Holiday in Goa in Style

Goa’s somewhere I always dreamed of visiting. I’d heard about the parties, the beaches and the unique Goan food and I wanted a taste of it all. I went in April, just for a week, and spent a lot of the time just lying on the beach and drinking cocktails from the hotel.

One of the best things I did while I was in Goa was to rent a moped and go off exploring. I biked up the beach and found a beautiful beach by the Lazy Dog restaurant – a great midday stop off with an inviting pool and brilliant menu.

Goa is always a good idea

Goa is a great choice if you want to visit India, but you’re a little intimidated by the intensity and craziness of the big cities. It’s India, but a gentler introduction with its high Western population and familiar bars, restaurants and beachside activities.

Beach in Goa

Goa is a comparatively small state compared to the rest of India, but is a compact area of beautiful powder white sands and wild shoreline. The state was a Portuguese colony for over 400 years, which is easy to see in the uniquely Goan architecture. You’ll find Hindu and Christian architecture side by side along with vibrant Portuguese Heritage homes.

Goan food!

Holidays in Goa

Each state in India has its distinct cuisine – there’s no such thing as ‘Indian’ like we assume in England. In Goa it’s creamy coconut milk served infused with local fish. Goan fish curry was one of the culinary highlights of my week there and I managed at least three for both lunches and dinners.

What to do in Goa

Sadly I was so engrossed in the easy going beach life of Goa, and the food, that I didn’t get out to see the local sites. But if you’re more energetic than me in the sunshine you could see the state capital of Panaji, the local cathedrals and basilicas and the Goa State Museum. Talk to The Goa Experience and they’ll be able to arrange private excursions for you, to see the best of Goa in luxury.

Holidays in Goa

The shopping in Goa was the most relaxed I found. There’s no hard pressure like I found in the markets of Delhi – the locals in Goa are too chilled to force you into buying anything. They’d rather sit back, assess your interest and advise and help where they can. This made for a much more pleasurable shopping experience, which made my friends and I spend a lot more money.

You can also head inland to take a jeep through the jungle and swim beneath the Dudhsagar Waterfalls or to Arpora for the lively Saturday Night Market with live music, delicious street food and row after row of colourful stalls selling crafts, spices and souvenirs.

And finally… festivals in Goa

If you can, try and get to Goa when there’s a festival on, there are so many throughout the year you’ll probably happen on one even if you don’t plan to.

Talk to The Goa Experience and they’ll be able to arrange the perfect itinerary for you to see the best of Goa.

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  1. by taxi service in Chandigarh on August 21, 2017  5:40 am Reply

    Goa is one of the best destinations in India of tourist Interest. I feel proud that you enjoyed a lot here. Thanks for your valuable and positive feedback.

    • by Vicky on August 29, 2017  9:25 pm Reply

      Ah no worries. I enjoyed Goa – it's somewhere I'd wanted to go for a long time.

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