Seems like everyone wants to go to Iceland these days, but everybody’s scared of how much Reykjavik will cost. This is all the expenses from my four days Iceland, from £4 milkshakes in Laundromat to £79 on one meal. We saved loads of money by booking an amazing house in the countryside and eating three dinners and breakfasts there. We also saved money in Reykjavik by packaging up the hotel breakfast for lunch, until mum and dad arrived with the money.

The cost of Iceland

Iceland is expensive – the cost of the clothes in the shops was shocking and the toastie we had in Vik was £10 – but it was worth every penny.

  • Heathrow to Reykjavik on the Wednesday night FI455 flight gets in at 23:35 and back out on Monday for 12 noon= £279pp
  • Bottle of rum in the airport = £10pp
  • Transfer to Reykjavik = £30pp
  • 2 nights at the CenterHotel Skjaldbreid with breakfast (and lunch and tea) = £48pp
  • Milkshake at the laundromat = £4pp
  • Beer at the laundromat = £6pp
  • Entrance to the Hallgrimskirkja Church = £4pp
  • 7 course taster dinner at the Sjavargrillid = £79pp
  • Supermarket shop for 3 breakfasts 3 dinners and snacks = £33pp
  • Rental car = £55pp
  • Entrance and towel to the Blue Lagoon = £33pp
  • Wine at the Blue Lagoon = £8pp
  • 3 nights at an absolutely incredible house in South Iceland = £80pp
  • Champagne for the hot tub = get your auntie to buy it 🙂
  • Snack and coffee at the geyser = £10pp
  • Toastie lunch at Vik = £10pp
  • Extra supplies of cheese and fishy pâté = £5pp
  • Petrol = £27pp (we did a crazy amount of driving on that!)
  • Ham and cheese croissant at the airport = £5pp


An incredible holiday with the most amazing scenery, lots of fun and quality time with the ones you love most = £priceless

How much does Iceland really cost

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