14 Coolest Gadgets for Campervan Holidays (or Camping!)

I love a good campervan trip. Here are a few of the coolest gadgets for campervan holidays to make your road trip adventure even more fun. They also work for camping trips too.

Gadgets for the campervan

What I love most about campervan trips is that you can do it however you like – there are no rules on a campervan holiday. Whether you’re out by the lake, cruising down motorways, driving the coast, or camping in the woods, you’re guaranteed a unique adventure.

To make your trip even more fun, bring along some extra gadgets for the campervan experience.

From LED lights to tree tents, I’ve picked out several of the coolest gadgets for campervan fun to make your adventure even more special. Sometimes it’s about getting creative to get that #vanlife ambiance you want.

14 Fun Gadgets for Campervan Holidays

Check out these fun gadgets for campervan holidays to heighten your temporary van life experience. Over the last few years I’ve been on campervan holidays in the UK, in Somerset, Derbyshire and Wales, and would’ve loved these campervan gadgets!

Gadgets campervan

1. EcoFlow River Portable Power Station

When you’re out in your campervan the last thing you want to worry about is whether you have enough charge on your camera equipment / phone / sat nav / speakers. The EcoFlow River Portable Power Station is perfect for when you’re on the move and want the reassurance of plenty of charge for your devices.

You can plug three USBs into this, a car charger, a USC lead and two three point plugs too – enough to charge everything a family or group of friends could need!

There’s also a torch on it so you can see what you’re plugging in in the evening. You can charge your EcoFlow up at home in just over an hour and it’ll charge your devices for hours. It’s super useful to have in the back of your campervan, or car for camping trips. If you’re going to a festival where you camp near the cars, like at Coachella, then it would be brilliant for that. At 5kg it’d be too much to carry round Glastonbury, but smaller festivals and it’d be a godsend for the campsite!

Anyone on a long camping road trip will also LOVE this.

And you can also run mini fridges, travel kettles and coffee makers too. Definitely one of the most useful gadgets for campervan trips!

Prices start from £379 – check out Hampshire Generators for more details on the awesome EcoFlow Power Station!

2. Hanging Play Tent: Kids Edition

Reading nook, giant swing, resting pod and cozy tent – this hanging pod seat for kids is the perfect campervan accessory for keeping any little ones occupied. All you need is a sturdy branch to mount the pod swing chair.

Gadgets for campervan

Designed for kids aged 3 years and up, it can safely bear up to 200kg of weight, so you can join the kids in it, or let them play alone. It’s exactly what you need when you can’t keep your eyes on them 24/7. Simply set up the detachable tent cover so that the screen door and window offers water proofing, shade and good ventilation. 

One of the best gadgets for campervan holidays if you have kids – keeps them entertained!

3. GPS Campervan Tracker

The PAJ GPS Tracker is another great way to keep your campervan safe. It’s known as the ‘most trusted tracking device in the world’. It can inform the live location and speed of the car to get the status of your car security anytime and anywhere. PAJ devices can be installed straight from the box by the owner itself.

The Finder portal is the gateway to monitor the movements once you have installed the tracker in the car. It’s available on mobile and desktop. You can find out more about the PAJ GPS Tracker on their website.

4. Portable Mosquito Repeller 

Sometimes we’re blessed by nature, sometimes technology steals the spotlight. No doubt Thermacell Mosquito Repellers is one such product because we’ve all suffered pesky mosquito bites. 

Gadgets for campervan

This campervan accessory lets you maximise your fun since you’re not busy fending off the bugs. Covering a 15 x 15 foot zone, scent-free and off-the-grid, you can easily move it around the campsite. It also comes with insect repellant mats and a single fuel cartridge lasts up to 12 hours. It’s the best bug protection you can ask for when spending extended time outdoors. 

This is one of those great gadgets for campervan holidays – one of those you’ll regret not buying!

5. Inflatable Loungers

Now that you don’t have to worry about bugs, it’s time to set up your Fun Space!

Start with the comfort goods, such as these inflatable loungers. The design emphasises comfort with anti-deflation technology so that it keeps you propped up, as well as supporting your head so you won’t strain your neck. 

Gadgets for campervan

The best feature is that no pump is required; the sleeve opening is made to whisk air in. You just need a bit of wind. Once inflated, you can drive the accompanying stake through the security loop to keep it in place. Simply put it away in the carry bag when you’re done with it. 

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6. Portable Projector

There’s nothing more vibe-y than movie night in a campervan – or right outside. Tuck yourself into a blanket bundle and settle in for a unique cinematic experience with this awesome gadget for a campervan holiday. The GroView Mini Projector is your portable entertainment library. 

campervan gadget

With the ability to wirelessly connect with Bluetooth speakers, smartphones and tablets, you can go off-grid and still be able to marathon movies. Best of all, you don’t need to haul your laptop along!

This campervan accessory works off a USB stick just fine. It works best when you project onto a flat even surface, which brings us to the next item on our list.

