part of an island hopping trip, like I did, then I’ve pretty much planned your few days for you.

Go me.

Best Things to Do in Skiathos

Here’s everything you need to know about what to do in Skiathos. If you’re going on holiday to Skiathos, you probably just want to chill out and relax on a beautiful beach, but, by day four, you might want to take a look at the best things to do in Skiathos. I’m here for you!

Things to do in Skiathos


Things to do in skiathos

My absolute favourite thing to do in Skiathos is to go to the Open Air Cinema and watch Mamma Mia. We’d been on the Mamma Mia tour in Skopelos and so it was just the perfect end to our Grecian trip, as it was showing for the first time of the season on our last night.

We had a few glasses of Prosecco, a bag of Maltesers and just laughed, danced and sang our way through the film. So much fun watching it with everyone dancing around, and they even had a few surprise guests, but I won’t spoil that for you.

If you go to Skiathos on holidays, you absolutely have to go to the open-air cinema. Loved it!

Where to eat in Skiathos

We had an amazing meal at the Princess Hotel in Skiathos. You don’t even need to be staying there to enjoy the facilities, so go for a visit and indulge at the restaurant. Those desserts, YES.

And you get to chill on the beach after.

You should also check out the BBQ night at the Skiathos Palace Resort (where I stayed). Again, you don’t have to be staying there, but if you are it comes in the all inclusive. The pig had been on the spit roast all day, the moussaka delicious and the range of dips, amazing. All the food was so tasty here, and you get to look out over these views.

Oh and Lo&La in Skiathos Town. It’s Italian but it’s delicious and they serve HUGE portions.

Yep yep!

When you ask anyone ‘what to do in Skiathos’ – eating is usually the answer. So, make the most of it. If you’re wondering what to order, then I have a whole blog post on what to eat n Greece – try something new!

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Where to drink in Skiathos

Skiathos in the sun

Rock n Roll Bar in town is fun. It’s built into the steps that go up to Lo&La and just makes for a great spot for people watching. I tried three cocktails – all huge, all super sugary. Oh, I did have that JD and coke just before I left too.

Got to watch that free pour in Greece. 

Taking photos in Skiathos

Top spot in Skiathos

Check out this little spot we found at the end of the main walkway in town, just by Marilyn’s. You can climb up and get yourself a little pic – we hadn’t quite mastered the oh so casual pose by this point. There are so many super photogenic streets in town too. You just need to get there early to avoid the crowds if you’re going in peak time.

Driving in Skiathos

Things to do in skiathos

On of the best things to do in Skiathos is to hire a jeep for the day and drive between Skiathos Town and the beaches.

We went to Vromolimnos and Koukanaries, before finally finding our favourite at Agia Eleni. With a swing, a little taverna – where we had tzatziki and souvlaki to share – and a bar with bean bags and loungers it was everything I wanted.

Fully enjoyed my little snooze there.

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Where to stay in Skiathos

Skiathos Palace Hotel
Things to do in skiathos

We stayed at the Skiathos Palace Hotel, which is the oldest hotel in Skiathos. They’ve combined the antique (well 50 years) features with a modern look – all coloured sofas and slick lighting – and it works for me.

Stay here and you’re right by Koukanaries beach. I stayed in a sea view room with the view above. There’s a great spread for breakfast, a pretty pool, a nice bar outside and in and sun loungers all round. Gotta get there early to get one though – our fellow travellers’ towels were out by 8am, guarding their spots.

Nice rooms, good showers and friendly staff. No complaints!

Things to do Skiathos

If I were to go to Skiathos again though, I’d stay at The Atrium Hotel. I thought it was beautiful.

We met the owner, whose architect parents had designed the place years ago. Now it’s a favourite for weddings and anyone who likes a more serene hotel experience. All muted tones, it’s built into a monastery. Some of the rooms have private pools or Jacuzzis and there’s a larger pool on top, looking out with the sea in view.

You can stay at either if you travel to Skiathos with Olympic Holidays, I’d just fancy the change next time.

Where to go in Skiathos

Skiathos things to do

The streets of downtown Skiathos are an absolute treasure trove. There’s the usual souvenir tat, of course. Can’t beat a comedy postcard and bracelet you know will only last three days. But there are also some really beautiful shops – Jayne bought this kimono, I would’ve bought sandals (if I was feeling a bit richer) and there was so much unique and stunning jewellery.

Definitely need to go back with a bigger budget.

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Fun things to do in Skiathos

Things to do Skiathos

Check out the Tennis Club for one of the more unique things to do in Skiathos.

I had a 90-minute lesson from Dick, which was brilliant. I’d forgotten that I even liked tennis and he bought it all back, no pressure. You could have a lesson first thing, while it’s still cool, break for coffee and then chill by the Tennis Club pool all afternoon. Anyone can visit, and you’ve got the added benefit that it’s just by Skiathos Town – totally walkable.

I bet when you were Googling ‘what to do in Skiathos’ you didn’t think a tennis lesson would come up!

Interesting fact about Skiathos

Things to do Skiathos

Skiathos airport runway is one of the only ones in the world where you can stand right underneath it. We were in our little jeep, following the crowd and not really thinking about it when the plane swooped in what felt like just a few feet above our heads, rocking the car and causing a whirlwind around us. Genuinely thought we were going to get sucked up in it.

What a buzz! The adrenaline!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics as I was too busy driving responsibly :).

The airport is so small you can go out again once you’ve checked your luggage in, although I wouldn’t recommend the restaurant just outside where we ended up. If you’ve hired a car keep it and go somewhere in town. Just make sure you get back an hour before!

Quick guide to Skiathos

guide to things to do in skiathos

And that’s a wrap for my super quick guide to Skiathos.

I’d definitely go again, just to explore more of the beaches and try a few more tavernas too. So basically eat and sleep for a week – yep, that’s kind of my dream holiday right now.

Skiathos is a great stop off on an island hopping tour, or you could stay for an infinite amount of time to really chill out!

I went island hopping courtesy of Olympic Holidays for a week and had a great time. All thoughts are my own, obviously.

Visiting Skiathos

More things to do in Skiathos

I recently posted this article on Facebook, in a few Skiathos loving groups. I asked:

‘What’s your favourite thing to do in Skiathos?’

These were a few of my favourite answers.

“We love hiking up into the hills and seeing the wonderful scenery in Skiathos. Also going to the beaches and into town to eat at some of the lovely restaurants and tavernas.”

skiathos things to do

Relax and chill out and do as much or as little as we want to do. Try to visit beaches tavernas etc that we haven’t been to before. Love catching up with our Greek friends and people that we have met on previous holidays in Skiathos.”


Going to the windmill restaurant near the airport in Skiathos, having a beer and watching the aircraft coming in to land, brilliant.”

skiathos what to do

Bus from town to Koukanries Beach, 2-3 hours at the quiet end swim and sun. Fast water taxi back to town, what a experience! Then Fresh Cafe for a few ice cold Mythos and followed with probably the best Stifado in Skiathos.”


Rent a boat for the day from Stefanos Ski School in Skiathos. Sunset at Agia Eleni beach. Get blasted by planes taking off and last but deffo not least plenty of late nights at Danny and Zoe’s Blind Dog.”


Have you seen my video from Skopelos?

Skopelos is so close to Skiathos, it’s easy to visit on the ferry if you go island hopping in Greece. Skopelos is also known as Mamma Mia Island, as it’s where the blockbuster was shot. Take the tour, like Jayne and I did!


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