This is a useful gadget for campervan holidays if you’re out and about all day and just want to chill in the evening. If you’ve rented a campervan from somewhere like Goboony, you can just project onto the side of the van and there’s no need to invest in a screen.

7. Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

Okay, hear me out. What seems like a frivolous purchase is one that works anywhere outdoors – from campervan nights to backyard parties. The 14-feet inflatable Khomo Gear Projector Screen is a must for every movie buff. All it takes is 5 minutes to set up!

campervan gadget

If it’s too pricey for you, or a little OTT, an alternative is the Emart Photo Studio Stand. Not only can you use it for some seriously cool backdrops, but drape a muslin sheet over it and voila! You have a movie screen for that projector. 

Upgrading your campervan experience is all about getting creative and these campervan gadgets will help you do that! 

8. Popcorn Popper

No movie night is complete without popcorn! But not every campervan is equipped with a microwave either. My solution: the Great Northern Popcorn Pit Popper. It’s extremely intuitive to use; simply slide open the popping box, chuck your kernels inside and hold it over the fire. 

campervan gadget

It only takes a few minutes to make about 4 quarts of popcorn, and clean-up simply requires wiping with a paper towel. It’s a great campervan gadget addition. 

9. Portable Camp Stove

REDCAMP portable camp stove is a lifesaver for those who can’t start campfires, or don’t have the right materials to. How else are you going to enjoy those s’mores?

The stainless steel grid backing plate and cuboid design makes it a sturdy choice regardless of terrain. What really stood out to me however was that it takes various kinds of fuel; from the usual coal and wood to leaves and twigs. You can easily pick the latter up from around you – maybe even make a game out of it. It’s also collapsible so you can slide it into the carry bag and sling it anywhere.

If you’re planning on going on an adventure weekend in the UK, it’s always useful to have one of these with you.

10. Rainbow Fire

campervan gadget

I never knew I needed rainbow fire until I discovered it existed. While not a campervan ‘gadget’ per se, it’s definitely something that will make your trip a lot more exciting! You literally do nothing but drop the packet and watch the magic happen. Kids love to see this stuff – tell them you know magic, add the powder and watch as they gasp as the flames cycle through green, yellow, blue and even purple. 

Pro tip: throw the packets (3 to 4 at a time) in the center of the base of the fire for maximum effect.

11. Solar Light

campervan gadget

Next up in our list of the best gadgets for campervan holidays, light!

If you’d rather forgo the campfire or need to leave your campervan for a quick toilet run, fumbling for light is the last thing you want to do. This Outdoor Solar Light is a handy campervan gadget that lets you stay out all night, lasting a generous three hours per charge. It squashes up meaning it’s easy to carry anywhere, and charges from USB too.

These are also great for your festival packing list too.

12. LED Light Strips

These color-changing LED strips are the latest home décor craze right now, so bring it into your campervan!

campervan gadget

With 65.6 feet of these strip lights, you could cover an entire wall – simply peel off the self-adhesive tape and stick it in place. The kit also comes with pin connectors and adhesive hooks so you can finagle the perfect configuration. 

The real fun comes when you pull out the remote. 44 keys mean all sorts of crazy color combos to turn your campervan into party central.  You do have to plug it into power (it comes with a power adaptor) but it won’t take much. 

Kids will love this campervan gadget!

13. Mini Keg System

campervan gadget

For the adults who like their booze fresh and cold, grab this pressurised mini keg to go. The metal screw on lid makes it easy to transport and store; it keeps every drop of your 64 oz beer in the barrel. Thanks to the stainless steel make and fine-tuned regulator, your brews are kept fresh. The pressurised feature also means you can keep beer for longer, perfect for longer trips out. 

Despite the parts, it’s pretty easy to set up and fits nicely on the shelf. 

14. Tree Tent

If you avoid chilling outdoors because of unwelcome bugs, get a hanging tree tent. Strung between two trees and protected with bug nets, tree tents and hammocks take you off the ground.

Bye bye, creepy crawlies!

Bye bye, uneven terrain. Its versatile nature allows you to camp anywhere – even over a running stream.

Gadgets for campervan

While the Sting Ray Tree Tent is a favourite among those who take their floating campgrounds seriously, I found a more evenly-priced substitute: the COVACURE Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net. It’s enough to hold two people and only takes a few minutes to put up. The attachable rainfly also means your relaxation time won’t be cut short. 

This campervan accessory is a great way to get out of the way when your campervan roomie is cooking / changing / showering / being annoying.

The best gadgets for campervan holidays

gadgets for camperan holidays

Before you purchase any campervan gadgets, think about the frequency of your travels and the type of activities you do.

If you’re a frequent, adventurous campervan traveller, you can even load up with bigger accessories like bike racks and portable showers, but if you’re only going to use your campervan gadgets sporadically then invest in items you can use around the house too.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these gadgets for campervan trips, and that we haven’t made you spend too much!


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